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Narumi Five – Created November 2010

The final image of Narumi in the old backlog, but a fun one to go out on.

This one is called ‘Time of the month’ and was going to detail with a little caption how unlike female ‘star’ month or menstrual cycle period was different for gapers, which more a build up of lust and desire ticking in the background that often meant size, and list grew and self control was lost.

Still an idea I use now in truth and is almost a keystone design even used now.

If I was to do this now I’d have her frame in a ghost behind her and have the pose be a little more evident and maybe some more fun clothing to go with it or some cuntdoms (female condoms – you’ll see more of these down the line)

But with the excess it’d prove a design that I’d use again in the future and if nothing else this image of Narumi still holds up well in concept still. Gone but not forgotten?

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