..:: iGAPES – Hana 01 ::..

Ok Crew, Sorry for the silence over the last few weeks, I’ve had this art done for some time and just getting around to releasing it now, so sorry about that.

This is Hana, I tried to do a certain type of CG colouring on her with mixed results, but I’m quite happy with it generally – probably head down a different road for the rest of the images mind though.

**** Larger Sizes ****

iGAPES - Hana 01a iGAPES - Hana 01b

iGAPES - Hana 01c iGAPES - Hana 01d

**** Smaller Sizes ****

iGAPES - Hana 01as iGAPES - Hana 01bs

iGAPES - Hana 01cs iGAPES - Hana 01ds

I usually try and give a back story to each character or something with each image if I can help it, not so much with her. She has been drawn to show a different style and design of iG, the bowed lips and hips with the slong like clit. I have her down as being a health iG girl, probably a public eye girl too, but beyond that… well its a picture of a girl with a huge pussy, what’s there more to say? ^^

If you know anything about my art work then you’ll know I’ll have multi Versions of the image, and so that’s what I offer – pick your fav. As always comments welcome – just no flaming, right!

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