..:: iGAPES – Elizabeth 01, The Benchmark ::..

iG - Elizabeth 01a iG - Elizabeth 01b


iG - Elizabeth 01c iG - Elizabeth 01d iG - Elizabeth 01e

Elizabeth – The Benchmark. For when your companies try and pass off second rate devices, pleasure toys and cheap dildos, Elizabeth is one of many proud women who test, rate and give seals of approval or denial to – looking out for gapers everywhere of all shapes and sizes.

A fun but also a bit of a long time coming posting this, I started a CG colouring of her but due to time and disinterest (creativity is a strange beast) I’ve let it go for now. Still, hopefully something all the same. All in all, pleased with this one, odd as the idea may be. Enjoy!

1st version – Full Background / Clothed
2nd version – No surrounding Items / Clothed
3rd version – No surrounding Items / Naked
4th version – No surrounding Items / Naked / No piercings
5th version – No surrounding Items / Naked / No piercings / no swell belt

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