..:: iGAPES – The Bump ::..

In a version of the world where Gapers have come to be as a class of their own, sometimes its the fundamentals that are the most important to deal with. Here we have a Gaper hoping to make an impression to get the attention of another. Let’s wish her luck!

I’ve gotten  a few like this more in mind for a set of ideas. I’m surprised I’ve not done more of in the past in truth. I think having a loose canon and just having some fun and just making maybe key in the end.

On a side note, you’ll have seen its in colour. I hate, but love colouring. I’m so bad at it, such a perfectionist, and its an arse to do, but I do love how it looks also. I hate the thing I love or something… ¬_¬ BUT I could do with knowing it its worth doing more of?

Do me a favor, if you enjoy the extra effort done, do me a solid and click the thumps up click at the bottom of this post if you can. It’s an easy but highly effective way of knowing if you think its worth the extra effort or not. Thank you very much for your time and consideration as always – Enjoy, Sius

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