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Hay Up Chuck – Figured I’d post something here, even if it’s lacking the art I wanted to promote. I’m about to reflect a touch on things and say what’s coming up ahead. you might find this nothing but a ramble, but you might find it interesting. Have a read on, otherwise more stuff coming soon and thanks for the support!

Reflection – So at the moment I’m pleased to say that in terms of design and art work produced and worked on I’m going pretty well! Makes a change ^_^

iGAPES artwork has been faster produced, rewarding and I’m pleased with my input and work done.  My shame comes in how little once more I’ve gotten out to the masses on this website or on discord and thus seldom goes beyond my friends or select fans.

Delivery – It’s old news, as I often have great ideas, but delivering on them and getting from start to finish and boxed off has always been an issue for me.

My plan is to go back and ether release or decide what to do with some of this stuff. It’s going to be painful for me… but… what’s the point in making stuff for all to enjoy when… you don’t see it at all? I’ll have to overcome my hated for not being 100% complete and be more time savvy.

Currently we have a poll to vote on the quality of the CG colouring and that will change a lot about how it comes out also. Curious what this will tell me and what I plan to do with the information.

Community – So I consider the last year a bit of a break out one for me. One of the main issues with this site was feedback & communication. All the polls results I watch like a hawk but that was my only way to talk as spam was CRAZY high when I put on replys to posts.

Discord came along as while it’s actually for gaming…. it has really helped out keep in touch, show off things and get that feedback. As a result it’s not only egged on me to make things but also show things off more. Great thing to have happened for me in truth.

I also do not feel I communicate how humbling it is that people like and follow me and my kinks. It’s odd stuff to be sure, but I enjoy it and love that people are as mad as me are believers in this kink and we start to grow more as a community – so thanks to you all!

Artists – While I’ve had a lack of writers (sadly) appear some old and new friends and artists have appeared (mainly Fragile, Thirty, Cymic44, and Calico Jack) have all offered help and work for the group – so thanks to them for their continued support. Let’s try and grow and grow the fetish out to all the people out there!

Stagnation – One thing I get here and there is that there is not enough variety of poses with the character I make, and I kinda agree. See I tend to do many excessively oversized girls and such, but that limit’s what I can do with it without the pose being comical or pointless. Bit of an arse.

My goal is to maybe mix it up more and be a little more free form, but this means that there maybe less excess in new works… but I still plan on giving you all something wonderful to check out all the same.

Touch of the weird – And on that same note, I’m going to work this in more into the new year. The kink is weird, it has like 4/5 other fetishes all wrapped into one most the time…. well, why stop there?

I might try to do more strange and weird stuff going forwards. honestly I’ve missed it quite a lot… and I know I can’t please everybody and I’ll not forget, but I would like to mix things up and my work will be better for it I feel.

Normality – I also have a group of fans who are very much ‘keep it simple’. They want pumped pussies, but anything that has grown over the length of a knee (which is unrealistic to say the least, but maybe small for many of my works) is a big no for them.

I’m going to try a bit more of these poses when I can… but playing it safe might mean dull works. I’ll have to mix it up or work something out to help stop this problem for sure. Be aware I am trying to do some balancing for you all too – it’s not totally lost on me.

‘Packs’ – I had in mind this last year to release a pack for sale that was going to have many of the core kinks of the fetish with unique ideas and some quality put behind them, but…. it didn’t happen in the end much to my chagrin.

However it is not gone and the plan this year using my time wisely is to do several of the images high quality colouring and finish them off to a very polished degree. The CG colour testing has reminded me old tricks and will make the final product outstanding. More news when it’s close to release (again ¬_¬)

Commissions – I don’t really push the commissions side of things, but I’m making is more evident from here outwards and I’m sorry for people who it upsets. The site and my art is free and has been for years, but now I need to make something back, if nothing else to pay for the bloody website hosting! Rising costs have forced my hand.

So with this I openly am accepting requests for your character waifus to be draw, all kinds of kinks and fetishes ready to go in a professional and cost effective manor. Things like photomanipulaions are also available… so have a think, and I look forwards to drawing your desire…

Funding Sites / Pateron – The last option os that I finally put out the idea of a pateron style donation / support like option. I don’t like the idea of this because it feels like a begging like action in some way…. but there is also a great temptation right now to use it.

I could offer something special like back dated art works over the years that never got released or show off all the work created per month (and funny enough, looking how much I now produce and make would actually be an option which is kinda great and yet suprising). It’s an option at least.

While it ATM maybe bottom of the list I may actually do this at some point. I would never make everything behind a locked door if I can help it and keep work randsomed but the reality is that the funding and support finaitally is catching up and badly soon and measures will have to finally be taken… A sad but true reality. ¬_¬

Released Reactions / Futa – So some of you may know I’m also the artist of releasedreactions.com . It’s a hermaphroite / futanari website that was a more more excess in size and weirdness. It’s fun stuff to do for sure! I’ve totally naglected it and plan on doing some more futa images and getting it back!

There maybe some big clit and mega cunted girls over there, but that site was more focused on futa material. Come join us if your curious!

Aside I hope to do some more futa works this new year (again, spice and mix things up from the dull place it is now) so I’ll be looking at works there but also the 2nd Giga pack maybe getting more attention put towards it too so plans there for that!

Conclusion – Well, what can I say. It’s been a blast over the last year doing this stuff, thank you all for your support. If you can help any more with ether commissions, donations or packs that’d be wonderful. Changes will come, some people will be scared maybe by them, thats the way it rolls but the results will be great and worth their time and effort. You will fap happy..?

You’ve all been wonderful – so here is to a exciting and over developed new year! Cheers! – Sius

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