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Sadly not too much to report on this artist, I have no idea where he’s (?, assuming it’s a bloke here) from or much of a background for him as attempts to contact him have been met with silence….

But here’s what we do know and can assume, from the western world with that art style, likes him some expansion and growth too and had occasionally done some big pussy / pumped art work. Not too bad.

I also know that there are a few comics he’s done with big pussies inside. Think ‘days of random’ was one and I’m sure there’s more, so maybe worth tracking down if you want to support the artist.

Adding a few big pussy images I’ve found that maybe of interest. As there’s been no replies can’t pass a website link as not sure its manned anymore, but if you web search his name you maybe able to find his site, hopefully he’s still doing his thing and worth supporting if you can.


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