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The captions I type and the story or theme I write while doing the art is some of the most fun, ether to sprinkle flavour text or give them a brief history or reason why they are what they are. Great stuff all in all.

But there is one thing I’d like to check. Let’s see what people feel is the default ‘feeling’ for the iG hyper genitalia girls in this world / how they are seen or considered by people around them (regardless how they came into being / size or changed by the caption by default).

Pull back the curtain here – to make a caption, setting the mood when space is limited is some problem, so if nothing else this will help me decide what you think generally is best as a scenario. It’ll help me use short hand in the future, but more than that just feel what my fans and general lovers of the fetish feel should be the position of the girls in a world, default setting or otherwise.


Okay. so ran out of space on the poll to add all the text – so to expand, wheres what I had in mind more…

Revered – Seen as blessed, special and accepted. Their presence is sought after with special treatment and desired (within circles) something to aspire to be like possibly. Some may see them as idols or avatars of a sexual beings.

Slowly Accepted – Overcoming the shock of exisiting, they have come out on top and the world is coming around to this strange change and cautiously accepts them. Society is going around to them and their ways, slowly but without prejuduce.

Unique – Alike seeing something outlandish and excessive in real life, each person would react their own way while in shock and awe. Unlike anything they have seen and everybody different to her / them. They maybe known to a few, or never seen at all, but there is not a general rule, just the general rules of nudity we have now apply.

Sub Gender – Classified as a different breed of female. Transformed into a lewd and losing some rights (and gaining others?). Often considered ‘lesser’ than females and lowly but their subservient nature is content with this outcome (pride in what they are or submissive). More opressed, but tollerated…. well mostly….

Genetically Deformed – Horrified and abhorred. Ether that her body could become that, she wanted to become this. In the presence of her with discomfort and distain. People panic or are taken back by their form to an extreme degree. Maybe unable to be in public spaces.

How do you feel people (in a general story) should feel about iG hyper Gaper women?

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So please take a moment to vote below and know as always I check each of these polls every time and the feedback is always more than I can hope to have, so thanks for taking the time for it. hopefully it’ll aid in new art coming forwards ^^ – Thanks, Sius

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