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TL;DR version – Do you think my designs go too hardcore or weird or excessively ‘gape’ like, thus hurting the general big pussy appeal? Poll voting at bottom  – K, thanks!

Okay… – start off, know this may ether come over as a moan or a whine (and I’m sorry), but I’m more curious than anything, so a moment of your time and consideration please.

It’s been a little quiet here for a few weeks, RL and other factors playing a part, but also I’m cautious how I spend my time. It needs to be used where its most warranted or will achieve most from now.


Issue – I’ve checked comments on this rare fetish area when it appears on web boards, seen the likes and interests to other big pussy artists, and compared my own sets ‘likes’. I’m getting a conclusion from this picture.

It appears, from what I can see that basically the more safe, streamline like hyper pussy designs do best. Similar to the pumped pussy fetish, its more about a huge cunt between her legs, swollen and large.

I can’t tell if its just a minor but vocal few who feel this way, or actually there is a lot of basis to this whole thing? Its an individual thing certainly but impacts the community as a whole / large.

large sizes are generally liked and other general fetishes, but something a little more ‘graphic’ or raw seems to be seen as a negative. These extra steps, extra fetishes may detract or go too far putting people off.

Even people like this fetish but feel ill or see some things as abhorrent. Deep gaping cunts, prolapsed with a cervix coming out or the more ‘falling apart’ design some have.  I’ve done a few here and there.

I understand too, sometimes it plainly is TOO much or so vulgar it is plainly distasteful… but also, I myself don’t think I’ve done anything that’s SO bad it crosses that line – but that is why I’m asking you instead ^_^


Answer? – So what do I do? I like being expressive and out there, its never stopped me in my futa artwork (mainly because I took the, don’t like it seek another futa artist, hundreds that there are) but this is different. Maybe I want to start to have the fetish more open and accepted, but this run the risk of being more generic and generally uncreative.

As the Artist one of the more interesting aspects of this is seeing how I can stretch most pussies hyper or type of expansion, even if they are just doodles and for fun it is a lot of fun and dynamic.

But maybe I do indeed need to tone it down a little, go back to more a rooted foundation of the fetish and stop being as ‘forwards’ and kinky or extreme in my designs?

So I ask you, dear viewer for your valued opinion here. Do you think it needs to step back a little, be more ‘graphic’, less stretched gapes and more just fat pussy designs or what? 2 Polls, *left* and *right* please.


Do you think excessive gape or hardcore fetishes make this fetish more inaccessable as a whole?

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Too graphic or not, do you think change would be necessary to help get people involved ultimately?

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