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TL;DR 1) New art below post, 2) need writer(s) badly to help out with captions / stories AND 3) also a fun poll below – multi-votes, vote please. Wov you, K, Tanks, bye!

Writers Needed! – What do I need, how can you help? Well I ask every blue moon and man o man, do I need somebody willing to lend a hand with just a few lines of text.

What will I be writing or expected to do? – Simple, I will ether present some art I’ve drawn, maybe a photomanip that could be cool to have a caption / short story with it or generally somebody who maybe willing to write a short story of their own or bounce ideas back and forth off. I’m not expecting master class here, just people with an interest in the subject matter and we’ll go from there.

What happens if i want something you don’t really cover? – As long as it fits the theme of the site, maybe we can swing it to make it work. I’m always open to ideas and if you think it maybe fun, then other will do also. I maybe able to draw whatever you have in mind also, so it maybe free custom art in it for you, we’ll see!

I’m not very good! – Nor am I, but damn it, I enjoy what I do and this fetish needs to grow (yes and yes!) and your help can’t half help me out.

No, really, I’m not good at all!! – I don’t bite and its not like you’ll be wasting my time at all. All I ask is you please give it a shot! ^^

Just send that email to – email@igapes(dot)com- just lose the brackets and put a . ^^ with the subject line of like ‘ Writer Request ‘ or something similar and we’ll go from there ^^

Poll – Just for the giggles, I’m curious what type of characters you like to see in the art that’s done. You can imagine how big the girl is, how large or small her assets are, but as themes, which of these would you say you like the most? – Multiple votes are on, so more than 1 is good (but pick your favorites, or there’s no much point! ^^)

Smexy Big Pussied Girls Themes - Multi-vote the ones you like most!

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