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“Please step to the side here ma’am,” said the middle-aged woman in the blue TSA uniform. She had that dead look in her eyes from working this mundane job for much too long, her brunette hair pulled into a tight bun, her uniform tightly hugging her average, if not a little overweight build.

Trisha was standing with her arms over her head in the x-ray machine. She lowered her arms and stepped out to where the woman had directed her. Behind the machine, an older TSA officer was calling another colleague over and pointing at a screen.

“Great,” thought Trisha, “I’m already late for my plane.” She folded her arms under her 32D-cup breasts and tapped her foot, pushing some of her long, wavy, dirty-blonde hair out of her face. She was wearing comfortable clothes in anticipation of being on a plane for hours, but it was still apparent she had a gorgeous, curvy body underneath.

The woman who had stopped her was standing in front of her with her hand up, preventing her from entering the secure section of the airport. The older TSA officer behind the screen shook her head at the woman as a third TSA officer who looked to be in charge had joined the first two, looking closely at the screen.

“Are you carrying any sharp concealed items ma’am? Any syringes, blades, or sharp edges?”

“No,” said Trisha.

“Ok, please raise your arms ma’am. I’m going to pat you down,” said the officer. Trisha obliged, and the woman felt clinically up her body, starting at her ankles and moving up, rubbing up her inner thigh up to her crotch, over her stomach and beneath her breasts, and then patting over the surface of her modestly large chest.

The older man stepped from behind the scanner and walked up to the woman officer, whispering something in his ear as Trisha lowered her arms, watching the other passengers behind her get cleared and walk past.

“I’m going to need you to remove your shirt and pants ma’am. You appear to be concealing something on the scanner.”

“What?” said Trisha, “is that really necessary? I’m not concealing anything.”

“If you prefer, we can move to a private room ma’am, but I need to inspect underneath your clothing,” said the officer in a flat, if not a little annoyed tone.

Trisha sighed. She looked at a clock on a nearby wall. Her plane was set to take off in just 15 minutes. “Alright, fine, whatever, just please do it quickly,” said Trisha, starting to unbutton her blouse. She pulled off the top, exposing her lacey black bra, which was pushing her generous breasts up into two round mounds. She then unbuttoned her jeans and started pushing them down, having to wiggle her very wide hips back and forth to get them off, leaning down as she pushed the jeans, her breasts swinging in the bra and nearly falling out the top as she quickly disrobed. Trisha handed her clothes to the officer and raised her arms again.

The woman felt up Trisha’s body again as she stood with her legs slightly apart in the middle of the security screening area, wearing just a bra and matching lacey black panties. She bit her lip in frustration as many of the other passengers were now watching the officer feel her up, patting at the front of her panties and squeezing the cups of her bra.

“Is this a padded bra ma’am?” asked the officer.

“I don’t know, probably,” said Trisha shortly, looking back at the other passengers who were staring at her.

“I need you to remove it so I can inspect it ma’am,” said the officer.

“… you’ve got to be kidding me,” said Trisha.

“Please remove your bra so I can inspect it ma’am,” repeated the officer clinically, “we can go to a private room if you wish.”

It was now ten minutes until her flight was taking off. Trisha did not want to spend another minute in this city, so she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, staring daggers at the officer in front of her. She held one arm over her chest to cover her nipples as she slid the bra off, handing it over to the TSA officer.

The officer examined inside each cup. She then walked away from Trisha to speak with the other officer’s behind the x-ray machine, leaving Trisha topless on one side of the security line, holding her large breasts against her chest.

“Please enter the scanner again ma’am and lift your arms,” said the officer from behind the scanner.

Trisha was getting very angry at this harassment as she re-entered the scanner, letting go of her breasts and holding her arms over her head. She stood there for what felt like an eternity as some of the passengers behind her in line had now pulled out their cell-phones to take pictures of the half-naked woman getting scanned in front of them.

“God damnit,” thought Trisha. Finally, the female officer stepped out from behind the scanner and beckoned Trisha forward, who covered her chest again with her arms. “Can I go now?” said Trisha.

“No ma’am. The scanner indicates that you may be smuggling something in your body. Please bend over this table so we can clear you.”

“You already stripped me, I’m not going to bend over so you can look inside my asshole! Fucking let me through!” said Trisha angrily.

“Ma’am, please calm down, this is a routine search,” said the officer, looking back at her colleagues and gesturing them over.

“Fuck you! Routine search? This is fucking ridiculous, let me on that fucking plane!” shouted Trisha, stepping closer to the officer as several other officers walked up around her.

“Lower your voice and step back ma’am or we will restrain you,” said the officer shortly, finally letting some emotion into her clinical voice.

“Kiss my fucking ass you fucking ragged old bitch, let me on my God damn plane!” yelled Trisha right in the officer’s face. Trisha started to raise her arm, but it was immediately grabbed by the officer next to her. The other officers behind her grabbed her other arm and forced her over the table, holding her face down, her breasts pressed into the cold metal slab.

“Fuck you! Let me go you fucking fascists!” screamed Trisha. One of the officers pulled out a rubber gag and shoved it into Trisha’s mouth, tying it behind her head as Trisha let out angry muffled yells.

The female officer stepped up behind Trisha. “This will only take a moment ma’am. You’re only making this more difficult for yourself,” she said as Trisha writhed in the other officer’s grasp, bent over the table. The woman grabbed Trisha’s panties and slid them down, leaving Trisha fully naked in the crowded security area. Several passengers had their phones out, recording the violation of the poor woman’s rights, but not willing to step up to the officers to help.

The TSA officer set a bottle of jelly lube on the metal table next to the naked woman, reaching in and pulling out a large glob of it and smearing the cold goo up the crack of Trisha’s ass. With no preparation, she pressed two fingers into her asshole and started twisting, feeling around inside the opening as Trisha writhed and let out muffled sounds through the gag.

“Ma’am, I don’t feel anything inside your rectum, but I can tell that it’s fairly loose, indicating you may be a trained smuggler,” said the officer, pulling out the two fingers. “I’m going to need to take a look inside to check for any concealed items.”

Trisha pulled at the officer’s grasp. She’d had a lot of sex, including quite a bit of anal sex, but she didn’t think having a well-used asshole warranted this.

The officer fetched a very large metal speculum and started coating it in lube. “The smaller devices are being cleaned. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but please relax while I take a look ma’am,” said the officer as she mercilessly shoved the cold metal speculum into Trisha’s ass, causing her to twist even more at her restraints.

Even closed, the large speculum was bigger than anything Trisha had ever had inside her, forcing her asshole open over two inches wide, and now the officer started twisting a knob on the speculum, forcing it even wider. The woman placed a hand on Trisha’s wide hips as she spun the knob, opening up the speculum inside. She leaned down, taking out a flashlight and shining it into the metal device, continuing to spread it wider until Trisha’s asshole was stretched over 3 inches wide.

Looking deep into Trisha’s rectum, the officer couldn’t see anything suspicious. She then pulled out another speculum, the same size as the first, and roughly shoved it into Trisha’s pussy, repeating the process of spreading it to over 3 inches wide and examining inside.

Trisha was left bent over the metal table, still restrained as the officer stood up and talked with the person who appeared to be in charge of the area. Trisha stopped screaming after her holes were pulled brutally open. Although it wasn’t painful, she felt so violated and embarrassed as her fellow passengers looked on, some recording the sight of her two gaping holes left open for anyone to see in the airport.

Trisha watched the two TSA officers continued to talk to each other, pointing at the screen of the x-ray scanner. The female officer finished talking and returned behind Trisha.

“I don’t see what’s causing the image on the scanner ma’am. I’m going to have to take a more thorough look,” said the officer. She placed several items in sterile bags next to Trisha and kneeled down behind her, pulling open two of the bags and taking out two thin, rounded lengths of plastic. Rubbing them down with lube, she positioned one at the entrance of Trisha’s urethra, slowly pushing it several inches into her pee-hole, causing Trisha to writhe again, twisting to try to see what the officer was doing to her.

The woman left that length inside Trish and started sliding a second alongside it, now starting to stretch Trisha’s urethra wider than it should be. She grabbed both thin make-shift dildos and started pulling them apart, slowly, but with constant force. As they spread apart, a stream of urine poured out from between the lengths now that nothing was holding it back. People behind Trisha were pointing and talking to each other as they watched Trisha unable to stop from emptying her bladder on the floor of the security area.

The woman continued to stretch open Trisha’s urethra as the stream of urine slowed to a stop, pulling it open to an inch wide. She opened another bag and started to lube up a hollow plastic tube, several inches long and as thick as a cock. Holding Trisha’s urethra open, she pressed the tube against the pee-hole, roughly twisting and pushing until it started to slide in, shoving it almost completely inside her. The tube felt like it was tearing her open as it slid in and stretched Trisha’s urethra.

The officer kneeled down again and looked up into the plastic tube, shining her flashlight up into Trisha’s bladder as a few drops of urine slid down the tube. Not finding what she was looking for, she stood back up and went to talk to her superior, before returning again.

“My superior is going to take one last look, and then you’re free to go ma’am,” said the officer to Trish, who now had tears in her eyes from the horrible violation she’d received. The man stepped behind Trisha and knelt down, pulling out his own flashlight and looking into Trisha’s gaping, stretched out holes. Her asshole and pussy pulled open 3 inches wide by huge metal speculums, her urethra spread by a plastic tube an inch and a half wide.

“Hmmm,” was all the man said, as he grabbed the knob of the speculum in her ass and started twisting it wider again, quickly, and unsympathetically spreading the speculum wider and wider, stretching her poor asshole beyond recognition. At over 4 inches wide, he stopped and looked inside again with his flashlight, able to put his large flashlight inside Trisha’s open anus without even touching the sides of the speculum.

He repeated this with the speculum in her pussy, twisting the knob to spread it even wider than her ass, giving him a very clear view of the cervix at the bottom of Trisha’s pussy, the moist pink walls of her pussy shuddering and twitching at every touch near her openings.

He then grabbed the tube stuffed in Trisha’s urethra and pulled it out, leaving her pee-hole slack and open before sliding one finger of each hand inside, spreading them apart, then adding two more fingers, spreading Trisha’s ruined urethra even wider than it had been to get a look inside.

Trisha whined quietly, her asshole and pussy spread obscenely open, even her urethra now stretched wider than the size of a cock.

Satisfied, the man slid her fingers out of Trisha and stood up. “She’s clear,” he said, and walked over to assist another security line.

The first officer returned and grabbed both speculum, pulling them out roughly without even making them smaller first.

“Alright ma’am, you’re free to proceed to your gate. It appears it was just a glitch with the x-ray. We just got these new machines yesterday and it looks like they need calibrated,” said the officer, setting Trisha’s clothes next to the woman as the other officers released her, untying her gag.

As the officers went back to screening other passengers, Trisha was left still splayed over the metal table, her ass in the air and exposed for everyone to see. Her holes were completely ruined. Her pussy lips hung slack around the gaping vagina as it remained gaping 3 inches wide, the ring of her asshole stretched too far and staying open nearly 4 inches wide. Her urethra hanging open as well, making a long oval at the top of her pussy.

Trisha stood up slowly, her pussy closing only by her legs shutting, her asshole still open, but forced into an oval between her round cheeks. She quietly grabbed her clothes and held them against her stomach. Still in shock, she turned around, standing fully naked for the other passenger’s to see her breasts and her ruined, slack hole between her legs. She didn’t pay attention to the people watching and recording her as she picked up her bag and her shoes and walked to the ticketing counter to book another flight for the one she missed, her holes staying open, now obvious that they’ve been permanently stretched, her urethra occasionally dripping out urine now that it can never hold it back again, her pussy and ass remaining in their new state, gaping wide open.


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