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IG Poll - Sex‘Sex’ Poll Review – After giving it some time, I have to say the results of the poll where spot on. Thank you all for voting as you have and taking the time to do so. I don’t ask lightly this question as it is personal, so that fact anybody answers really means a lot, so my deep thanks to you all.

Just as water is wet, yes, there are plenty of men who check out my content (cheers and nice one for that lads!) but I was truly delighted with the female votes which where cast.

This shows that I actually have a female following who where willing to vote & find the content interesting enough to follow, so that’s bloody marvelous, big thanks to these ladies! And also a little surprised and yet pleased that I have as many transgender followers as I do, kinda great! Thanks for your support and interest!

So what do I take from this? – Well beyond the numbers which is a great source of general feedback I didn’t have before I guess we can swing some general statements. Men like porn, but also like stretching, gaping, and generally female transformation which says that yes, actually the main ‘theme’ of men always liking, wanting tight and ‘perfect’ women as the media portrays doesn’t hold water and is far from a universal truth.

The female votes are just a joy to see. I generally knew the numbers would in no way compare to the male demographic. However knowing the content, the material and the ideas done appeal to you girls also gives me cause to keep making more and knowing you enjoy this fetish makes me want to continue and inspire more to follow along and say its okay to like this kind of thing.

And the Transgender side, I had no idea that I had as many interesting in this subject as I do (Coming from Released Reactions / Futanari which naturally has a deep link) honestly… not sure what to make of it, but I’m just kind of really pleased to have you all here and hope you enjoy what comes out. Sex aside, You are ALL awesome and I can’t thank you all enough for your support!!

New Poll (Multiple Answers) Side Effects – I like balance in my works. Sure the end result is smut, its porn and its job is to be enjoyed as such and bridge fetishes and imagination together. It is not high art as I’ve said before, but I also like the stories and the world that goes with it.

Sure you can enjoy it for what it is, but I always like making things more grounded and generally, what if gapers like this existed, hyper female genitalia existed… it wouldn’t ALL be perfect. You maybe a sexual goddess but…. there are downsides….

So with that said, this poll you need to vote on mostly negative features of girls like this (and make them human and not just ‘perfect’). Some of these things maybe actually ‘good’ or liked in a twisted fun way. There is no right answers, but I’m curious what lore changes you think gapers like these you’d make them have. Multiple votes allowed here, so go wild on the list!

Negative Side Effects (Multi Vote) - Gapers should 'suffer' the following....

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I’ve also stayed away from opposites (example: infertility opposite being hyper birthing – this is for another list poll! ^^) and also some very unsexy or morbid elements as maybe they go too far, and though faults can be smexy as I hope this list may show, sometimes  there’s nothing nice or good about critical faults.

New Art – Last post I promised some new art. I didn’t show it… I am sorry for that ¬_¬ . I’ve had a week or two not really able to get on with it, but bugger it, I plan on releasing at least some snippets ASAP. Again, watch this space, enough its just some doodle mocks. I have some fun ideas, just need a little more time on them as always.

WowIAmBig New Stuff – I totally dropped the ball on this one, many many months late here… sorry I through I’d posted it months ago!

So a gem in our community, the real life super sized pussy queen, WowIAmBig had over a few months ago been active in the community as well as sharing some of her lovely images with the world once more!

I mean, words don’t do her justice and my writing would become lewd and go off tangent if I continue… I just wish more women like her did what she had done. What a model for the community!

Anyhow, she got some lovely filthy images here – http://www.showyourcunt.org/member.php?w=91595
Some videos here – http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44711
Has done a story started here – http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44788
and even gave some advice in this post which was a good bit of advice – http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44848

Here’s to hoping she continues as she has. She has the only cunt on the planet I don’t have to modify much in a photomanipulation because of its perfection…. *sigh*… Show her some support people!

Well that’s me for now, cheers people…. back to my work… – Sius


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