..:: iGAPES – Chrysanthemum (Foundation Collection) ::..

Chrysanthemum – Created October 2010

While only a doodle, I always loved this image and what it showed in a basic way. Again its almost a blessing that this rough early style provided but being able to put down my ideas and create a mountain of a pussy like this Alpha (the size for girls who are no longer mobile because of their crazy pussy sizes) where born.

Sure its a bit totally silly, but for size fan out there this is magical. I was always considering if I’d ever make this nicely outlined and CG’ed but I’ve come to the conclusion I’d just draw Chrs or another girl like her in another newer image at this point.

I’m sure some are shaking your head in dissaporval, but some will be loving it. This one is another one I’m seriously looking at the ‘like’ tick at the bottom of the page (the thumbs up icon on a click if your interested) to see if people want more silly silly crazy big sizes like this again going forwards.

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