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Hayo You lovely and beautiful peoples – here with another quick update post and a manip above (Apologies to the photographer and the model as always).

Talking of manips – I’ve no doubt if I had left the poll to run by the way it was going that photomanipulations would have been top of that poll. I’ll be honest, I had no idea there was such a demand for my skills in that area. Refreshing actually, lol.

I can’t offer my skills in that area as a paid project under the usual means – but maybe I could work around or offer it as an incentive. Maybe as a bonus along side the packs or maybe as a separate pack, just as a thanks for tips and the like?
Commissions with them are a real thing however if you want some personally – just saying….

Project Poll – Now over 100 poll votes in and it paints a great picture and I can’t thank you enough for voting! Your direction towards where I should go is noted but seeing that there wasn’t one that was never picked or given any votes means it really is a mixed bag and people liked the mix on offer. Great to hear, great to see.

I’ll leave the poll and review any changes as we go along, but I think it done its job mostly. Seems like the Level up idea and the Day in the life idea are the ones people want and I agree. I’ve started making notes and ideas on each, brain storming the best ideas I can down. Still working on concept stage ATM.

When I’m further in, got some sketches done or decide which of the two to try first I’ll let you all know. NOTE – I’ve not forgotten about the other ideas on the list and will come back to them if I so desire.

Quality / Quantity - what would you LIKE to see from my project/s?

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Quality / Quantity Project Poll
– New poll below – errrr, above . So the question is, would you rather have more content that might be rushed / lesser quality – or more at a higher polish?

I don’t intent to do bad work, far from it – but I’d like to hear what people consider worth more for them if they throw down money for a project. I’ll take it under advisement, but I’d like to hear.

Would you – Like big projects like this to be all about more content for your buck, more poses, more ideas, okay with a little rough and not afraid of seeing some untidiness the gain of MORE content?

OR are you – more after detailed / coloured and backgrounds as BEST as I can make them, but knowing there is less content (because of the extra time it takes to make such quality)?

VOTE NOW! – And thank you as well once more. This may help while currently planning too I might add.

Last thing, my RL situations is now more complicated (because of course it is) making time to produce further away again. Just added a few more months till I can begin ¬_¬ *sigh* – that is all. Sius


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