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About a week ago I had several ideas what I was going to give this week including mostly drawn material showing off this project finally, showing my ideas out and warming up for some release ideally starting to come up.

I ended up drawing something that the ideas was fun and good but didn’t really work out, it was picked on by the other art and I’m sure ended up catching fire just randomly just afterwards. All was left was some 1’s and 0’s in a pile on the floor; which was a shame it ended that way.

Next was plan B. This design and girl who ended up being amazing and one of most fun drawn things lately… but the original plan had morphed from the main idea and wasn’t designed for this showmanship any more. Thus can’t use that much here right now too ¬_¬

So instead fine peoples of the internet, I, Sius humbly present to you with some fresh new photomanips for your enjoyment in the mean time. Enjoy!

I’m still working hard and looking forwards to showing off some of that project work, hopefully soon. Till then, thanks once more for your time and support. Cheers – Sius

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