..:: CG October Week Two ::..

Hayo all – just keeping all in the loop as the content comes on in this week.

Horse Futa CG’ed – Managed to make a CG for my other site 1st this week, a futa horse cock business lady. Enjoyed making this pose as it cheeky and fun. As always made notes of what did and didn’t work and refining my CG skills again while making it.

I’ll just leave the headshot here because I know futa isn’t for everybody and when I get my shit together with content like the one left I’ll update Released Reactions before long, but in the mean time if you like it, then you can have this picture a touch earlier!

Plan is to go back and update and release them started pieces before too much longer, but maybe first try and see if I can apply my notes to making a timely CG image that still looks okay. More to come hopefully soon!


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