..:: iGAPES – ‘Foxy’ Katrina 1 + 2 ::..

So currently the poll is running around here for the back story theme and such for this character and I’ve been watching it like a hawk to see what the people want, interesting results so far.

As I wait for a few more to come on it I’m happy to post some neater versions of the Foxy Katrina image set to you. Hopefully will add extracts of her past / captions or something at a later date when more has been decided.

But for now, or all you wonderful people, please enjoy the 1st couple of images of Foxy Kat. Oh, and the leather thing, sure seem to suit her well, so that’s me plan going ahead! More to come soon!

iG - Foxy Katrina 1A1 iG - Foxy Katrina 1A2
iG - Foxy Katrina 1B1 iG - Foxy Katrina 1B2


iG - Foxy Katrina 2A1
iG - Foxy Katrina 2b2 iG - Foxy Katrina 2b1
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