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Narumi One – First created in Sept 2010

Narumi was going to be one of the earlier sudo character I’d have for the site before I decided not to restrict myself with the same character and be more free and easy in my designs.

Interesting to see my thick areola nips here, my piercing kink and the older pussy design with the very obvious pussy lips having deeper outlines. Also heavy breasts with stretch marks on this one, something I periodically do but is a hit and miss fetish area.

Three things I kinda like about this piece being reflecting on old art.

1) Fun story idea and a silly costume.
2) Rough poses w. thick outlines are still valid even if very messy. Like seriously, nice to cut loose and be less pixel perfect.
3) The more oblong and less droopy pussy design hasn’t been used in a while
[hidden 4) Like the dildo in cum effect I did on this one]

BUT we also have the old body types of being more stringy and lean and thin and…. not a massive fan of how I did that in perticular…. and yet I know more is yet to come…. ¬_¬

But yeah… still some major things to build up or refine if I did something like this again but suprisingly could have been worse too I think.

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