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Introducing the Twang Wang set of images – Going to be releasing images from this set, and added to the total tile set as we go along. Exciting!

Twang who what? – ‘Twang Wang’, which means…. absolutely sodding nothing, lol – It’s just the name I gave the set as I doodled them. It is, for lack of a better reason a set of huge cunted girls which were going to be put next to one another, quick cheap and nasty doodles.

Hasn’t happened like that, each now getting a basic story and feel to them and a outlining, they have had more love put into them than I imagined and come out with characters, some I’m planning to do more of while others have been an experiment in shape and size and gauge reactions from you all.

Concept – So when I was making this set I originally had a few things in mind, random characters drawn for the hell of it. A different’ish feel / look / vaginally design and also slave like collars and very long flowing hair and basic character outline / story. Some of them outlines remains, some not.

My plan is to release them one after another and have at the end a poll to see which character or design people like the most of. There are certainly ones I personally really enjoyed drawing in this set, but I’m curious to see what other people make of them and see how they vote.

A bad case of feature creep has happened as always – so my current plan is to release them little by little, and update them as we go along. The main page links should help find new ones and how many where added lately, so look for the details on the main page.


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