..:: Story – Still Tight by Kitty ::..

Hay all – little treat here today with a special something story. This one comes to us by Kitty, who’s written this piece out of the blue  and have to say it something rather damned good.

A solid kinky and certainly in line with the fetishes of the site and just kinda perfect and fab! I love it, hope you do too! Kitty is happy to hear from you if you’ve anything to say, but requested emails sent though the iGAPES main email for now (see contact details above), so anything you want to say to her will be passed though from me to Kitty.

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..::.. Still Tight by Kitty ..::..

For my 18th birthday Adam makes me do my first porn shoot. I strip down to my shorts and hesitate. Adam demands I take them off too. I realise that as soon as I do, the world will know what I’ve done to my pussy to please him; I’ll become famous, no one will ever look at me the same again.

I’m acutely aware that I’m standing a little bow-legged, giving them a clue. I can feel the swollen mass of meat straining against my panties and pressing against my thighs. ‘Off’ he repeats and I do, letting my shorts fall to the floor. As I step out of them, my heavy vulva shakes and I hear the porn crew gasp. Surely they’ve seen everything? The way they are staring at my crotch suggests not. I can’t help looking down, imagining what it looks like to them. The fabric of my pants bulges out and downward, like I’ve stuffed a deflated football in there. I think of the last time Adam pumped my poor wrecked pussy to maximum capacity – the cup we had to use was the size of a large jelly mould and I filled it completely, although I almost passed out from the strain.

Cleary the aphrodisiacs he fed me before we started are working and I’m filling my stretched and slack lips with my own arousal; not to their full capacity like when he bloats them with saline injections which force me to keep my legs splayed wide to accommodate my obese cunt, but enough that I’m in danger of tearing my panties, and my juices have already soaked right through. ‘WTF dude, is she a dude?’ the camera man asks him. I blush again, harder, but Adam says ‘Hell no. Get on all fours slut and let him get a good look.’

Dutifully a settle onto the bed on my hands and knees, pushing my ass up in the air like a dog in heat, and pull my panties down to my knees, finally freeing the mass of wet flesh that used to be a cute, teen pussy. Adam grabs my face and manoeuvres it over his thick cock and I get to work. He loves how I’ll suck him off needily even as he humiliates me. The camera man comes round to get a close up and I hear him gasp against as he gets a proper view of freak pussy. No wonder he’s surprised. When I came in, all he saw was a petite blonde teenager with an innocent face. My cunt is grotesque anyway, but the contrast to my neat, young little body makes it incomprehensible. I know what he’s thinking because I think it every day: I must be a real whore to get my pussy to that state by the time I turn eighteen.

‘Don’t be shy,’ Adam says, ‘show them what you’ve done to yourself.’. I know what he means and I take both hands off the bed, allowing my head to sink down, sliding my throat round his cock. I reach behind me and take touch myself. Every time I do this a shiver of horror and shame runs through me, even though I know what I’m going to find. In my tiny hands it feels even bigger, a huge, alien, unrecognisable mass of rubbery, slick meat, bulging ridiculously out of my crotch; but I know it’s part of me; it’s incredibly sensitive to the touch. Hard to believe only a year ago it was a pretty little bump I could part with two fingers of one hand. I remember showing it to him on cam before we even met; he talked about how cute it was. Now, my labia are thick enough  that I can grab each one in a hand. My fingers slip into the slit between, all the way to the knuckle without me coming close to my actual hole. I grip each flap in a loose fist and pull them apart. They are heavy and all the pre-cum spilling out of me makes them stick together but eventually they open with a gross slurping sound.

I pull them wide enough to reveal the true damage I’ve done to myself. I can feel cold air rushing in, making my hyper-sensitive pussy twitch, expelling a little air with a horrible wet burp. ‘Jesus fucking christ’ the cameraman blurts out, adjusting his lens. ‘Bring the monitor round, let her see’ Adam says. This is what I was afraid of. I’ve become at least a little accustomed to the ruined outer appearance of my pussy – I’m confronted by it every day. But I’ve never seen what he’s done to my holes; what I’ve done to them.

  He brings the monitor and adjusts himself so I can see, but making sure my mouth is still tightly wrapped round his dick. The sight makes me want to cry. My small delicate hands are dwarfed by the thick pussy-lips they hold; my labia so stretched and bloated they hang down five or six inches below my pubic bone, thick juice dripping from them onto the already damp bed. With no effort and without feeling the slightest stretched, I’ve pulled them half a foot apart. I know I can get them several inches wider with a bit of effort.

What they have revealed is barely recognisable as a pussy, certainly not one of a 5’1 slim teenager who lost her virginity just a year or so previously. My anus is strangely flattened and thin, used to being stretched sideways by the large objects placed in my deformed cunt. The skin between it and by vagina is fissured with stretch-marks from the abuse by body has taken. But the hole itself is the worst. It lost it’s elasticity months ago leaving it with a permanent gape, four inches across. The looseness of the skin and flesh around it means it hangs open in a soft oval. Even in normal light, the inside of my pussy is easily visible, bunched, slimy flesh, moving and twitching out of my control.

Only the fact that my over-stretched pussy walls are so saggy and bloated stops my cervix from being visible from the outside. Given how deep Adam’s has been stretching me recently though, it’s also probably pretty far back. I’m glad I can’t see it. Recently, he’s been experimenting opening it up as well, forcing a finger or two directly into my uterus.

Worse than the sight of it is the sound. Open to the air, every slight movement creates slurping, farting sounds making me completely humiliated – now they are being heard around the world, recorded on hard-drives forever. All of this, people might have seen before at least, the used up destroyed cunts of the most experienced and extreme old sluts in the business.

What makes my pussy the most disgusting, nightmarish thing to have, is what I let him do to pee-hole. It was never meant to be penetrated; it had no elasticity, no way of returning to its original size after being stretched.  The first time Adam put anything up there, even though it was very thin, I couldn’t believe it was happening. But he did it, and because it couldn’t tighten up again, he found it impossible to be satisfied, constantly having to put bigger and bigger things up there. Eventually, he was able to fuck me – he loved being able to come down my urethra, directly into my bladder; he loved how bizarre he’d made me. But pretty soon it got too loose to feel anything. Now it’s permanently as wide as his dick. I have to wear a butt-plug in there to stop me wetting myself, but it’s not in there today. He didn’t want to ruin the effect. Instead, it’s a thick line – the weight of my pussy above it squashing the wide hole flat for now.

I’m a complete freak. Unique and disgusting and ashamed. Like the obedient little whore I am, I keep licking and sucking his cock as gaze in horror at what I’ve become. The cameraman gets lots of different angles, zooming in, and then out to get the contrast with my thin young frame. The rest of the crew are transfixed staring at the same monitor as me, unable to comprehend. ‘I know she’s going to be pretty niche’ Adam says, ‘So we’ll do all this for free’. That hurts, knowing how abhorrent I appear to most people, and doing all this public debasement for free. ‘What are you even going to do?’ the sound guy asks, ‘There’s no way to even fuck that… thing’. Adam laughs, ‘Oh we’ll do a demonstration, show what that ruined cunt can take, then I’ll show you something new. Believe me – I can fuck it.’ This scares me – what has he got in mind? Every hole I have is already too ruined to please his cock; I spend most of my time on my knees, sucking him off while he stretches me more. Or, more and more these days, licking his balls while he jacks off watching porn, with all the normal girls with normal pussies.

He pulls his cock out of my throat and tells me to keep my eyes on the screen. ‘Check it out’ he scoffs to the camera man. He moves behind me and I watch as his large hands come into shot. I let go of my bloated lips and they flop back together with a dull wet slap. Adam immediately pulls one aside and puts his fist inside me. I only know this because I’m watching. I can’t feel his hand until it goes deep enough to push into the bulging flesh of my walls. The crew watch in stunned silence as he slides another hand in alongside it. It meets no resistance, my ruined hole just swallows it with a slurp. Now he churns his hands around making sure everyone can hear the squelch of my unnatural amount of natural lube. I remember when he used to need a whole bottle of lubricant to get a hand inside me. We haven’t needed any for ages now.

‘Have a go’ Adam offers. The cameraman, with horrified fascination reaches out a hand. Adam pushes his fists in deeper to make room and the camera guy barely has to push before his fist pops in as well. ‘That’s fucking crazy’. ‘Let them see babe’ Adam orders. I know what he means. Again I reach back and open my heavy lips. ‘All the way, slut’ Adam barks. I slide 4 fingers from each hand in alongside their hands, relieved that it’s starting to feel tight, and pull my hole open. On the monitor I can clearly see their three hands churning in my wet cavern making more embarrassing farting squelching sounds.

‘Watch’ Adam smirks. He wraps both his hands round the cameraman’s hand making a ball of fists and slowly begins to pull. My fingers are trapped and I can’t move them aside as the big fist-ball is dragged out of my used-up opening. I feel stretched for the first time in ages but I know that my hole has lost it’s ability to tighten again, so however wide I get now I’ll stay that way. Finally they pop out with slurp, leaving my newly stretched hole pulsing and dripping. The sagging walls of my passage prolapse slightly, with no muscle left to hold them in, my young pussy looking like a badly packed bag. I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s definitely bigger.

Immediately, Adam pushes two sloppy fingers into my pee hole. It doesn’t need a warm up to take that. ‘Holy shit, are you going to fuck her pee-hole?’ the sound guy asks. Adam scoffs, putting two fingers from the other hand in and holding my hole open to its full size. ‘Like I could get any pleasure from that slack hole’ he smirks. It’s true. It’s too stretched. His dick slides in so easily when he does and the muscles are so ruined I can’t clamp down any more. His cock is long enough that it reaches right to my bladder. The second sphincter in there used to give him pleasure as he broke it with the tip of his cock, but it barely lasted a fortnight before it gave up too. ‘I didn’t think that was possible’ the cameraman says, shaking his head. ‘Anything possible with this used up whore.’ Adam laughs. His words sting.

As if to prove it, he releases my pee-hole with one hand but pushes two more fingers of his first hand in alongside. Four fingers is my limit and it feels good to feel full. But he won’t stop pushing, almost down to the knuckle. It starts to ache. Then I realise he’s tucking his thumb under. I’m going to have my pee-hole fisted on camera. I grit my teeth, beginning to plead but I know it’s pointless. He keeps pushing and my poor hole is too ruined to resist. I let out a deep, animal groan as my pee-whole opens over his knuckles and lets him inside. Unlike my wrecked pussy, my urethra doesn’t opens out inside, the tube stays the size diameter as the opening all the way through so every inch he pushes into demands it stretch painfully to accommodate him.

Eventually his hand is fully inserted, leaving the crew dumbstruck. Adam then draws it out slowly and I get a brief look at the raw and broken gape before the weight of my pussy-meat collapses it again, spurting out a bit of pee I have no tightness left to hold in. I couldn’t feel more ashamed – now the world is going to know I’m completely incontinent at the age of 18, all because of my slutty behaviour. ‘How the hell are you going to fuck this slut?’ the sound guy asks, ‘Jack of inside her?’. They talk about me as if I’m not human, as if I’m just a collection of useless holes.         Adam just winks at him and reaches into his bag. He pulls out one of my pussy pumps, the long, cylindrical one, about five inches wide and a foot long. Adam used to use it stretch my inner labia, but my bloated cunt is far too fat to stuff into the entrance anymore. What’s he doing with it?

With one hand he pulls my vulva open and slides the thick tube in, pushing my prolapsed walls back inside me. He fucks me with dildos much thicker than this normally and my sloppy hole gobbles it up, pushing all the air inside out round the glass with more embarrassing wet farts. He twists it going in, and through the glass I – and the camera – can see my sagging walls being pushed aside. I’m horrified to see how deep it can go. It’s almost completely swallowed in me before it meets enough resistance from my stretched canal to stop it sliding in. Now I’m treated to a clear look at my cervix. He manoeuvres the tube until my womb-entrance is directly in the middle of the open end of the tube. It’s clearly already messed up from the fingers he’s been trying to push through it, although the most he’s managed is two.

Adam gives the pump a couple of squeezes, sucking the air out. The vacuum clamps the rim of the tube to the back of my cavernous hole, pulling an inch or two of my slack back wall inside, along with my puckered cervix. A feeling of dread creeps up my spine. Adam slowly begins to pull on the tube. My overused pussy has no structural integrity left; it’s just a worn out sack. There’s nothing I can do to try and hold it in as Adam drags my back wall and cervix towards the opening.

‘No…’ my hands instinctively move back towards my pussy, trying to stop what’s happening but Adam slaps them away, pulling, pulling. It starts to stretch uncomfortably and my insides start to feel empty. I can feel my womb being drawn down through my pelvis. Finally, the entire foot-long tube is back outside, dragging my back wall and cervix out with it. The crew watch, mouths open. And then Adam begins to pump. There’s a hard tug and my cervix and pussy walls are dragged into the tube another few centimetres. I finally realise what his plan is – he’s turning my wrecked cunt inside out.

I beg him to stop but he ignores me and pumps again and again. Through tears I watch my cervix, and walls filling the tube inch my inch. By the time I’m three or four inches down inside the cylinder I realise my womb and uterus must be in there too, being stretched and inverted. He keeps pumping, pulling the entire inside of my pussy into the tube until the tube is completely full – my inner walls painfully stretched, packed in against the glass. Finally he releases the suction and pulls the tube off. I’m appalled to see that I’ve been left with slimy pink tube hanging out of my pussy, my whole birth canal inverted and hanging out outside my body like a grotesque tail. I want to cry. Instinctively I try and push it back inside me. Adam laughs as I grasp it in my small hands, my fingers slipping over the foot-long monstrosity. It’s soft and incredibly sensitive and so engorged that it won’t go back in. Will I be like this forever?

‘Now I’ll fuck this slut’ Adam grins, swatting my pathetically scrabbling hands away. He grips my uterus in both hands and presses his thick cock against my cervix. He’s never tried more than two fingers before and his dick’s at least twice that thick. It doesn’t seem possible but he forces it, rolling my ruined insides over his cock like he’s putting on a condom. My cervix tries to hold out but pressure is too much and it begins to cave. It’s been a long time since I felt tight in any way, and this is the most intense stretch he’s ever made me take. It feels like I’m giving birth in reverse. I can hear myself making animalistic moans as he forces my uterus over his erection.

‘I think she likes it,’ the cameraman quips. To my horror, I realise he’s not wrong. It feels so good to be tight again, to be fucked, to know one of my holes is still small enough to pleasure Adam. I can’t help myself. As my cervix comes up to his balls and his entire cock is swallowed into my canal, he starts to fuck me. And in the middle of my filmed humiliation, my grotesquely deformed pussy revealed to the whole world, my family, my friends, I can’t help but reach down to my engorged clit and rub myself. It seems to take forever, but when he cums it is directly into my womb.

He pulls out leaving my cervix horribly dilated and leaking. As usual, he makes me clean of his dick with my mouth. ‘You like the taste of you womb, whore?’ he sneers. I nod, taking his cock deep and lapping at his balls, dimly aware that my uterus still hangs down against my leg, all the way to the bed. When he’s finished, Adam turns to the crew. ‘Want a go guys? It’s not going to stay that tight for long.’

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