..:: Poll – Katrina’s Back Story ::..

Meet Katrina Fox – inspired by an old character called Foxy I did an age ago. I really liked the whole leather thing and also mimicked the pose and sur/name I gave her too – you know, coz! (lack of originality / homarge ¬_^)

The image is a OLD and SMALL example, because I at least wanted to show her face for this poll. The neat / refined versions are being worked on right now, just hold on a little!

I’ll talk a little more as the other images of her get released, but for now could do once more for public opinion on what her back story should be. Choose wisely!

Personality 1.0 – The feeling I get with this one is a almost cheeky and care free’ish girl, naughty, very sensual and seductive and happy to expose her sexual side but not overly callas or ‘mean’ per say. Bohemian and independent too maybe fit with this sudo ‘biker’ vibe I get from it.


What is her reason or events that caused her to get a gape / body like this?

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