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iGAPES - Waitresses 01 FE

So its been a while since I managed to just give out some random art, well overdue – sorry about that.

Now this was MEANT to as always be a very quick piece with one girl and more normal sizes (that was the Bunny waitress BTW) but feature creep with the most evil compound force in the universe!

Anyhow so we now have three characters and more shapes and sizes. Hell I wanted to do more clothing options and also , add a story [Fuck it, added one anyhow ^_^] / names behind them… but come on, its meant to be a quick doodle set!

As always I have many many versions for your viewing pleasure (all saved as rar files). Have a look below for which to pick. Enjoy!

iGAPES - Waitresses 01 FA iGAPES - Waitresses 01 FC iGAPES - Waitresses 01 FD


iGAPES - Waitresses 01 G1BC iGAPES - Waitresses 01 G2BC iGAPES - Waitresses 01 G3CC
Waitress A –
Bunny Clothes set
Waitress B –
Asian Clothes Set

Waitress C –
Cat Clothes Set

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