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To my Glorious fans and Gape lovers,

So I’ve been requested to setup a place where people can visit to chat, share art work, ideas, meet and RP / Cyber and more. Private and also for a group.

In the end, the most obvious place was making a little community on Discord. >> JUST HERE <<

Got a load of benefits, and hopefully something you’ll enjoy. Let’s break it on down…

Q) How can I join?
A) Click the link HERE and sign up, join the group.

Q) Do I need to voice chat or be a gamer?! What?
A) NO, no you don’t. Sure its a gamer voice service, but think of it as a hangout place. Just post and type your thoughts or lurk, its all good.

Q) What’s the point?, you have this site for posting material don’t you, so why?
A) I love my site for sure, but communication and feedback is a problem that Discord can answer quickly and with benefits too!

Q) Give me some benefits, why I should care?
A) Post your thoughts on what you like or want to see. Share art or content related to gaping. Unique art from me. Find others who want to chat / RP and also you can ask a real gaper how she does it and much more.

Q) What was that about the Real life gaper again?
A) In the past I’ve had Jools, a size queen who chats to me often. She loves hearing from people and has done A.M.A.’s in the past. She is open to chatting and answering questions!

Q) Does it cost anything?
A) Not a thing, just a moment to sign up. Hop in, read the rules and have fun!

Q) Will you just post on discord from now on?
A) NOPE, This site will always be the main place, but most things here are final or statements. On discord I can chat, post final and rough art, brainstorm ideas, chill or even just play games with anybody who cares.

Q) Can I just talk to you on Discord?
A) Sure, try adding Sius#8537, Just mention you have come from this site please ^^

Q) I don’t know anybody here, I’m worried to post.
A) Thats fine, you can IM people like me directly and find people by category that helps and don’t have to interact unless you want, you maybe happier just soaking up the atmosphere, and that’s fine too ^_^.

Q) Can I post images and stuff on there?
A) You sure can. Anything you’ve found on your travels, your welcome to post. Just find the right room, and put it inside there.

Q) What else is on there?
A) I’ve added rooms for different things, from hyper gaper images, to real life gapers, photomanips, a Role Play Section (to fine people to ‘chat’ to), and more to come.

Q) Why not post all that stuff here on iGAPES?
A) I can post my stuff and material I’ve asked for permission here… there… its a little more free and easy I guess. This means more random but still fun material for sure.

Q) And whats the end goal here, thats the point?
A) To finally get a community together who enjoys this stuff, find and push the hyper pussy / gaper fetish but also encourage in girls also to consider trying stretching and find like minded people who are together in this fetish and want to see it expand.

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