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Narumi Three – First Created October 2010

Bit of a mixed bag on here… O_0. Good idea…. but… yow…..

So the bad with this one beyond the obvious points is that the idea of her squatting with her pussy, ether using is as a seat, maybe using a chair or more over the compression of her pussy is too clean and too firm.

While I wanred to have a show of her parting her meaty pussy open, its like a stright cave in, not much concave or converse flesh or otherwise. I’d naturally compress her pussy into the floor with more weight but also more dispersed flesh and make it more organic.

while I can make her monster pussy very firm, this also goes against it being more maluable in some ways and even in the ways I added modifications that play with the pose and perspective (the dildo sitting, the chair or maybe squatting above where her mound rests) it doesn’t ring true and bothers me quite a bit ¬_¬ annoying.

However the tits being bound like they are and swollen is kinda fun and I like that with her fragile stretched breast skin it works well. I’d learn from this one quite a lot going forwards.

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