..:: Polls – Developed How? & Stories Author ::..

To my excessive hyper and gape loving fans and community I’ve gotten two more new polls for you to please help me out with if you can please?

//// Poll One – How’d she get so big?! ////

That eternal question – What is the MOST sexy method to change into this kind of girl?!

So this girl has a cunt cave that will never close, might be so big it gets in the way of her mobility or is constantly aroused and wet she gushes or floods everything around her. BUT…. How did she GET this way? There are plenty of possibilities, but I’m curious what people like the most or want most. Extra details what each mean  or examples are listed above the first poll.

There is no wrong answers. Just have a look and decide what you think sounds like the most arousing idea is and vote for it if you would please? ^_^

  • Self Inflicted – Created by her own hand and doing. Using toys, warped sexual acts she has become this way SOLEY by her lewd acts have give her this surreal and extreme body. Her commitment and endless attention have somehow exceeded human limits.
  • Drugs, Chemicals, Planned Surgery – Using these means as the only way to take it to another level. Compounds, hormones, relaxents or even medical tampering has made her this way and her way, the way she always wanted to be and would never go back to being lesser.
  • Born This Way – Her body has naturally developed her body and her freaky excessive vagina dominates. Love or hate it, she grows unlike anything else. As she sexually matured she grew, and her pussy swelled and expanded far beyond the normal and shows no sign of stopping…
  • Warped / Mutated / Deformed – From virus’ and DNA tampering to body horror mutations and wapred science experiments or even done against her desire. These more underhanded and darker mediums will change her into her new form and things will never be the same.
  • Magical / Cursed / Items – Spells, magic, enhancements, blessings and damnations. From special items, to a fantasy enhancements or spells to being possessed to be having a higher power remake her in their image or sexual idle or fertility figure.

How'd she get so big?! Backstory or 'developing' her methods

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//// Poll Two – Story by an Artist? ////

So after the last poll stated you folks look like you’d be ALL over a written main or short story from your last poll, I’d be delighted to help out and do that….. except…. I’m not REALLY an expert author or novelist.

The ideas I have are pure and well developed after all these years but a honest question. If I, Sius, wrote them – would you look at them or care?

I ask because if the standard you expect is higher than I can type then I’ll save my efforts and draw some more and keep to small captions. But if the feedback is that you’d like to read them from me (until somebody actually skilled comes in) then I’ll give it a shot and hopefully give you something you’d get behind.

Honest feedback is what I’m after, so please speak your mind.

Stories - Would you accept whole stories written by Sius? (An artist, not much an author)

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Thanks a big one crew. May drop something in discord as a rough / WIP to a current doodle and otherwise, watch this space for more stuff coming up ahead – Cheers, Sius

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