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Fiona didn’t like “going out.” Bars had never been her idea of a fun Friday night. She didn’t really enjoy drinking, she didn’t like being around a bunch of skeevy guys, she didn’t like the music, and she didn’t like the atmosphere.

But here she was, at Yellow’s at 1:30 AM. It was her roommate’s birthday, and as much as Fi disliked the bar scene, she disliked the idea of letting Sarah down on her 21st even more.

Sarah had started drinking before her birthday, of course. But now that she was legal, and didn’t have to be sneaky about it, she was going all out. Fiona hadn’t joined in – she had the excuse of being the designated driver – so she had gotten a fully-sober front seat to watching Sarah getting slowly but steadily plastered.

Now, however, Fiona was getting antsy. She hadn’t even seen Sarah for almost half an hour – she’d been flirting with some guys, and then she was dancing, and Fi had lost track of her after that. She was almost ready to start hunting Sarah down herself so that she could get them both home and get some sleep.

Fi meandered around the edges of the dancefloor, craning her neck, trying to find her friend. There was no sign of her. She tried the restroom – no luck there either. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she grumpily returned to their seats at the bar. If this hadn’t been Sarah’s birthday, Fi would have been mad at her for vanishing when Fi was so ready to leave.

Fiona sat down and picked up her glass of water. It was almost empty. She took a big swig from it to finish it off… and then choked and sputtered all over the sleeve of her jacket.

It wasn’t water. She had accidentally picked up someone else’s glass of some sort of clear alcohol. Maybe vodka? Fiona wasn’t well-versed enough in adult beverages to be certain.

Whatever the drink was, even the small amount that she had swallowed burned her throat something awful. The fact that she had choked on it didn’t improve the situation. Fi sniffed the glass. It smelled extremely strong, with a touch of… something familiar. And almost flowery scent, but Fiona couldn’t quite place it.

She felt the burning lump moving down her esophagus into her stomach. Her eyes were watering. She set the glass back down on the counter and picked up her own – sniffing it this time to be sure – and took several slow sips of cold water to wash the burning sensation out of her innards

Ten minutes later, Fi checked the clock on her phone impatiently. She had tried texting Sarah, to no avail. There was no way they’d be able to hear one another on the phone over the music and noise in the bar, and that was if Sarah heard her phone’s ringer at all.

On top of being tired and wanting to go home, now Fiona was uncomfortable. No matter how much water she drank, she could still feel that one gulp of alcohol in her belly. Or maybe she couldn’t – Fi knew that no matter how strong the shot was, it wouldn’t still be burning inside of her. She knew that she was probably just psyching herself out. But nevertheless, she felt as though there was a heat radiating out of her stomach.

Finally, she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. She flipped it open to see a text from Sarah, badly garbled from how drunk she was: “srry 4 dtching u. u can go hoem i got a ride. thx 4 comign out :(“

Fiona fumed. 45 minutes since Sarah had left and she’d sat here waiting for nothing. It was nearly two in the morning. She got up in a huff and left Yellow’s to go home.

While she drove down the empty streets back to the apartment that she shared with Sarah, Fiona shifted uncomfortably in her seat. This couldn’t just be from her accidental shot of liquor – maybe she was getting sick? The core of her stomach felt hot, and it was spreading out into her limbs.

When she went to brush her hair out of her eyes, Fi realized that her forehead was soaked in sweat. What’s more, the movement from her arm shifted the fabric of her shirt, and she became uncomfortably aware that her nipples were poking through her bra, hard enough to cut diamonds. Now her face felt hot too, but maybe it was from how hard she was blushing.

Fiona tried to take her mind off of her strange physical symptoms and started to make a mental list of what she needed to do before bed when she got home. She was taking a quick shower first; that much was certain. Even if she wasn’t soaked in sweat, four hours in a bar full of people had made her feel sticky and uncomfortable.

She figured that she wouldn’t be seeing Sarah tonight – no doubt she’d gone home with one of those cute guys from the dancefloor. Hell, Fiona thought to herself, Sarah might be getting fucked right now by a huge, thick-

Fi suddenly snapped back and gave her head a quick shake. Where had that come from? She felt the heat down in her loins now. She shifted her thighs against the leather car seat and let out a little gasp as she realized that she was sopping wet. What the hell was going on with her body?

Finally, Fiona pulled into her parking space in their apartment building’s back lot. Her mouth, contrary to the rest of her body, felt dry and cottony. Her clothes were sticking to her from the amount of sweat she was producing – even with her air conditioning on full blast, Fiona’s car felt like a sauna to her.

Fiona thanked god that nobody else was in the parking lot this late at night or else she might have died of embarrassment. Her damp tee shirt, on top of being rather see-through, was clinging very obviously to the outlines of her nipples, which were so stiff and swollen that they looked like somebody was poking their fingertips out from behind her shirt. Worse, there was a very obvious dark patch on her jeans between her legs. She winced as stood up out of her car and actually heard her panties make a squelching noise.

Fiona shifted her gait awkwardly as she made a beeline for her building’s entrance. On top of her unwilling arousal, her pussy felt… bigger? She was very aware of the sensation of her outer lips sliding around inside of her sopping wet panties as she walked. Fiona blushed even harder as she realized that it was starting to feel GOOD.

As she entered and climbed the stairs to her third-floor apartment, Fiona struggled to push images of big, veiny dicks out of her mind. She couldn’t deny it any longer – even if it was due to some sort of sudden illness, she was ridiculously turned on. As she raised her leg for each step, she felt her pussy lips rubbing against the crotch of her panties, which were so wet and knotted up at this point that they were in between her lips rather than covering them. Fiona grimaced internally as she thought of the obscene camel toe that she was almost certainly displaying.

Suddenly, as she stepped up onto a landing, Fiona stumbled. She caught herself against the handrail, but still landed hard on her rear. She winced, opened her eyes… and then her hand shot to her mouth as she gasped.

She hadn’t been imagining things – her pussy was definitely bigger. It had swollen up in her pants so much that it was forming a visible mound between her legs. And Fi wasn’t wrong about her camel toe, either – the outline of her massive, swollen labia could be seen even through her tight jeans.

Fi staggered to her feet and clambered up the last few steps to the third floor. She practically jogged down the hall to her apartment, panting from a combination of heat, exertion, arousal, and mild panic as she fumbled for her keys to let herself in.

As soon as the door was closed behind her, Fiona began rushing to the bathroom, stripping her sweat-soaked clothing off of herself as she went, flinging it haphazardly into the laundry pile. She clumsily yanked her panties out from between her swollen pussy lips, letting out a soft moan as the sensation of the fabric pulling free made her a little weak in the knees. Finally she stumbled into the bathroom, groping in the dark to turn the water on in the shower. Then she hit the light switch and caught her reflection in the mirror.

If she hadn’t known better, Fiona might have though she had just finished having some truly wild sex. Her hair was a mess. Like the rest of her body, it was drenched in sweat, and strewn messily around her face. Her nipples looked like fleshy pink thimbles poking off her chest, and there was a slick sheen on her thighs from the copious fluids that her pussy was producing… and oh god, her pussy. Her panties, soaked completely through, clung to it like plastic wrap. Her mound was hugely swollen, puffed up to the size of her fist. Her clit had gotten bigger too, the outline of the sensitive nub plainly visible against her ruined underwear.

Fiona’s entire body was flushed with arousal. She tentatively moved one hand to her engorged pussy, realizing it that she could barely even cup it in her palm. As soon as her slender fingers made contact, even through the fabric of her panties, she let out a deep moan. “What… the FUCK,” Fiona panted. That had felt WAY too good.

She tried touching it again, dragging her middle and ring fingers from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her clit. Immediately she yelped and flailed for a handgrip against the sink as she nearly fell over from the sensation. Muscles deep inside of her spasmed and clenched, and a fresh gush of lubrication trickled down her thighs. Just her outer lips were more sensitive than her clit usually was! Which meant…

As the bathroom filled up with steam from the running shower, a small, fearful thought popped up in the back of Fi’s head: what if that shot had been drugged? The fear was almost immediately forgotten, though, in the haze of lust gripping her mind. As though in a trance, she slid to the tile floor, slipping her sticky panties off of her legs as she went, and began to slowly reach for her swollen clitoris.

She didn’t know why she was doing this, but she didn’t care anymore either. Fiona was more turned on than she could ever remember, and her exhaustion and frustration and discomfort and worry were all slipping away as she embraced the sensations that her body was giving her.

Bracing herself with a sharp inhalation, she grasped her overly-erect clit between her thumb and forefinger and tugged.

The room turned upside-down. Spots exploded across Fiona’s vision as her eyes rolled up into her head, her tongue lolling out of her mouth in an obscene display of sexual ecstasy. She might have been screaming or shrieking; she wasn’t sure. She was cumming so hard that she couldn’t even remember her own name.

Fi might have actually blacked out for a minute or two. Or maybe she had just orgasmed so hard that she lost time. Either way, the next thing she knew was lying on her back in a puddle of her own sweat and sexual fluids, staring at the bathroom ceiling with a string of drool trailing out the corner of her mouth.

One hand lazily wandered back to her freakishly swollen mound. As she began to absently stroke her over-engorged labia, she felt her pussy muscles clenching and grasping at nothing, making her shudder from the aftereffects of her titanic climax.

One conscious thought managed to penetrate the thick fog filling her head: “I need to be filled.”

Clumsily, Fiona clambered her way up the side of the sink and brought herself to her feet. Her pussy squished between her legs, causing a fresh wave of pleasure as she took her first step forward and the soft flesh of her inner thighs slid across her overlubricated and oversensitive outer lips.

Fiona adjusted her gait to compensate for the new size of her sex, and staggered bow-legged out of the bathroom. Every step she took made her engorged mons quiver slightly from the force of her footfalls.

Now that she was out of the hot, steamy bathroom, Fiona became aware that the heat she had been feeling inside of her ever since she had downed that strange drink back at Yellow’s had grown to fill her entire body. No longer an uncomfortable burning, it felt like a pleasant, sunny warmth, filling her up from the tips of her toes all the way up to her rosy cheeks.

Finally, Fi reached her bedroom, and made her way to her bedside table. Shakily, she yanked the bottom drawer open and began digging through hair products and moisturizers until at last, she emerged with her prize: her six-inch vibrator.

No longer caring that she was so drenched in sweat and fluids that she looked like she had been swimming, no longer caring about the hot shower still running across the hall, Fiona scrambled onto her bed. There was only one thing that she concerned herself with: she needed something inside of her, and she needed it NOW.

This wasn’t a time for slowly teasing herself. Fiona cranked up the power to it’s highest setting, aimed the tip of the vibrator at her huge, hungry pussy, and unceremoniously jammed it in with both hands.

What Fiona hadn’t counted on was just how much her sex had grown. As soon as she bottomed out, the rush of lubricant that gushed out over her fingertips caused her to lose her grip on the vibrator – and her huge, puffy labia completely engulfed it, obscuring it from sight entirely.

Of course, Fiona wasn’t really aware that any of this was happening, because she was busy having an absolutely mind-wrecking orgasm, her limbs twitching and her mouth practically foaming as she experienced what felt like a supernova inside of herself.

With the vibrator out of her control, Fiona began frantically jerking her distended clitoris with one hand while roughly tweaking and tugging on her turgid nipples with the other. The powerful vibrations from the toy inside of her were causing visible ripples that coursed through her now tremendous pubic mound, making her squirt fluids all over her hand and bed.

To call what Fiona was experiencing a “climax” wouldn’t have been appropriate, because that would imply that it was the peak of the experience; better than the pleasure that came before or after it. There was no peak here. The unbelievable orgasm did not taper off or end. It was Fi’s new state of being.

She was so consumed by the sheer force of the pleasure that her swollen genitals were experiencing that Fi didn’t notice the additional changes that her body was going through during each successive minute of the never-ending orgasm. How could she have? She barely knew where she was…

The changes were subtle at first, but as she continued to ride the wave of her never-ending orgasm and claw at her own body, desperately searching for MORE pleasure, they started to pick up steam. Her nipples, already obscenely stiff and larger than any amount of arousal had ever made them before, started to slightly lengthen and thicken even further. Her clitoris, which Fi was still violently tugging and flicking at, was engorging with blood to the point that it protruded from its hood at the size of a man’s thumb.

But as time passed, the changes became more and more… unnatural. Fiona’s pussy, the vibrator still humming inside of it, was rapidly approaching six inches across.

Every seizing clench of her vaginal muscles seemed to plump her glistening folds up just a little more – almost imperceptibly as it was happening, but the cumulative effect would have been undeniable if Fiona had been aware of them. Her pussy lips jutted out prominently from her loins, forming a soft, slick mound.

And as she pawed at her breasts, mewling like an animal, they too began to swell and grow, as if filling up with the very sensation of her own lust. Having started as respectable C-cups, they were now surpassing D-cups. Fi’s oblivious thrashing sent them jiggling more and more as they became larger and rounder on her chest.

And the changes didn’t stop there. Fiona’s thighs and ass grew more plush as she arched her back in the throes of the pulsing, continual orgasm. Her lips, through which she was emitting loud, erotic moans, became slightly thicker and poutier. All the while, the heat within her grew more and more powerful, lighting her erogenous zones ablaze and smelting her body into a new and more sexual form.

Finally, after more than an hour of nonstop cumming, the tide of pleasure pounding against her began to recede, and with it went the fog of orgasmic bliss that had been clouding her brain. The batteries in her vibrator had at last run dry, and the overpowering sensations it had caused from deep within her ceased. On top of that, Fi’s pussy had grown so large by now that a six-inch vibrator no longer felt very big or satisfying to her. As her ability to compose rational thoughts slowly returned to her, Fiona lay on her back, panting heavily.

The first thing that occurred to her, now that she was capable of thinking again, was to examine her crotch. She looked down… but she couldn’t see it. Her breasts were obscuring her vision. Confused, she tried to brush them out of the way, and let out a sharp gasp from the sensation. Fi’s breasts were much larger than they had been at the beginning of her night; firm and round and full. Her nipples had softened somewhat, but were still enormously prominent and sensitive.

Fiona’s mind raced. What the hell was this? What had happened to her body? She tried to swing herself to her feet, but was thrown off-balance by her enlarged chest and new bubbly derriere. She fell off of her bed in a clumsy heap.

Fi tried once more to bring herself to her feet, but her nipples and, worse, her thick, three-inch clitoris dragged against the shag carpeting of her bedroom and elicited a guttural groan from her as she shook with another orgasm. She heard a soft “plunk” on the floor behind her – the clenching of her vaginal muscles had jettisoned the vibrator right out of her. As her latest climax ended, Fiona gingerly got to her hands and knees, and then pulled herself to a standing position using the edge of her bed for support.

She staggered a bit, her balance still thrown off from the changes to her center of gravity. With every movement that her legs made, she could feel her fat, swollen pussy sliding between her cum-slicked thighs. She bit her lip, reveling in the sensation, but found that it too felt plumper than usual. Her heart pounding, Fiona finally turned to look at her reflection in the full-length mirror propped against the wall next to her bedroom closet.

Fiona barely recognized her own body. Her face was there, flushed but mostly unchanged besides her fuller lips, but it looked to her as though her head had been placed onto the body of a sex goddess.

Her breasts hung heavy on her chest, looking especially enormous on Fiona’s slight frame. Her thighs were thick and firm, flaring out into broad hips and a juicy ass that jiggled slightly with each step before tapering back into her narrow waist with a delicious curve, giving her an exaggerated hourglass figure.

And filling out the image was her plump, puffy pussy, squeezed between her thighs and slowly dripping lubrication onto the carpet as Fiona gaped at her own reflection. It was inhumanly large. Fiona had never seen anything like it in her entire life. Her engorged mound was bigger than she could fit her hand over, and her still-erect clitoris protruded from its slick folds like a small phallus. Not long ago, Fiona might have found the sight disgusting, but after what she had just experienced, she couldn’t help but see it as an emblem of pure sexuality.

Fiona was physically, mentally, and sexually exhausted. Unable to wrap her brain around what she had just experienced and what she was seeing in the mirror, she did the only thing that made any sense to her: she went to take her shower, at long last.

As Fi left her bedroom and crossed the hallway to the bathroom, she received some blunt reminders that walking was not going to work the way that it used to in her new body. Every step caused her enlarged breasts and ass to jiggle sensually, and even holding her legs apart with a significantly wider stance than usual, Fi’s bloated pussy lips brushed against her bulging thighs as she moved. She heard soft pattering on the carpet behind her as globlets of girlcum dripped from her prodigious nethers.

The bathroom was filled with steam, which was pouring out into the hallway to the point that the carpet outside of it was fairly damp. As Fiona crossed through the doorway, she felt as though she were entering a sauna. Miraculously, even after having been left running for well over an hour, the hot water hadn’t run out. After reaching into the stall to fiddle with the knobs and adjust the temperature (a task made more difficult than usual by Fi’s pendulous tits), Fiona finally stepped over the edge and into the shower.

Fiona felt two things immediately, as the steaming water hit her flesh: a wave of warm relaxation as the entire night’s worth of sweat and filth sloughed off of her body, and a pleasant hum of pleasure from her breasts and groin. Evidently, more than just her new proportions would take some getting used to.

Fiona turned to reach for her body soap, but as she swung to the side her tremendous chest knocked it off the shelf and onto the floor of the shower. Cursing softly, she bent over to pick it back up, and felt her prominent vaginal lips jutting out behind her from between her legs. She blushed as she imagined what her hyper-sexualized body would look like to someone else right now. Fi stood back up – with some difficulty, as the unfamiliar weight in her chest affected her balance – and began to lather up.

Fiona ran her soapy hands over her changed body with some curiosity. No longer lost in the clutches of her own lust, she felt a sense of exploration as she began to learn more about the alterations that she had experienced. Everything felt new to her… the tautness of the flesh on her thighs. The delicious way that the outer curves of her spherical breasts jutted out from either side of her torso. The fullness of her lips as she ran her tongue between them. The erotic softness of her bulging pussy mound. The firmness of her prominent nipples. The sensitivity of her oversized clitoris…

Before Fiona knew what was happening, she was fingering herself again. Not frantically and roughly like before, but softly, gently, and slowly. She carefully lowered herself down the shower wall until she was sitting in the bathtub with the water from the showerhead pouring over her, her legs spread apart.

With one hand she navigated the voluminous folds of her labia, squeezing softly now and again, kneading the pliant flesh of her genitals. With the other, she softly stroked the length of her clitoris. Fi giggled to herself – her engorged clit truly did seem phallic now, but at the same time, infinitely feminine. She felt it slowly growing firmer and bulging larger still between her fingers as she continued to play with herself.

As she began to squirm gently on the floor, Fiona felt her shifting weight supported by the additional padding on her backside. She dipped one finger into herself, then two, then all four. She could feel the warmth building in her belly again…

Fiona felt less like an animal and more like a technician as she slowly and deliberately worked away at herself to bring about another orgasm. Although initially exploratory, her ministrations soon grew more confident. She manipulated her most intimate parts as though she were expertly operating a delicate piece of machinery.

The fingertips on one hand pumped in and out of her vaginal canal, plunging through the slick depths of her lower lips, while those of the other alternated between pleasuring her thimble-sized nipples and her swollen girlcock. Emitting soft mewlings of pleasure, Fi fantasized what it would feel like to have sex with her improved body.

She imagined a man’s strong arms wrapping around her from behind as she teased her own breasts in their stead. She imagined his big, rough fingers dragging along her incredibly erect clitoris in place of her own slender, feminine digits.

And more important than any other part of her fantasy, Fiona imagined a cock big enough to satisfy her new proportions. An inhuman shaft, the length and girth of her forearm, iron-hard and covered in bulging veins.

She imagined a slow, agonizing penetration as the tip parted her puffed-up outer lips and slowly guided the rest of its length inside of her. Gasping softly, Fi relished the thought of what it would feel like to be filled so thoroughly, to have her big breasts and nips pressed up against a lover’s body, to feel the impact of every thrust into her bulging mound…

At last, the warmth overwhelmed her and Fiona began to cum. This orgasm felt very different from the one she had experienced in the bedroom; instead of feeling like a crashing wave, it felt more like she was sinking into a soft bed of pure ecstasy.

As she came down from her high, Fiona realized how tired she was. In spite of the night’s unbelievable experiences, all she wanted was to sleep. Images of big, hard dicks drifted out of her mind, making room for visions of her soft, warm bed.

Gingerly, Fi got back to her feet, careful to mind her unfamiliar center of balance so as to avoid slipping, and turned off the water. She exited the shower into the steam-filled bathroom. With the mirror as fogged up as it was, she could only see a faint impression of her silhouette. It was completely unfamiliar to her – if Fiona hadn’t known better she might have thought she was seeing the outline of another person standing in the bathroom with her.

Reaching to the hooks on the back of the bathroom door, Fiona realized that her towel was uselessly sodden from all of the condensation it had absorbed while she had left the shower running during her marathon masturbation session in the bedroom. In fact, as the steam finally started to clear out, Fi realized that the entire room was a wreck. The bathmats and towels looked like they had been thrown in the tub, there was a huge puddle of standing water (probably mixed with some sexual fluids) on the floor, and water was dripping from the ceiling where it had condensed to form a visible sheen.

This would not be fun to clean. But, yawning, Fiona concluded that it was something she’d have to worry about later. Moving out into the hallway, Fiona felt the damp carpet squish between her toes. She got a fresh set of towels out of the linen closet, wrapped one around her torso – causing her expanded breasts to bulge out the top of the towel in an impressive display of cleavage – and then jiggled her way back down the hall to her bedroom.

As she moved further away from the humidity of the bathroom, Fiona began to feel a chill as her damp body was enveloped by the cool air of the rest of the house. Her nipples became stiff from the cold, forming visible lumps in the towel as it clung tightly to her chest.

Once she reached her room, Fiona closed the door behind herself and began to towel herself off. She winced slightly as the dry terrycloth dragged across her hard, sensitive nipples – the sensation was not unpleasant, exactly, but in her exhaustion it was somewhat unwelcome.

Next Fi began to dry her chest. Not used to the additional surface area, Fi felt an odd sense of pride as she realized that she would have to heft her breasts up to dry underneath them. As she lifted them, she marveled at their weight.

Moving the towel down the luscious curves of her hips and backside, Fi awkwardly attempted to mop up her massive pussy mound. At least she was no longer gushing juices, her body having finally calmed down after the night-long sexual excitement.

Nevertheless, it was still difficult to slide the towel between the sensitive bulge of her labia and her plush thighs without her knees buckling out from under her. Fiona had to lean against her door for support.

Wrapping her hair up in another towel, Fiona went to her dresser to find something to cover herself up with.

A bra was completely out of the question. Fiona could tell without measuring that her breasts had grown several cup sizes; there was no way anything designed for her old measurements would come close to fitting. She pulled a big pink nightshirt out of a drawer and pulled it over her head.

Fi laughed out loud as she looked at herself in the mirror. Before, this shirt had reached halfway down her thighs. Now, with her huge boobs crammed into it, the hem fell a good three or four inches above her hips, leaving her belly button exposed. The thin cotton hugged her curves tightly, leaving very little to the imagination… particularly around her extremely visible nips.

Figuring that she wouldn’t find anything better to wear to bed, Fi shrugged and pulled out a pair of panties. No sooner had she pulled them up her legs than she realized they would be woefully inadequate in the face of her newly-engorged genitals.

Her swollen nethers made the panties look like a tiny thong as they wedged themselves right between her lips. Her big clit poked over the waistband, which she was unable to pull all the way up over her hips. Giving up, Fiona began to rummage through her underwear drawer.

Before long, she found what she had been looking for – a pair of boy short-style underwear that she had accidentally purchased in the wrong size at the mall a few weeks ago. Putting them on over her bubbly rear end, Fiona saw that they were a much better fit on her now… although they still barely managed to contain her pumped-up sex, which bulged out between her legs.

Satisfied that she was as well-restrained as she was going to get, Fiona eagerly flopped into her bed – much more heavily than was usual for her – and pulled the covers over herself. After spending a short time spent figuring out where to put her arms (as their usual space in her resting position was now occupied by her sizable chest) and shifting her legs around to accommodate the bloated pussy now nestled between them, Fi at last closed her eyes and almost immediately fell into a deep slumber.

If she had been able to observe her own unconscious mind, Fiona might have been surprised; it didn’t trouble her with any wet dreams or sex-fueled nightmares of warping bodies. She slept soundly through the night, past sunrise only a few hours after she had finally gotten herself to bed, and well into the afternoon. By the time that consciousness began to slowly return to her, it was nearly 1:30 PM.

As her eyes slowly opened to the mid-day sun seeping in through her closed blinds, Fiona’s mind drifted around the events of the previous night. She had been at Yellow’s for Sarah’s birthday… She had left for home without her, feeling frustrated… She had begun to feel sick, and then-

Suddenly, Fiona shot upright in bed – or she tried to, at least, but instead was knocked back down onto her back by the unexpected weight of her breasts. The memories of her masturbatory rampage – and of her subsequent metamorphosis into some sort of hyper-sexual nymph – had returned to her like a ton of bricks.

Looking down into the weighty mounds that had shifted into her face as she fumbled in bed and were now thoroughly obscuring her field of vision, Fiona was forced to discard the half-hope that it had been some sort of bizarre, overly-detailed dream. She tentatively reached around the front of her tremendous endowments and attempted to press them down to see over them, her palms cupped over her nipples. The contact sent a thrill through her body that made her shudder, and she felt her sensitive nubs jumping to attention underneath her hands.

More carefully this time, Fiona hoisted herself into a sitting position. Her expanded rear was affecting her balance, causing her to teeter forward slightly. Her breasts were so large that as she leaned down, Fi could feel them resting in her lap. Before she could take any further stock of her situation or her body, Fiona was interrupted by the sound of someone fumbling with their keys outside of the front door.


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