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Slowly, a return – Hay all you lovely people and fans of huge endowed women and their hyper destroyed pumped cunts fans of mine. So an apology that over the last few months honestly that things have been quite quiet around here. I can assure you I’ve not stopped and even taken it easy, I’ve just not posted too much lately.

Hopefully I’ve gotten a touch more time to sort out (I knew this was coming and have had to catch up in other areas first) that and bring together the community once more and get my art together is key right now.

Site Tidy Up – Small one, I MIGHT try and re design or at least get the web space spruced up, links tidied up and might change the look of the place. Housekeeping will be easy enough, just see if I can make it look right, so if it looks jank for a while while I come to a decision, at least you know why.


Art Backlog Buildup – So I’m sure you’ve read in the past that I’ve done much work dotted between weeks. Starting in and out when I did it to keep myself sane and keep some creative spark in my life. This has meant for the last few years I’ve drawn SO many character heads, rough ideas, incomplete doodles and quite a lot of basic poses and ideas. It is…. something. And some of it totally isn’t horrid…. some….

Release – My plan is to go in and see what is worth salvaging and putting time into. The amount of line art at about 80%’ish is staggering. Much is never finished off before a new idea kicks in or I get SO bored working on the art for any more hours I feel constricted and act to save an idea or design in my mind belong lost (and sometimes that’s even the right thing to do).

So my plan is to go and check the work from the last few years and see whats worth chucking, whats at least worth posting as doodle mess, whats worth building up and MAYBE even what some is worth CG’ing into nice work if I can spare the time. ^_^

Filter Process – So yes, that’s the plan. Filtering and getting the ball rolling may still take some time as I’ve gotten currently about 6 items I need to complete or ideas I want to do before I go back. Its a bit of a problem but I hope to finally get it sorted on out and what I plan on doing.

Cute Girls With Big Problems – Along with the normal work I’ve drawn a collection of character girls which I’d consider excess fun. With their monster bloated and gaped cunts dragging or close to bouncing on the floor and usually excess breasts in different shapes and sizes I’ve really had a lot of fun doing this set.

You’d be surprised how hard it can be sometimes trying to do excess dominating impactful art that works without something looking total shit and or just looking wrong or unscaled at times and why all the sweeter when it works out.

Cutie Release – I’m honestly considering this pack or set ether to be released as a art pack or to build them up into something special (as I do really like whats been done and think its a little special) and may look to do that as a donation / tip  barrier to entry (I know I know, but even I need to eat you know) but I’m undecided.

If it goes all the way it might be like my Giga pack that I did for Released Reactions years back. News to come when its time however.


Fan Input / Opinions – Now more than ever I’m looking for people with an interest and a little time to give me a hand if they can. Though I’d LOVE people who draw and write and would be involved this way, I’d be just as happy once more to have people for feedback on art and generally spitball for ideas. Its hard to quantify and explain but sometimes having somebody just drop words and direction can be a fiery passion to continue and work hard in itself. If your down with spending a few mins or talking, as always drop me a line to say you’d like to give it a go.

Real Life Stretchers and Girl Gapers – So along side normal fan input I’ll put this out there that if there is any women out there who enjoy stretching to get in touch also.

From experienced cunt stretchers to girls who want tips for stretching / maybe to begin stretching (you have to start some where) to roleplaying being any size or be reminded how destroyed your cunt is or worthless it will be once we are done (¬_^) or ladies who just enjoy this fetish generally then to get in touch. With ‘firm’ encouragement and positive direction, I’ve love to hear from you no matter where your at!

Address – Just below is a graphic with the site email address one, just type up and send an email my way (ideally with a line to say your interested in some way) and I know I’d love to get to hear from more people. Now’s the ideal time to help out or get involved!


Big Thanks – As always I’m lucky to have people who visit the website as often as you do considering how sometimes it can be a while before I’ve gotten to you all in the past. And I suck at times, I know, so it makes it all the more impactful you guys and gals do visit and get involved as much as you do.

As always, thank you all for your show of support, feedback, opinions and time. Right back to work and get some content out and sorted for you people! – Cheers, Sius

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