..:: iGAPES Story – ElevatioN ::..

A story of two parts – before posting, this is the 1st half as I’ve gotten it. Too far in to ignore, but still need a little more tuning before releasing the entire thing. Updates / adjusterments and corrections may happen as the final one is posted but here is what we have so far folks… hope to finish and releasethe rest shortly….

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iGAPES – ElevatioN

By Sius for iGAPES.com


This content is meant to be ready only by people of mature enough age (of 21 or over) and is purely fictional.

This story deals with abstract sexual themes with a very heavy emphasis on female stretching, unreal pumped vaginal sizes, vaginal expansion and growth, distended anus and play, fem-cum, massive and excessive insertions.

If female stretching, pumping and exaggeration are not themes and kinks you enjoy I’d suggest skipping this story. Otherwise please read on.

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Thank you for your time and enjoy! – Sius


Fiction, Huge pussy, Massive pussy, Stretched pussy, Hyper Pussy, Big breasts, Stretched anus, Fem-cum, Gapers, Fisting, Excess, Extreme sexual intercourse, Leg insertion, Arm insertion, Head insertion, iGAPES.


A business trip away shows that something dynamic and sexually liberating has happened to some of the women of the area. Changed with swollen and engorged genitalia and lewd bodies and sexually driven actions this trip away maybe the start of a sexual awakening and the start of things to come.

(- It’s meant to have some world building, details about this fictional world with iG gapers and the fun they can give (one of many settings). It was meant to be a short story, but grew larger, much like the iG girls themselves… couldn’t be helped ^_^)


To jump to the action and bypass the build up (you heathen! ^^) – search for the words

I didn’t hear her enter ” to skip the setup

Before my hand could reach it ” for the sexual warmup part “



They where right, the streets of Hong Kong REALLY are just as crazily packed as people had mentioned. I’m not sure how I have less space here than on the tight plane, but it was a blessing to be on terra firma once more after all the hours cooked up and sitting around.

The taxi driver spoke English pretty clearly which put me at ease and he recommended seeing some sights while catching some fresh air which would considerably help fight jet-lag in its own way as he drove me away from the airport. There was a smile and cheeky nod from where I told him I was going to stay and which hotel. I figured I was probably in for a bit of a treat at least in one way or another.

And with that I sat back, let him take me away and sat with anticipation. The scale and size of this city really was exceptional and breathe taking. ‘Cosmopolitan’ would be the best word to describe what I saw. Visually distracted I tried to focus on the job and the business of my business after ideally glancing the city.

When I finally arrived I saw that he was quite right, it was something special as we pulled up at the hotel with a dedicated drive in road. Getting my bags out the boot and then with thanks and payment he sped off into the chaotic city streets and out of sight into a crowd of many, a theme of this land.

The hotel location felt like many miles outside the city centre but appeared as grand as the more deluxe and expensive buildings on my viewing here. The building combined modern industrial western architecture with more of an eastern Asian twist in design, blending the two harmoniously. What a place to spend the next few days, even if I’m mostly just here to sleep sadly.

Glancing around it seemed an interesting location; set near a border between the central city section of Hong Kong and the grounded slightly less commanding business outskirts. A mixture of wealthy high class established huge capital investment companies and more the more humble colourful cultured sellers set up in simpler shops. It all looked very inviting.

I decided to make good on the taxies advice and not hang around or get stuck around the hotel much and take that walk. After checking in and retrieving my keycard from a pretty receptionist lady I headed up the elevator to my room. Even the corridors and alcoves looked extremely decadent while still remaining clean, professional and minimal.

I easily found my room, 707 and inside was a most impressive. Putting most other hotel rooms I’d seen and visited to shame. I quickly drop off my bags and headed out. They had really put me in a swanky joint this time, must have been a mistake on their behalf, that or no other hotels where available. Still, what a place!

With business documents secure and locked in the room I headed out while there was still some light shining in this late afternoon; sun slowly lowering in the sky. While I’m just here for another formal client ‘welcoming chat and document signature’ routine, my work doesn’t start till tomorrow and I have plenty time to explore this great looking city.

In minutes I’d left the building, picked a direction and had started walking. It hit me instantly how different things where here too, just small things but twists on what I expected and some sights and sounds completely foreign to me. Experiencing a culture outside what I knew seen was both exciting and a little terrifying being so out of my element and comfort zone!

Exploring the roads around the fairly extravagant hotel was an adventure. With the heavily entrenched and costly mainline businesses, restaurants, shops lining every street; all the way to the lively and feistier back ally-ways with any amount of unknown events taking place slightly out of sight.

The sounds of the city, the chatter of the masses, the volume of people talking all going about their business, the bright lights beaming and glowing – all fighting for my attention – are intoxicating and overwhelming to the senses as the late-afternoon sun slowly transitioned into twilight.

My walk lead me down street after street and further away from the main centre into much less English spoken regions around me. Signs and notices became dominant in some form of Chinese text and writings with hardly any alphabetic script at all. The more traditional culture shone through here versus the generic corporate looking big businesses an hour ago.

Less tourists like me ventured out this far as more standard denizens had flocked here instead. All buying food, trinkets, equipment, and having a good time. I felt more vindicated in my decision to wonder out this way, experiencing the true nature of the city even if it was a little more rough and ready.

There was something however I couldn’t quiet put my finger on as I passed all these people thou, maybe something about some of the women? The odd shapes and clothes of a few of these silhouettes and blurs in a crowd…. maybe…. maybe it was me, I’d seen enough weird and yet wonderful things already.

Before I knew it I’d found a quiet open bar who was serving something sharp and alcoholic, probably made from refined rice. It was a taste to be sure but wasn’t going to replace wine for me anytime soon!

I couldn’t even remember when I checked the time if it was after the 3rd or 4th drink, but the evening was moving on and exhaustion was slowly creeping in. However something caught my eye as I looked around the businesses and people as I sipped on my drink.

There was a shop tucked away just inside one of the alleyways that appeared to have strange trinkets lain out for sale, but looking further inside it appeared to have more lewd and sexual toys within. Curiously I tilted to get a better view, straining my neck to see past the crowds.

A handful of women where inside laughing and joking like school girls at what they saw. I could only imagine what fun things they had in mind. Just as I was about to turn away I saw two of them looking at some excessive objects. One had a plastic round dome with wires and gauges hanging off the sides while the other lifted a comically large phallic shaped object over her shoulder!

The silhouette of it was so obvious that it’s all that it could be! I almost dropped my drink when I saw them honestly buying such oversized toys. I could see their body language change. From being light and fun to being something a little more serious and intense and honestly considering their purchases.

What was this? I stood and walked closer to get a closer look but both women had left the shop and dissolved into the crowds before I could investigate it out further. Where they actually serious about picking these up?

The bartender saw me open mouthed and laughed. He spoke… and …. I had no idea what he said… Puzzled he stopped talking and used his arms like a mime, shaping outlines with his hands. Around his chest he cupped a shape like breasts, pulling them away to show size…? and then he did the same around his crotch, both hands in a cupping exaggerated fashion.


All I could do was nod, smile and giggle with him, he laughed too and went back to serving. I had no idea what it all meant but it slowly began to play on my mind all the same. I settled up, thanked him as best I could and headed back, now completely dark at night and guided by the glow of the city.

Using my phones GPS I headed back towards the hotel. The drinks had taken the edge off but luckily I was still fairly sharp and walking and acting right… I think…. I hope… But as I passed through the crowds I did look around for what the bartender showed me, at least with the idea of big breasts of women in the crowd at least.

And in the hour walk home I noticed something. Maybe 7 or so women stood at at being rather chesty and top heavy. Something about them, something about their frame, how people where around them, the clothes… There WAS something going on here just as I’d guessed. I just wished I knew what! Wish I was closer!… never mind…

By the time I was happy to let this fascination go I’d eventually reached the hotel. Holy hell, I’d been walking for how many hours? It felt good knowing I’d put some steps in today and seen what I’d seen was a absolute highlight. With my room keycard found within my pocket I made my way into the hotel.

It was just as well I’d booked in earlier as all but evening mood lighting and the moons reflection shone into the receptionist area, now completely empty of staff but left for people to come and go as needed. Was it really that late?

Knowing to be quiet at this hour I silently put my hand on the rail and lightly began walking up few minor stairs to the lift… when something caught my eye.

A statue, made of black ceramic, designed in a new age like oblong sculpture shape sat beside some plants and other decorative lobby items but the nights light showed a wet gloop wrapped around it? Trickling down and onto a puddle on the floor and… a trail going around the corner.

Before I could investigate there sound the air of a light female panting… If not for my stealthy actions I’d have probably missed this. I’d say I didn’t know what, but knew deep inside it was like a moan and sexual sounding wheeze and groan.

I couldn’t see anything but the wet trail going around the corner. It wasn’t hard to connect the two, but… there’s no way this volume of.. love cum would be from a girl, it was too much! What am I thinking?

It looked like a bucket of water was used in cleaning and spread out all over the floor… Right…. that’s it, it’s the evening cleaner at work. Don’t be stupid!

Then without a sound I silently yawned while rubbing my tired eyes and headed into the lift then pressed the button for my room on the 7th floor.

I didn’t hear her enter the elevator behind me.

I wouldn’t have even noticed her presence if it wasn’t for the gasp and panic look in her eyes as the door started to close behind her as the elevator began to move.

We stood in silence as I looked her quickly up and down and quickly discovered why the hesitation and concern. She was one of them! Oh my god!

With bowed legs she tried to hide herself from me, both her hands covering over her vast breasts and hovering over her neither region. She stood at a guess at 5 foot 7’ish. Her Asian face and features showed she was a girl from this side of the world, but again more defined and robust beyond what ‘extra’ was going on.

With long flowing straight black hair falling down her back to below her hips she was quite simply a stunning beautiful woman. She was probably in her late 20’s or so, complete with some very oversized glasses that sat on her face. They seemed slightly too big and thick compared to her trendy, business like fashion and clothes going on.

But my eyes couldn’t fight the urge to finally see what was going on with her body. It was honestly hard to understand and describe.

There was no doubt that her bust was blooming out and dominated her chest. They where big, no actually just huge!

Even under her covering hands and contained in her clothes they must have been F cup 40/50 something’s. Incredible and almost improbable!

And my eyes followed down, looking at her mons, down by her legs was something I’d never seen. It was like a bulge and swollen mound between and protruding down between her legs.




Her skirt covered up what was going on, but it was obvious this was a huge…. something going on inside and under her clothes. Her widened hips stood out too, making it an almost uneven hour-glass like figure. What was this?

She verbally mewed with a wince of shame and unease. I guess I must have been very obvious in my body posture and expression looking at this honestly sexually dominating aberrant Asian woman. I was dying to know what was going on down below when the lift jolted into life and started to rise upwards.

We both looked at one another giving a light smile but knew how uneasy this situation was for both of us. It was obvious this woman had thought she was completely alone before I appeared in the lift. What was seconds felt like minutes as the lift shook and jittered upwards.

Rising up it reached the 3rd floor and movement of the lift was anything but stable. It vibrated quickly and shook. I could feel my teeth chattering in my skull from it at certain points. Almost a surprise that the hotel would have a substandard dud lift mechanism. Was it left like this on purpose?

But then that was the moment it all happened, how it all changed and things would never be the same.

The shaking had been too much and in a deep moan and sexual yelp I heard an audible ‘thud’ sound from the floor which was followed with a small torrent of….

It would have been something for a dildo to fall on the floor normally. It would be something if the dildo was also used recently and then exposed…. but this went several magnitudes beyond.

Assuringly birthed out from lack of control this monster black dildo appeared saturated in juices and rolled around on the floor. As long as a forearm and thick like a 2 litre bottle it was quickly followed with more liquids from between her legs.

It slowly dawned on me just what was honestly going on now, what the swelling was!

No way!!

The moan of delight and shame ended as she gasped for air. It took a moment to realise what had happened as she had threw her arm onto the emergency stop button within a blink of and eye and the lifts momentum ceased as some extra red lights shone in the lift as it came to an absolute dead stop.

Her verbal panting continued as she lost control of her knees from the pleasure and started to buckle as more juices flowed down and out from under her now soaked skirt and began moaning once again for a few seconds more.

Collecting herself she looked into my eyes and spoke softly and kindly yet with a tone of concern right at me…. and….. I… have no idea what was said to me…. again….

As beautiful as her voice and language was I had just no idea…. but then again, I knew what she was trying to say, what I needed to ‘say’ back to her.

It took a moment but I reached down and plucked the dildo up. It was heavy, and hard and unforgiving. It seemed imposable, almost like a comedy item. The cum and gloop of was everywhere, coating my hands in a potent but not unpleasant scent to it.

With that, I handed it back to her, returned her property, smiled and hoped it would be enough.

Her anxiety riddled face turned to relief as she loosened up and smiled a little, her shame somewhat masked at least. My hand caught a strand of her long hair and brushed it away, showing her pretty face some more. What a cutie… but what is honestly going on with her? What is going on inside this lift?

I could feel myself losing control, feeling aroused and fighting with all my fortitude to contain myself….

With that we both looked deep into one another, nodded with an understanding as I reached out for the ‘resume’ button on the lift.

Before my hand could reach it and escape between floor 5 and 6 her hand grabbed mine, forcing it away from the lift control panel. It briefly hovered over her and then pressed firmly onto her breast.

The warm, soft and undeniable dense breast cupped in my hand felt as good as I’d hoped and fantasied they where. The feeling of breast flesh even through her clothes was alluring and heavy from it’s thick size. Softly she removed her own hand, leaving my own alone on her to do as I pleased. Left to continue as encouraged and embrace where this was going.

I started to massage it slowly and carefully, checking for resistance to stop, which never came. Slowly, very slowly moving closer to the nipples as my hand pressed into the mass of huge breast flesh. She smiled with a desire and sweetness that could almost be seen as … being content and and acceptance maybe belonging perhaps. Could I be so lucky?

I continued to work my hand around, fondling and exploring my way until finding a slit opening leading under her clothing. The full feeling of her breast felt extravagant as it slid between the buttons of her top. I was completely smitten and the opportunity to have something so wonderful and weird happen had…

A wet, heaviness suddenly pressed into me. She’d forcefully ‘bumped’ this massive… thing into me around my crotch and upper leg; followed with her grabbing my other hand and placing on top of her skirt!

Her sultry words and moans inviting me to go further and experience this wonder. I wanted to know… surely it couldn’t actually be….?!

My heart raced with excitement as she pressed up beside me and let me fondle her body almost like a play thing or a doll. Her skirt was completely damp and rubbing the moist cloth over whatever was below didn’t give me much of a clue, but seeing her eyes sink into the back of her head told me she was enjoying this as much as me.

And then I saw it. She grabbed her skirt and lifted it up, pulled in back and exposed it.

It was huge, and massive and dominating!

Oh my god… what the hell is this?!!

A huge vast mound of flesh protruded outwards and downwards between her legs; swollen and massive and very much organically part of her! I could only see a the rim of it from where I stood cupping from behind but is was massive thing and hung down to around her knees…?? It looked swollen and yet malleable as it grew outwards from her mons…

My hand snapped to it within in milliseconds, followed with hers beside me as we pressed into it as she pined for its attention too. The huge warm mass felt soft and jiggly in my hand. Yet It was dense and thick to the touch, somewhat like her breast, but slightly more firm… was this… was this her pussy? Was this like a massive vagina?!

What happened next proved this unbelievable, This unreal idea was actually somehow…..correct?

With the pleasure and sensation of rubbing, teasing and playing with her pussy even for these few seconds I could feel it gyrating between my fingertips, moving within and then followed with a pleasurable scream as her pussy squirted it love cum out and onto the floor!

It was like a tap from a sink being turned way up and occasionally blasting outwards. I could feel her muscles contractive and slacking so intensely I couldn’t hold on much more, and nor could she. Feeling her go limp I had to catch her as the pleasure was so overwhelming she started to lose herself or begin to pass out from pleasure. It was incredible!

I mentioned the day had been full of weird and wonderful sights, being out of my element… I expected this trip to to be unusual and maybe strange, but this…. I couldn’t even begin to explain. My desire and lust and drive to experience more with my newly gained partner passionately overflowed from within… but how do you try and pleasure something this size, built for a scale beyond….?!

I snapped back as she panted and cried as she continued to gyrate over and over, it gushed and covered much of the floor inside. Her breathing was intense she was visibly fighting to match her bodily demands as the pleasure and orgasmic bliss racked her being. Her vast tits bobbed and bounced from her rising and falling diaphragm with each pant of air.

I took to her side as she slinked her body and bowed herself against the elevator wall for support with the aid of the hand rail around the edge. Her huge pussy barely missed slapping against the floor as she went down. She could practically use it as a seat if she wanted in truth!

I moved aside to finally see her in all of her glory…. finally….

It honestly took a moment to comprehend what I looked at down below, but also how a figure like hers could exist! How had this happened?, how was she like this?, how had I never seen anything even close to what this is?

It took a few minutes as I looked at this sweet innocent thing who’d changed to be this radically sexualised female with her over scaled ginormous genitalia. Like this was what could actually happen in nature if it could exist, maybe? I was totally at a loss but here she was right before me, a truth beyond reason.

Sexually driven to act I watched as she rapidly and roughly stripped her main business clothes off. From her top to the heavily saturated custom skirt and shoes where all discarded them in a corner.

She stood all but exposed; except the minor bit of clothing around her genitalia, requiring a little more effort to remove. I watched her body as underwear and other kinky clothing came off still.

This swollen oblong blubbery pussy had a slit right down the middle, exposing the huge fleshy cunt walls inside. While outside around the rim of her opening lay her thick vaginal lips angrily plump and parted wide open. It looked like she gaped naturally open, probably most the time if not permanently.

Her vast inner pussy flesh folds thickly hung and protruded slightly outwards, seeking attention. Swollen and distended from expectedly excessive sexual objects and abuse while still vast and extensively deep and hollow also inside. It was thick and yet deep and vast too, all leading up into her wide opening going deeper into her, out of sight.

She tried to clench, seeing the shock and wonder in my eyes curious for more from seeing this for the first time. It was a partial success as her pussy walls moved inside as she gyrated. The muscles around her moving her rolls of pussy flesh around as much as she could, but looked limited in how much she could squeeze.

I watched as she guided my eyes up slightly as she removed a little thin fabric; custom clothing piece at the top of the pussy lips. Stretching the elastic reviled her pounced, protruding and very fat semi erect 7 or so inch clit at the very top. Swollen and oblong shaped, arched out but drooping from its thickness. It looked sensitive as she winched with pleasure removing the fabric it off its rim.

This whole thing seemed to show more and more wonders and oddities as I looked deeper at it. There was a small tuft of pubic hair above her clit, a small neatly shaped patch was all that decorated her vast fat pussy with no rouge or randomly hair growing at all on her mass cunt mound.

And looking at the rich deep flesh colour of this massive icon of femininity was occasional light blue veins under the surface as well as some bigger, deeper ones also keeping her pussy swollen and huge. Barely noticeable without looking deeply, but certainly there.

She spun around to take her underwear. Comically she’s used a normal set of underwear that had been completely eaten by her stretched monster pleasure vagina cave.

I wonder if she did it to compare normal sized clothing, once suitable now sitting on her warped sexually dominating body? A real compare and contrast with her body and others, it was exciting to see it so obviously out scaled and how her nether region pushed really outwards.

I also saw her rear too, how her anus too had been used, stretched, puffed and distorted also but had a usual shape to it. I could see between her soft and padded cheeks her anus ring had been pulled, stretched and distorted. And while it was big, as it went below it became something else also.

While mostly closed between her cheeks it stretched unnaturally open and gaped below as it became part of the flesh between her legs, the same swollen flesh her pussy protruded out from, her monster gundle.

In basic terms It was like seeing a of teardrop shaped anal ring, with the opening below being around five times bigger. Distorted and stretched open like her pussy was on this swollen base; her anus had stretched in the extended region between her legs. It also showed now much more dominant and space her pussy took up and her slit from behind still parted. I looked in disbelief at how it came together.

Then after removing her underwear she stepped aside and kicking it onto the clothes pile and smiled seconds before something more. Now devoid of support some loosely set in place dildos dropped out of her pussy, their underwear container now removed.

She even arched over, reached in and pulled one last big one out with a little grunt and showed it to me. It was hard to compare to her, but it seemed so small, and yet a normal women would probably find this size uncomfortably large. All this and she was still just warming up and readying her body or maybe the sensation of being used or filled slightly.

Everything about her and her lewd body took everything what I knew and expanding it many times beyond into a whole new world. Was she a new gender of female, a stage beyond? This women designed for the high of sexual pleasure and excess and….

I could barely hold on anymore…

It was like her vagina had been swollen and pushed the limits of over and over and never turned back to its original state, being permanently grown outwards and capable to handle all sorts of sizes and highly tuned for pleasure.

Her huge maw looked ready for more action. She looked down, stroked the top of her pussy with pride and quickly played with her clit before she remembered about my company with a smile and a sheepish look. This cute, gentle, pretty lady with this sexually mutated body was unlike anything I’d seen.

Without stopping I started to strip down and returned the favour. Not that these clothes would have been saved from the drenched pussy mess from her monster cunt, but because I could hardly contain myself from acting and it’s…. my inner desire acting on its own!

She stood totally without censor, ready to give me every part of her body. I felt energized and raw and primal in my lust and desire, to have an opportunity like this. Some part of me says I should be horrified, disgusted and repulsed, and yet to see what she could do, seeing this unique woman in her exposed form so excessive and massive and inviting and extreme yet passionate and she wanting me…

I wish I could tell her how I felt, I wish I could say her name and ask her how this happened, ask her to show me how far she had gone and tell her how wonderful she is, yet how wrong this was. To understand more, to know it was alright… but we just had what we could see and show one another. Like a dance we embraced and began to move.

Her kisses where intense but passionate as our lips touched, it was electric. With her tongue playing with mine we embraced one another, arms wrapped around each other. As it went on we both calmed down some, and slower more meaningful kisses where given. We both looked each other in the eyes and I felt a connection unlike anything ever before.

Her hands began to stroke my chest as I returned in kind. It was almost a shame so much attention had been given to her unique body blow with such a beautiful set of massive breasts ready for attention, crying out to be pleasured and played with. My hands where already groping before I knew it.

Her nipples had inverted from such a fat areola base and cried out to be suckled and released. With a little probing and attention the thick nub of her teat finally popped out swollen, darkened and ready. Yet another amazing feature of her body.

My hand repeated it for both areoles, freeing them both while squeezing and sinking my fingers through the rippling heavy and giggly warm breast flesh. Light beads of milk started to form at the end of her nipples like she was pregnant, but I’d guessed this was just a continual feature of her sexually active and permanently charge body.

My mouth latched on, nibbing, sucking on while squeezing her breasts with light milk spraying from the teasing. Her head went back as she forcefully grabbed around me and with her other hand started working her clit and idly fisting herself, effortlessly sinking her hand between her legs while groaning in pleasure.

My mouth teased her breasts as I began to bite and lightly tug and ease at her nipples. Slowly more and more I applied more and more force till pinching and tugging at them. I worked them for a while until she grabbed me hand and squeezed very tightly together, enough to be very painful. Body was completely committed and wanted to start to go.

Her moans had started to become screams of pleasure as I forcefully played with her body, being harder than I’d expected to be allowed. When I started to relax some she’d say something in her native tongue and imply me to intensify my movements. I started to pick up on sounds I’d only guess as things like ‘harder’ ‘faster’ ‘deeper’ ‘rougher’ before long.

Unable to take any more she moved and shuffled, stretched and positioned upright with her pussy bulging out from between her legs. Now open legged and presenting herself, she formed a fist and with her arm and looked with the intensity of a woman possessed awaiting my every movement.

I moved my hand in to her leaking hyper vagina. This was a first, I’d never fisted anybody before, let alone having to perform for the ultimate gaping challenge like this! Inexperienced I tried to remember how best to do it, technique, thumb in or outside the fist?

My hand while doing this probed and pressed around the mouth of her massive maw of a vagina. Jesus, it… this…. she is massive down here!!

I teased her cunt lightly still formulating a battle plan how to even handle something like this. I didn’t even notice it’d been gobbled up without resistance. She’d arched forwards, unable to wait any longer and I had my hand loosely between her massive cunt.

She cried out for attention in frustration before seizing the moment I balled my hand up and plunged into her vast fleshly pleasured cave!

The heat radiated from within her with my seemingly lightly brushing huge cunny walls around as my hand slid in and out with bare resistance. Coated in seconds in her cum I quickly clocked how…. light this must have been for her… This wasn’t really fisting as we know it, more like lightly tugging and pushing her slack vaginal lining around.

I upped my pace, trying to forcefully make much of a difference and pressing into her cunt walls. She moaned and groaned and gyrated from this, but it was probably more the idea of being fisted and barely feeling anything, a humiliation turn on for her and enjoying letting another maybe see her world who maybe actually onboard with her abstract sexual features.

She looked with deep lusted desire and contentment, even if mostly unfulfilling, this was still an incredible turn on for her. One wasn’t enough as both hands started to fist and probe deep within her monster sized hole. Pushing my fist in, rippling and tugging at her inner vaginal flesh and doubling up seemed to get better results.

I looking up at her for advice, for a guide, to see if I was doing it right but instead found her moaning; leaving me to take the lead to explore and investigate. Must be doing something right, the splashes of cum maybe a good hint as such.

I fisted and forced my hands around her swollen pussy for many minutes. Engrossed feeling the hot wet cunny flesh sink and flop around trying to compress and squeeze and totally being dominated by this huge region of her body taking over and threatening to consume from my shoulder at this rate and depth!

And before I knew it curiosity got the better of me as I grabbed her cunt and stretched her lips open to look inside. Accidentally using the same force to fist I opened her up wide and saw the folds of cunny flesh moving and falling as they did clearly seeing the inner workings.

She gasped maybe in surprise or desire as I looked deep within. Rolls of prolaping walls and felsh and over used and abused pussy but also her upscaled part such as her uethra. I could only imagine I’d see even more and had to resist guiding my head down into this cave.

And wish seeing her urethra, her piss hole I assumed was also distorted and stretched wider, easily several fingers could slide within that. That too was just unreal! How could this happen, something so wrong and yet driving me to want to have more of her body.

And with that I moved into position and acted without control… Almost like watching from afar, but not doing the actions myself. I angled my head over her pussy and with some of the saliva from the kisses before let some of it drip down into her pussy.

It was, for a term, a drop in the bucket. With that and the stretching of her cunt mouth made her cum so hard and fast it gushed out of her shaking cunt all over my hands, crotch and legs.

Without missing a beat my body now possessed by complete lust once again reached into her cumming pussy and went to work while the other hand probed and squeezed the fat pussy outside. What was touching, squeezing tapping became a hard slap against her mutant cunt with an audible wet echo in the elevator. Her pleasurable scream cam seconds later at an ear piercing pitch.

Her pussy, sore and used lay there oozing and coming violently as slowly I gained control of my actions, able to think more rationally and let her breath and catch her breath. Her love juices as started to become like thicker female ejaculant with a whiter, creamier colour flowed all around.

The moaning and the intensity started to subside and left us in a pile of mess and heavy breathing with cum dripping down my arms and the walls of the lift some.

Slowly having seen the climax I began to find my feet as she lay on the floor in a state barely able to move from exhaustion and exertion. She would shaking from the pleasure almost like ripples of electric pleasure still shot through her very being.

Slowly I got to my feet on the soggy and sticky floor and went to press the lift button close by. It was time to tidy up… maybe even start to get a hold of the situation, get a hold of my senses once more, maybe up to the 7th floor by pressing…

Her hand reached out and grabbed me before touching the buttons, her once closed eyes now looking open and intense like a second wind had been born within. Her ever guiding hand halted me still as I looked down at her. She shock her head not wanting this to end, for this to finish.

She started to talk but quickly stopped from the look of confusion on my face. There was a slight pause and a defeated head glance to the side. This made the sudden kiss next all the more surprising and meaningful.

Her lips met mine in passionate embrace. Sensual, warm, heart felt. And after with wide open eyes showed a deep longing inside for this, for somebody to finally connect with her.

She looked down at her body with a look of uncertainty, almost ashamed of what it was she was or had become. Her hands glided over breasts and hovered over her fat clit and showed the scale of her body. She was very close to being so over sexualised she could barely be of use or need of anybody else considered normal.

Maybe it’d haunted her, feeling the joys of intense pleasure but being a liability in her own life and probably difficult and trouble for a partner. Beyond lack of normal sex but maintenance constant requirements had and could take its toll…. but for a moment all of the struggles had left in this very moment where it didn’t matter and soon. For now, it was okay.

With beads of sweat and her hair a mess, she picked herself up, swept her long hair strands back in place and began to ready once more before falling into me for a hug and cuddle, breathing deep while softly moaning while our bodies touched.

It slowed for a moment as we held one another close. I could smell her scent that had filled the lift and wouldn’t be surprised if it saturated my very being at this point. The sounds of her undulating as she breathed in and out in a moist wet fashion signalled her desire for more and maybe more sexual drive had seemingly only gotten started once more!

Without much through my hands started to head down again after the embrace only to be met with some resistance from her. As fingertips trickled down below they where somewhat moved aside as I got closer by her touch. I could only guess, but maybe it was still too soon? Maybe playing again maybe too much, too sore or might cause her to completely black out from pleasure this time?

Sensing and causing the block she decided to take a moment as show herself off some to me, almost like a tease and presentation. She seductively raised her hands into her hair causing her heavy breast meat bags to flop and bounce from their huge size. The rich colour of her areola screamed out. It looked dark enough like when in pregnancy, could it be a side effect of her body being this way?

My hands reached out I to fondle these beautiful pair of tits. Her breasts heavy mountains looked so defined on her body and gave and fell around my hands pushing in and spilling over full and heavy. She moaned softly in contentment from the caress and teasing to them. It was hypnotic how they moved and the feeling of tit flesh.

Before any self control could come in I lunged forwards and started to lick and suckle on the teats ahead. Like a child gasping for a teat of a bottle or their mother I clamped on and began to gently lick, tease bite and suck on her primed nipple while squeezing her big tit flesh.

From close up you could see the fine veins richly within her skin and the warmth as my mouth started to feed itself and push into her breast. I couldn’t and wouldn’t make it all about the single breast and soon latched unto the other before long.

During all of this she didn’t say a word but the look on her face clearly enjoying the attention and tried to present herself and her pair without resistance as we played and suckled on and on.

I could have stayed attached and teased her nipples so much they started to draw milk but it became obvious she needed more attention and contain her desire. Finishing on her tits; her nipples clearly now more pronounced and ripe she then arched over and grabbed one of the dildos on the floor and presented it to me as she spun around.

I hadn’t seen much of her from this angle. Her long sleek hair fell down her from her shoulders down her back leading all the way to her rear end as she arched and primed herself. With cheek in hand she presented her rear as I watched and saw yet another well used hole come into view.

The way her body had formed clearly was a sight to behold. Her pussy dominated and grew out from her but from the back here was the join where it retracted back to her rear end and the skin between her pussy lips ending and the anus starting. Like her breasts bloomed out was the same of this monster mass of flesh that looked like it had been swollen, pulled and pumped out.

But what was obvious from this marriage of this deformation was how her anus ‘ring’ had also stretched and pulled out. As the skin had pulled away so her her hole back here too with the upper half almost a perfect semi circle but as it became pulled by the mass of cunt flesh it’d warped and became like a large and distorted tear drop shape as it stretched open towards her pussy lips base.

Around the rim of her rear the skin had lines of being stretched but seemed almost permanently agape the further down towards her pussy lips became. It’d seen obvious use from toys and pleasured times but the contrast of being so much smaller one end vs being warped and agape the other just showed her body being so much more than it maybe once was.

She shuffled her hips and shook her back end seeing the enchantment and groping going on and whole lack of using that dildo to get my attention to maybe get back to it. Blinking and snapping out of it from the racing possibilities having and using this play thing opportunity could mean racing in my mind I raised up the dildo.

Even the dildo gave me pause before inserting it. This was clearly one that’d fallen to the floor earlier or had come from ‘within’ her at some point but it was heavy enough to lift and its size was outlandishly large and would be only ‘for show’ with anybody else.

Slowly positioning it she also stretched her cheeks with both hands now as I angled and started to assess how best to handle this. It really was so very huge but yet her upper half didn’t look like it’d handle it and the lower half would be gobble it up.

With no idea I sunk it slowly into her and tried a position between the two. As it went in and the moans of lust came I was her body opening up and again easily accommodating the massive toy within as it kept going.

I tried to look over for any signs of pain or discomfort as it slowly became mostly within of her but nothing came back…. And as it neared the full length I stopped in hesitation before she squeezed and forced it within herself. In seconds it began sinking deep within her, gliding in as her anal flesh started to eat the dildo and it went deep within her and the darkness of the dildo disappeared between her anus contracting back to normal.

But with that she held her hands in position and mewed for my attention. She jolted her head upwards quickly signalling more to be done. Judging from her angle and holding her pose, she wanted it deeper and further within herself I was pretty confident to assume. So deep and quite a feat, she had obviously done this for years now.

Reaching into her I managed to again touch her dildo at the back and began to push in more. It went in slowly, more resistance further within it went and naturally went to use my other hand for guidance. While dilated from the huge toy my other hand went into her anus space without actually touching much of anything so big was its size.

Seizing the moment after my hand fisted up and beside the dildo decided to explore her alongside the toy. Could it even be possible? Would it even fit? The madness of such ideas always came back as a ‘yes, she can do that’ and this was no exception.

As soon as my knuckles pushed in with the toy she gutturally moaned pants, her feet bowed and turned inwards and she almost lost her footing from it until she had to take a knee and it came to an end. Plugged and primed she rolled over, spread her legs open and excitedly presented herself.

She lay there like a sexual goddess of pure lust. And like the gods her form was ethereally abstract and unknowable yet compelling and attention grabbing. I could barely contain myself and saw her semi raised clit flop when she positioned herself for my intense passions of love and tribute.

Crawling towards her slowly like an animal teasing its pray I could feel the wild desire taking over me once more as her fat tits shook, her pussy pressed against the floor and naturally gaped open ready but it was what was atop of mound that had my attention next.

My mouth opened in awe and preparation hovering over her clit. This was equally deformed like a swollen phallic shape but had a more rounded oblong shaped look and had no control, hanging and swinging around. Common knowledge of the clit and giving it a little attention would make any girl see stars then for a girl with a engorged highly sensitive and overly developed pussy would mean…

Just a slight lick with my tongue was enough to cause her to squint her eyes, grit her teeth and give a dirty smile as she would tear up in pleasure all just before her scream and excessive moaning. It was almost a harmony hearing her shout out like this as I played with her flushed swollen hyper clit.

Teasing it with my fingers, flopping it back and forth with a slight current of air and rubbing it like a cock caused her eyes to close tight from the electric jolts of joy flowing in her. Seeing and hearing that agape pussy seriously starting to contract and relax spasming and clenching as best it could from the pleasure. The maw like mouth of her pussy unable to control itself started gyrating with intensity and globbing up more thick love cum.

It wasn’t until my mouth sucked it like I had her nipples and licked it with my tongue before the torrent of love cum gush and splash out over me. Her rising moans quickly turned into screams of joy and eustacy. She squeezed her own tit while fishing a fist inside her pussy instinctively to the beat of the waves of pleasure.

I watched as her hands pleasing herself changed from soft movements to firm actions to rough and intense acts as I went up and down on her clit. It seemed to go from a controlled to raw and feral in a matter of moments and once again her howls of pleasure fired off more thick love juices and created a massive mess all over one again.

Feeling the moment was done I began lifting my face away to pace ourselves before it was quickly forced back! Holding it in place she probably without even realising her forcefulness and I could feel her strength despite humble frame had been built up from her lifestyle.

I continued on as she began started to lose total control and with it her pussy spread in full bloom while gushing out its cunt juices and seemed crying out for more. Before I knew it my fist balled up and forced its way deeply inside her cave, punching deep insider her intense vagina.

Releasing my head from her clit she arched backwards, encouraging both hands to explore deep within with the deeper access. All while she then rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples again as sexual release and outlet. As my hands went in there was a firmness at the back wall of her cunt where her anal dildo remained plugged, bumping this firm made object really was a contrast to her pussy while large and firm had much give about it.

And then before I knew it my arms where getting so deep that they started to get beyond the elbow deep. Even with her gyrating it still seemed a little too ‘small’ even with both hands going in together and doubling up. Sure they where indeed inside her and she could feel it but maybe there was only so much this act could do for a woman of this size.

And again we continued on, this lewd act becoming more routine and understood. This was beyond reason, the whole thing but slowly I was learning what got more of a reason from her as she groaned with each thrust inside her, seeing her toes curl and the look on her face and the guttural sounds of her moans ringing true her pleasure.

After performing for a while and driven by lust as much as curiosity lead to changing my fist around and trying sinking my elbow deep in her. I wasn’t sure what I was doing any more and just felt ‘right’. It probably was like having both fists within of her but instinctively I felt the need to open it up like a V shape.

Her eyes opened up with what was going on and began to stretch and open up her cunt mouth even more. It was like discovering something new when she thought it all understood. She watched me to it over and over and stretching her each time a little more as a sensation she’d never felt before and rewarded with the gushing and then continual trickling of cum from her open cunt.

However at this point her pussy had now seemingly expanded and really become an entity of it own. The task to please and use it had changed and added even greater magnitudes to get results an ended up needing alternative thinking. But there was no rule book I knew of and the dos and don’t where being found as I went along… uncharged territory but the results themselves where off the record books too.

Arching back I took a moment to see what and how best this could be done. My monster cunted lover looked over with a lustful look but still desiring more. I didn’t want to stop too, it was an experience I may never get again and yet I longed to enjoy her to the fullest despite the challenge.

With this my mind raced, thinking of my elbow before and how that’d bent over and done a great job being used as such…. limbs of mine being used as such.

Before I know it myself I bend my leg over as it stood raised up. Years of light jogging had made it quite a bit thicker with muscles as it arched up to the sky. Something to use, my leg… truly this experience had changed me as a person.

With some hand gestures I managed to convince her to stand above me. She was game for anything I had in mind but quite lost at my idea. A bit more hand motions later and her eyes shone with the glorious odd warped idea set off like a firecracker in her mind. Staggering in a bow-legged fashion, holding her pussy mass for balance she trotted over top my knee.

Slowly at first she squatted down, bending her knees and watched as my leg slowly sank deeply into her monster mons. The sensation was so weird watching this happen to me. The wet sticky fluids cascading down my knee and making it sopping wet as I felt her pussy walls pushed and collapse around my leg. She gasped in a range of wonder and pleasure

When she rose up more cum gushed out of her with a moan and a quick intake of air flooded her now released cunny. We looked at one another, connecting over something so abstract but clearly enjoyable. It truly took a moment to process it all.

But now the moment had passed and drive and lust and curiosity had taken hold of us both. Slowly she went down and squeezed her weak overused pussy muscles and rode up and down on my knee. Sometimes it was minor quick thrusts down and other times she used its full length.

Faster and faster she went, strength in her legs was impressive and showed this was far from the first time doing these movements, but may have been the first time having this happen to her. Over and over up and down her pussy used my knee like this. Even then I knew maybe one day it may require both legs if she indeed could grow in time.

Her moans grew louder and louder with cum clearly expelled out time and again. The clothes in the corner of the elevator where completely saturated as was much of the lifts walls with cum slime trickling down the mirror and even some falling from the ceiling she’d cum so much and heavily!

Eventually she slowed down until her pumping stopped from exhaustion. Her vagina now fat and heavy rested with my knee still stuck within her maw. The anal dildo has come loose from her fucking and the aftermath was her panting probably fighting the urge to not lose conciseness. Even I was starting to get pretty light headed. It was like a sexual miasma fluctuating within the elevator and a desire taking over from common reasoning and explanation.

We looked at one another, held hands and caressed one another as we attempted to get some strength back. It was a bond of passion and yet one which I couldn’t put into words how right, special and perfect this who situation was. Moments more of gentle stillness and calm left us both heavily breathing and humble running cum liquids relaxingly seeping down from between her legs.

Looking in the room at the mess we both marvelled at the mess we we had caused – I more in shock and awe with her more in pride and satisfaction I’d guess. I nodded towards the cum coated fire extinguisher in the wall of the lift at her after seeing its shape pop out. She smiled and nodded back, it clearly had been used in the past for her to get off. Chucking we both smiled and laughed.

Slowly I started to retreat my leg from its new cave resting place and watched as as it slowly came out of her, her skin returning back from the bulge what was quite deep within her at this point and she mewed in contentment but also a slight look of sadness, being empty once more. I quickly kissed her for the trouble.

Sore, worn and stretched maybe too far, it applied to us but also her slowly defeated cunny. I could see her body succumbing from all she’d experienced. I rolled her over with her happy to comply and once more looked deep into the maw of madness that was her seemingly eternal pussy mound.

I could barely react to anything I did and held it wide open and looked deep inside. Her pussy even more warped and her cervix now exposed and less tucked away. I sloppily gyrated slow and lazily and had no resistance. This was a prize and reward for hours of intense love making.

If I had the drive and the gall I’d have sunk my head deep inside alike my leg and arm but slowly my senses came back and felt now we not the time for this… putting your head head into a pussy like this…

…I’ll never be the same after this every again… Will I?

She spoke softly as she sat more upright. I could only guess what was said, but I feel I understood the gist of it all. I felt the same and smiled, nodded and kissed her once more.

Feeling it was all but done I was surprised one last time as she shuffled over to me and slowly lay me down. Getting into position and squatted over and assumed a position over my crotch. As she pressed down her pussy spread open and began laying over my entire nether region. It was wild as this piping hot cutie smothered herself all over me.

She slowly glided and rubbed her warm and still very wet pussy against my crotch and my genitalia completely enclosed in hers and her being. It was like a warped kiss from girls of this kind. Maybe it was a marking, a way to saying that I was hers and hers alone or she was as wild and crazy horny as I’d been… maybe she’d like that constantly.

She moaned and leaked the last of herself over me with just minor amounts of control and squeezing and then it came to a end. Snuggling between my arms she as she came forwards and lay on and with me. I Kissing her on the forehead she smiled and slowly faded away, unable to give any more of herself and she closed her eyes.

And as it transpired and what happened after, well…

In short it came down to shuffing her out of the lift, grabbed our cum coated clothes and went back to my room, the cunt goddess safely beside me. I decided it’d be best to stay away from the mess and maybe any staff while the clean up happened and fell asleep.

When I awoke it was a completely different place and had no idea how it happened awakening in the penthouse with my new partner beside me. Owner of the hotel I came to find. We ended up staying together for the entire week. I lost my job as the deal I was there for fell through but ended up finding a new beginning this side of the world.

And with the love and attention I give her she keeps growing and getting ever more, its even starting to have an effect on me…. but that’s a tale for another time.


As a final note, did you notice that the main protagonist was written genderless in this story ^_^ ? What did you see them as, male or female?

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