..:: Spotlight – New WOWIAmBig Video ::..

Hay Crew – Been off my work a little touch, slowly getting back to it though. Just had a few of ‘them’ weeks you know.

So check out the following link – http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45406 .Though it has a clicky bait like title, WowIAmBig is back and well… the video in 1st post has to seen to be believed.

Normally I’d add this kind of thing to the bottom of a normal post, but this 24 or so minute video…. kind of special. The fun I’d have with an open minded girl like that… *sigh* ^^ – but seriously though… holy hell that’s really something!

Enjoy – more work hopefully soon soon. Sius

UPDATE – Well, seems that its been wiped from the link in the OP. Short lived. I’ll keep and eye on, if its gone then I’ll wipe the post. Shame if you missed it!

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