..:: iGAPES – Valentines Girls 2015 ::..

I’m sure I’ll tidy these up and give them a proper name tomorrow, but, fuck it, better something new than waiting and waiting…  – oh and happy valentines ladies and gents! Cheers! – Sius

UPDATE :- Okay, was too tired and short of time to have clocked these girls off and given all the alternative versions for display. As I type this now I have ample time so I’m currently updating some older art to get out soon as I can do this kind that editing when time is more on the short side.

So yeah, I’ll have the proper finished version (probably with and without story / character details) done soon. Figured it was better to get some other part art clocked off in a similar position for you soon as I have the time off and you may want more girls with you know, the giant hyper pussy thing going on.

These girls are a bit more on the ‘grounded’ less gape like, more just pumped up side. I’ve TRIED to mix some of the art up, judging from the poll, so looking to you people for the feedback

So if you like a set, please feel free to click that thumps up icon at the bottom, to show your appreciation, as tells me what you like and guides me a great deal, so thanks! – Sius

iGValentines2015 iGValentines2015c



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