..:: Story – By Feld Raps ::..

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Our Friend Feld Raps wrote us a story… It’s really good! You know how it is, you take your wife, girlfriend or whatever out for a nice relaxing evening and there’s a bunch of screaming kids at the next table. In our case we were eating on the terrace outside and at the next table were half a dozen men having a good time. The problem was their good time bled over into our good time. Besides loud they kept staring at Sara and making rude comments. Now I can’t blame them for staring for Sara is slim with full breasts, silky hair, style, and an aura that screams sex. Perhaps I misjudged them for as we were about to leave one of them came over with a couple of drinks and apologies for their behaviour. We thanked them, had the drinks, and left. When we got to the parking lot I was feeling a little woozy. I didn’t think I had that much to drink but thought that maybe Sara should drive. It was a very strange sensation, for when I turned to talk to Sara she wasn’t next to me and I seemed to be moving in slow motion. I saw her behind me, surrounded by the men from the table next to us, and when I started over there I wasn’t sure if I was moving. I could see and hear them, I just wasn’t moving. I felt fine, in fact pretty good, but it was as if my legs were not listening to my brain, I just stood there looking at them feeling slightly puzzled perhaps, but that was about all. I watched as they escorted Sara to a van, then two of them came over to me and at their suggestion I willingly followed them and climbed into the vehicle with them. We were all talking comfortably, they seemed like good people, my body seemed to be working fine, but it seemed that I just wasn’t completely sure it was me. It was almost as if I was viewing a movie, but that I could talk to the actors and walk into the scenes. After a drive of some duration we arrived at a nice looking home, strolled in and were led to a large recreation area, very pleasant, very friendly. We sat down and one of the men leaned forward and explained things to us. Apparently they were going to have a party with Sara and that I would watch and enjoy. This sounded fine with me and Sara seemed to like the idea. As I settled back into my chair slow seductive music with a strong back beat filled the room. Sara glided into the center of the room, swaying to the music. Now Sara is not a flashy dresser, she had on a simple light dress that reached to just below the knees, but it draped beautifully over her full breasts, clinging across her waist to drop over her hips. She does have a touch of the exhibitionist about her, is very enthusiastic about sex and is a bit of a size queen. As she undulated across the floor she was sex personified. She exuded a sheer raw sexuality that could be felt, that drew you to her to the exclusion of everything else. It was her and the music and a palpable lust that almost pressed you back in the chair. I was instantly aroused by her dance. The skirt of her dress flicked back and forth as her hips ground out the slow beat, the restricted sway of her breasts stretching out the fabric only to bob back into position with her next movement. Her hands carressed her body, sliding sensually up her sides, stroking over her chest to plunge down across her stomach, briefly molding her dress between her legs. Her head was thrown back, her mouth open as the music grabbed her, directing her movements, drawing her hands up to cup her heavy breasts, lifting them, offering them to her audience. She was lost in the music, enjoying her own performance as she drew up the hem of the dress, exposing her legs briefly then releasing her skirt to float back down. Her hands were drawn more frequently to between her legs, pausing there now to give a slight caress before lifting her dress or returning to the stroking of her breasts. The front of her dress was wrinkled and damp where she had pressed it into her crotch. Noting how aroused she was only spurred me on. Mentally I was ready to rip off my clothes and fuck her, but physically I could do nothing, my body refusing to obey its commands. My arousal continued to grow as once again she lifted her dress, this time lifting it higher until her pubic mound was exposed, holding it bunched around her waist, letting us drink in the view of her damp panties. Her hips rolled with the music, thrusting out with the beat, we could see that the material of her brief panties had split the lips of her pussy and they were protruding from either side of the buried fabric. She twirled, exposing her ass to our panting gaze, bending at the waist to give a brief glimpse of her panties buried in her ass cleft. My body was responding involuntairily, I was growing harder, but I had no control over my actions. Sara lifted the dress over her head and tossed it aside, still rocking her hips but now thrusting her ass at us, bending deeply, her hair spilling over her head, glancing at us between her spread legs. Her dance was of pure sex and sensuality. It was an all encompassing atmosphere of lust that wrapped us in desire and want. She seemed to control us with her movements as we followed each motion with hungry eyes, begging her to allow us to take her. She spun around as the tempo of the music increased, letting us see her bra encased breasts, the mounds of her full bosom bouncing inside their cups, threatening to spill out. Grasping her panties above each hip she slowly pulled up on the sides, grinding her hips as she pulled the fabric tighter into her vulva, exposing more of her pussy. Her body moving faster in its fluid motions as the beat speeded up, stretching her panties to the breaking point as she worked them hard against her vagina, her breasts jumping inside their restriction, her nipples making brief appearances as her boobs shook. My focus was broken when I noticed movement among the other men. Shirts were being unbuttoned, pants unzipped as the other men began to undress. I was puzzled why I couldn’t join them, but not really concerned, it was just not something that I was allowed to control. Sara was cupping her breasts through her bra, the tops of her dark auroles exposed, the nipples peeking out as she again offered them to the watching men. Her dance had lost some of its abandon as she was now aware of the men as they undressed. Her focus was more direct, she was dancing for them, no longer dancing to express the lust she alone was feeling inside herself. I realized with a start that she, unlike me, had control over her actions, that she was doing this not because she had no choice, but because she wanted to. Apparently whatever drug had been placed in our drinks, I had received a much stronger dosage. As the men finished undressing, remaining standing after sliding off their clothes, she removed her bra, letting it drop away as her hands covered her heavy hanging breasts, the erect nipples peeping between her fingers. She would mash her breasts into her chest, then lifting and holding them out, releasing them to sway under their own weight. She began to dance closer to the men, her eyes lighting on each one as she took inventory of the gifts she was about to receive. Most of the men were of average build, hung between six to seven inches. Two however were extraordinary. One guy, with jet black hair, had an incredible cock. It was bobbing heavily, struggling to grow erect against its thick weight, arcing out from his abdomen about 14 inches, lowering to nearly touch his knee, then its two and a half inch width slowly rising as he moved. It was a parody of a normal cock, thick veins extending down its length, visibly pumping blood to the great head, throbbing with energy, a bull of a cock that was going to penetrate where ever it wanted. The other cock was even more unusual, hanging straight down, well past the knees, it had a smallish head, not much larger than an ordinary cock, but growing wider as it rose until it became a huge trunk four inches across. The weight was such that the skin on either side of his cock stretched as it pulled his flesh down. I watched transfixed as it continued to fill with blood, stuggling against gravity and his seemingly puny body as it inched its way up from the vertical, moving in small incremental twitchs as his heart pumped blood. It slowly filled, becoming more erect. Sara was totally absorbed by these two monsters. Unconsciously she slid her panties off, unaware of her hand stroking herself between her legs as her eyes darted back and forth between the two, her face indicating her disbelief. She continued to move with the music without realizing it, her previously graceful and sensual movements now a more awkward, jerking shuffle as she stroked herself, drawn inexorably towards these men who were going to violate her. I was frightened of anybodys ability to take either of these two monsters, but Sara’s face, body, movements, only reflected her lust, her desire to feel these great tools inside her. The other men had gathered around her, fondling her, running their hands over her body, fingers penetrating her. One man bent her over as she stood in front of the two giants, she reached out and grasped one in each hand, her fingers not even close to encircling them. The man behind her, pushing her over, slid his cock into her dripping pussy, she didn’t even notice. She brought both of these cocks to her face, rubbing herself against them, mashing them into her face, rubbing herself back and forth against them, burying herself between them. Her face was being jerked and scraped against the two dicks as the man behind her pumped into her cunt. Another man lay down between her legs as the guy entering her from the rear withdrew, his cock shiny and dripping with her juices. She was pressed to her knees, straddling the man stretched out, lowering herself onto his stiff cock, the one that had been fucking her dropping to his knees behind her, entering her anus. She still seemed to be unaware that she was now being fucked in both holes, she could only bury her face in the great dicks she couldn’t release, rubbing herself uncontrollably against them. She would try and take one in her mouth occasionally but they were to wide to fit inside. The best she could do was to flick her tongue against the heads. The two men fucking her came without her realizing it, their cum dripping from her after they withdrew, drops of thick white cum mixing with her thinner juices. They were replaced by the other two men taking up the same positions. The two that had just cum stood next to her and forced her face away from the two giant cocks, cleaning themselves inside her mouth. As she cleaned them she held tight to her two treasures, hugging them and massaging her boobs with them. Sucking voraciously on the two spent cocks, she made soft mewing sounds as her arousal spiraled upwards. Clearly she viewed the four average cocks as mere play things, something to be tolerated until the real thing was ready. I watched as she was bucked by the two driving cocks in her, oblivious to their penetrations, centered once again on the two monsters that were her existence. She had dismissed the two she had been cleaning as a pair of trifles only to be tolerated as she drew the other two close to her. One was draped over shoulder as she held the other in both hands rubbing it over her face, tongueing it and trying to mouth it until her saliva was dripping off the head. She was barely able to wait now, her need more insistent wanting to feel one of the giant cocks penetrating inside, nosing her insides apart as it split her. She was returning the thrusting of the two cocks in her, anxious to get them off, to be rid of them so she could start to feed her craving for being massively penetrated. She urged the two men on until they spent in her. She jerked herself off them, trying to push their wet bodies away so she could have her way. The two remaining men picked her up and laid her down on a narrow padded bench, my eyes swiveling to watch her. Her wide spread legs were facing me, her dripping pussy winking at me. I was enthralled by this scene, to see this person I regarded as my woman being taken by others, my only concern was my inability to participate. Sara was begging greedily to be fucked. She reached out and grabbed the 14 inch cock, thicker now that it was fully erect, unbelievably jutting almost straight out from his crotch. She pulled him over as he straddled the bench, guiding him to her wet vagina. It was an highly erotic site, yet strange also, I knew this cock was there, I could see it, but it was so enormous, so other wordly that it was difficult to accept. Its massive head covered virtually her entire pussy, even her previously splayed lips were hidden. It was wierd to see how far he stood above the bench, yet his cock easily spanned the distance down to her pussy. I could see her fingers grabbing at the cock, the fingernails rimmed in white by the intensity of her grip so frantic was she in getting it inside herself. Sara was goading him on through clenched teeth, wanting him to fuck her, to force himself inside. He succumbed to her demands pushing himself forward and down. Incredibly I could see even this thick of a cock bending slightly at the resistance of her vagina. She tried moving it around her opening, searching for the right angle, growling at him to push it in. Suddenly she stopped and I could see that she began to spread open before him. He hadn’t actually started to penetrate her, he was just pushing her slick outer lips inside her, but it was some sort of progress. He kept pushing against her as she held her breath………….her pussy lips popped out around the head that bulldozed into her………….parting her……….forcing its way in. We all froze watching its progress, the only motion that of the black haired man as he pressed on. The head was in. I could see her lips stretched around it, gripping it tightly, whitened in tension, to tight to let her juice or the sperm of the others out. Sara was the first to regain her breath, the rest of us just watching. She began to moan, building in volume and frequency until her sounds were more a continuous grunt. When her orgasm hit she was scrabbling at her breasts, pulling on her nipples, stretching them in her lust, her legs jerking in response to her contractions, moaning in release. You could almost feel her cunt fluttering, but anything visual was hidden by the continued inward thrust of that enormous cock. She probably had at least half of the cock in her and my view was blocked at this point but I could see the movement of the guy as he slowly pressed on. He just ignored Sara orgasm and she was unable to relax after it subsided, consumed by his advance, opened wider than she had ever been. Her legs were making kicking, reaching out motions as she humped against him, trying to work him in deeper. She was taking a cunt splitting cock and she wanted more, unable to get it in fast enough. He was now two thirds of the way in and began to pump it in and out instead of just pushing it in. Sara was humping faster now, breathing hard, then stopping, frozen, only to begin again. I could see the side of her face, twisted in lust, shocked at the depths he was reaching, at the width of his cock, grimacing as he battered her inside, but above all, excitement was written across her face. I can’t tell you where the cock was going, I couldn’t ask her, all I know was that he was buried all the way inside her. Her pussy was loosening a little, now making sounds as he plunged in and out, allowing little spurts of her juice to come out. He was taking long hard strokes, crashing against her clit every time he bottomed out. She was building towards another orgasm, trying to sit up and forward, desperately trying to see what she could feel. Trying to believe that she was accomodating that cock. Her hands were trying to grab his hips and pull him deeper and harder, screaming at him over and over to fuck her harder……….. to FUCK ME……..FUCK ME……..she came again, rocking and shaking, his fucking frantic now as he plowed through her orgasm, uncaring about her, only wanting to get off himself. He came with a roar, his ass cheeks flexing time and again, pumping his huge load deeply inside her, grunting with each shot. As he finished he jerked his three inch thick cock out of her. Momentairily her pussy gaped open the width of his cock, then opened and closed with each pulse of her still spasming cunt, ejecting a river of their mixed spendings. The man with the other huge cock leapt to take his place. He had been running his hands up and down its length bringing it to full erection. It was massively hard, nearly two feet long, but even with a diameter of over four inches at the base it was not stout enough to stay upright by itself. It sprouted out from his belly almost horizontally to then begin a long downward arc until the head was pointing down nearly vertically. Sara grabbed it as he stepped over her. You could truly see the size as she held the base, the head extending to her shoulder. It appeared that he was getting into the same position as the previous guy but instead two men picked her up off the bench and he laid down. For a moment his cock flopped free before he scooped it up, it almost reached over his thigh to touch the floor. Then he held it vertical while the others suspended her over the head. It was an awesome sight to see her legs dangling, her ankles alongside his body, the head of his cock just entering her vagina. She was facing me, held by her upper arms, her head bowed trying to see his cock. They lowered her down as she easily gobbled up the first ten inches or so, approaching the thickness and depth of the other cock. Her legs started to twitch, her head jerking up as the penetration became serious, her feet still not touching the floor. There was little she could do as her descent continued. She was gasping, the discomfort evident in her face as a foot of cock was inside, the head pressing against her cervix. I could tell his cock was bowing out by the bulge in her belly shifting as it moved inside her, bending, unable to pass into her uterus. Another inch in, strain on her face, her stomach pushed out when her cervix yielded to the pressure. Sara gasped more loudly, then slid into a long moan as his cock rushed up deep inside her. Her toes were finally able to touch the floor, then she was able to sink her feet down, planted firmly, all but six inches inside her. They released her as she took her weight, watching to see what she would do. She did not disappoint them, or me, or herself. Groaning, her face a mask of lust and effort, she tentatively sank down further, just a little, a small experiment, testing her reactions. She then lifted up, then back down, faster, advancing just slightly each time she went down. Her arms went out for balance, her legs shaky. She tried to lean forward to brace herself against his lower legs, but she was filled to deeply. I watched her breasts swinging forward and back with her movements, the concentration on her face, straightening up, realizing that she would have to support herself on her wobbly legs. Taking a deep breath, resolving to get the remaining inches of that huge cock inside her, she braced herself, ready to start back down. It wasn’t just the depth that was the problem, she was being stretched further than she had previously. I couldn’t see everything but I could see her pussy stretched open to an unbelievable extent, her outer lips mashed tightly against her thighs, her clit hard, shining, reflecting her lust. Her legs visibly trembling with the strain, her entire body shaking with excitement, she gathered herself for the final push when her legs gave out. Her body dropped heavily on top of him as her eyes popped open in shock, her breath forced out of her. She tried to raise up but one of the men held her down, keeping two feet of cock buried deep inside, her pussy stretched around four and a half inches of thick cock, 14 inches in circumference. I visually tried to imagine how big around that was and couldn’t, I could only imagine how difficult it was for her to take it. Just the thought of two feet of cock inside of her was amazing, almost as amazing as the look of wanton lust on her face as she squirmed to adjust to the fullness inside. She began to rock her hips in an attempt to grind her clit against his leg, but couldn’t move that far. Lifting herself against the man holding her she was able to start sliding up and down, fucking herself on his cock, moaning, her hands braced against her thighs, her boobs flying. The man had his hands around her waist, helping her to bounce up and down, his hard short breaths beginning to drown out Sara’s moans. Some of the men grabbed her when her orgasm hit, preventing her from collapsing. I swear I could see her stomach expanding from the volume of sperm pumped inside her. There was no mistaking though the clasping of her pussy as it spasmed around the base of his cock. They began to haul her off him before she had finished cumming, his cocksliding out of her in a long continuous motion that seemed to go on forever. The load inside her was flowing out even before the last six inches of cock dropped out. I was only able to get a quick glimpse of her gaping cunt before she was pulled aside, the man rolled off the bench and the big black haired man with the 14 inch cock laid down. His dick was hard, the purple head full of blood, waiting to victimize her again. Without giving her time to recover she was set down on his cock, easily taking it. He reached up to pull her down to him, his tongue searching for her mouth, forcing it inside. I seemed to sense that I was beginning to have some control of my body, I wasn’t sure yet, just a distant feeling. I concentrated on trying to move, and after a few minutes realized that I was gaining some control. The drug was wearing off, I was able to struggle to my feet. Noone paid any attention to me as I took a few faltering steps, all attention focused on Sara and the fucking she was about to receive. Sara was rolling her hips on the stomach of the man she was impaled on, getting all of his cock in her, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock. She had been in throes of an orgasm a moment before and already she was trying for another one. The man with the two foot cock approached her from behind, his dick seemingly unaffected by his recent cum, still a monstrous red pole arcing out from his body, anchored between his legs by that huge girth, tapering to an almost normal sized head. He held his cock in both hands, advancing towards her as if he were holding a battering ram prior to smashing in a locked door. Juices still draining out of Sara, flowing between the legs of the man she was riding, dripping onto the floor as it flowed out over the bench. I had moved up to watch the two of them fuck when her head snapped up in shock as the second massive cock was forced into her stretched pussy. She paused there, stunned for a brief moment, her mind trying to understand what her body was experiencing. Then her sexual craving took over. She uttered a low moan before collapsing on to the man below her, rubbing her tits into his chest, squirming against him, trying for all the sensual feelings she could accept. I could see the movements of the man straddling the bench as he tried to work deeper into her. The effort he was making plainly evident by the strain on his features. He was advancing into her, but not without seriously pushing against her stretched pussy. I tottered back to watch, the control of my movements growing rapidly. I was amazed to see that he was a good eight inches inside her, her vagina had to be stretched out close to six inches, yet she was rocking back and forth, fucking herself on those two massive cocks, her movements growing more violent as she rammed them into her cunt. The guy on top was now just putting pressure on her, letting her movements stroke his cock as he fed it into her. I watched in disbelief as he advanced into her, bending his knees, sinking closer to her as his penetration continued. I couldn’t see Sara’s face to read her expression but judging from her moaning and breathing she was incredibly turned on. She had over two feet of cock in her, the man on top had to be entering her womb by now and her movements were growing more frantic. I could hear her grunt between her moans, reacting every time she rammed herself down. He was now buried inside her to all but the last six inches. Sara was now pumping harder than ever. She was supporting herself on her outstretched arms, her boobs flapping, her head bent back exposing her stretched neck, one of the other watchers feeding his cock to her, her mouth buried in his pubic hair. He was fucking her mouth in sync with her rocking on the two cocks inside her. I now had full control, feeling no after effects of what ever had paralyzed me, and stripped my clothes off, finally able to stroke my own cock. The cock in Sara’s mouth began to spurt and as he came he pulled out of her, spraying her face. She lowered her head and began to force herself even harder on the two cocks. Her pussy stretched obscenely, wrapped tightly around them, her anus pushed up close to her back, her body desperately trying to accommodate the two gigantic cocks. The second cock was buried as deeply as it could go and the men were holding on as she rode them violently, her breath coming quicker, in short sharp gasps as she neared another orgasm. I reached under to massage her belly, feeling the fullness in her, the two cocks apparent to my touch through her flesh as they slid back and forth under my hand. Her head was pulled back by her hair as another cock was thrust into her mouth, the cum on her face smeared across her features as the man mouth fucking her pressed her head against him. She was once again racked by an orgasm as the three cocks pummeled her. Her body was being tossed in all directions as they fucked, ignoring her convulsions, uncaring that she was riding the crest of an orgasm, unmindful that she could barely breathe around the cock in her throat. I could feel the waves of ecstasy rolling across her stomach, traveling down the huge cocks buried in her as she came. She continued to throw herself down even as she came, lost in her frenzy. All she knew was to try and open herself more, to have her body stretched beyond human possibilities, to feel her guts churning, her organs battered internally by the invading cocks. The man in her mouth came, shooting down her throat, denying her the taste of his spendings. The cocks inside her shot almost simultaneously, filling her with vast quantities, her belly expanding under my hand with the volume of cum. I could no longer feel the huge bulge created by the massive intrusions as more and more cum was pumped into her belly. Where once her stomach had been above the man under her as she supported herself with her arms, it now pressed hard against him as she swelled. Her muscles were slack, weakened from her own massive orgasms, she draped over the man under her, tossed around as they shook through their releases. As she bounced around I could see her swollen belly squeezed out the sides when she would slam down. The man on top withdrew, his cock making that long journey from inside her, his great cock flagging this time, reflecting the efforts of his second rapid orgasm as it hung straight down, flopping between his legs, extending well below his knees. Sara was pulled off the other man, two men lifting her up until she was held spread eagled, her back parallel to the floor. I could see up inside her vagina, a gaping hole with a torrent of sperm pouring out of her. As the flow began to subside the opening into her womb was exposed, stretched open, a trickle of cum emptying out of her uterus, flowing through her vagina and out the massive hole. It was like looking into a river carved cave, complete with its own small waterfall where the cum passed through her cervix to drop down into her vagina. Xx dangled from their arms, limp, exhausted, her pussy deformed from the seven plus inch oval hole made by the two cocks, her cunt muscles too stretched and tired to close. I wanted to stick my head up her, to drink in her flowing juices. Her vaginal walls pulsed with the remainder of her orgasm, glistening, red from the heat burning inside. It was a different entity, apart from her, an organ that seemed to exist for itself, a gaping hole that needed constant filling. One of the men had laid on the bench, one leg draped over the side, the other upright, his heel tight against his butt. He motioned for the two men holding Sara to set her on his knee. They turned her upright letting her legs dangle and carried her into position, setting her on the upturned knee. She needed to be supported, unable to react, unaware of what was being done to her. As she was set on the knee her vaginal lips spread around it, her dangling legs forced apart by the mans leg. As her weight was taken on to the knee, the two men gripped her just tight enough to keep her from toppling over. My eyes saw, but did not believe, as she started to slide down over the mans knee, his thigh and shin beginning to enter her. Her pussy opening, blossoming into life with this new treat, welcoming the challenge. Her legs, limp and hanging, were being spread wide, as was her pussy. Seeing her legs forced farther apart gave greater evidence to the extend she was being stretched. He had penetrated her probably three inches when her descent slowed, then stopped. Her eyes opened, she became aware of her surroundings, her body reacted to the intrusion, she began to moan. It took me a minute to realize that she was saying ……nnnnooooooo…… in long drawn out breaths. Apparently she had enough, but the men working her over had not. Taking a tighter hold on her they began to work her up and down, incrementally gaining a little penetration each time they dropped her back down. Her pussy lips, rolling in and out as they stretched over his leg, were tight as steel bands. I would have thought she had been stretched enough before to take even this, but when I rapped my hands around my own doubled up leg, my fingers not coming close to meeting, I realized how awesome this was. Surely she couldn’t take anymore. Over and over they jacked her, four inches deep………..approaching five inches………now over five inches………her vaginal ring stretching, her pussy lips spreading, stretching, her cunt splayed over his knee, engulfing his legs. Her moans of protest were now moans of encouragement, deep seated utterances from the pit of her soul, proof of the depths of her lust. She had to burst open, nobody could take this, but instead her vagina kept spreading. Over six inches inside her, now seven inches, now eight inches and on she sank. Was this accepting something 12 inches wide? Was she taking a huge dildo made of a human leg over a yard in circumference? I was watching it but my mind couldn’t accept it. A slightly louder grunt from her when he held his rigid cock against his thigh and her dimensionless pussy aborbed that. It was not a big cock, but surely any additional width had to have an effect. Her clit was about to be dragged inside her pussy, her anus was being sucked in, her cunt a huge vacuum. This unreal scene took on one more staggering dimension when I watched her asshole disappear inside of her. It just sort of rolled under itself as more of her body was dragged in. His knee visible in the bulge that crept up her abdominal walls, distorting her body even further. As her clit was sucked inside her, now scraping against his leg, she exploded in orgasm, her head back, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked in air then expelled it, lost in her erotic bliss. Her juice was pouring from her cunt through any escape path, lubricating her descent, flooding across the bench to puddle across the floor. The spasming pussy, the alternately contracting and relaxing vaginal muscles, aided her acceptance of his leg, her rate of descent increased. She continued to slide down while she climaxed. She was firmly impaled on his leg, long ago any support from the men was unneeded and her body swayed slightly in a circle as she slid down. We watched her, unbelieving, as she continued down, her breathing coming in shallow gulps, her lungs compressed by the mass inside her. She could not stop climaxing, the stimulation too intense, the waves of ecstasy visible even in her limp thighs as her flesh rolled with the erotic surges passing through her body. She had been penetrated a foot deep and even her continuous orgasm didn’t ease her descent now, not enough to make up for the increasing width she was taking. Her progress slowed, but not stopped. We were all masturbating as we watched, occasionally shooting our loads onto her, never ceasing our pumping. She was approaching bottom, only a few more inches to go. The distance between the top of her cunt and the bottom was well over a foot. She should have been ripped in half. I was unsure if she was conscious at this point, but it didn’t matter to her body, her orgasm unceasing, must have gone on for twenty minutes. I saw her eyes flicker open briefly and I gazed at her soul, the meaning of her life clearly visible. She was conscious, conscious of her incredible feat, conscious that this was what her life was about. Her life was the opening of her vagina until all things filled her, stretched her open. Until she sucked in her surrounding environment. Her ass cheeks were literally smaller now as her they were being drawn inside, her once thick bush was now a small fringe of pubic hair peeping ouside of her vagina, most of her bush was now part of her cunt. Finally the remnants of her buttocks came to rest on his hip, she was done, having taken as much as she could, a great portion of her body sucked inside herself, leaving a vast open hole crammed with human flesh. She sat there, her arms wrapped around herself, embracing the doubled up leg inside her body, finished, motionless except for the waves of her orgasm washing over her. Then her legs stirred, stiffened, as she tried to lift herself up. Long soulful groans, deep visceral moans emanating, she rose, higher, then faster. Her ass cheeks coming back into view, her anus unrolling back outside, her pubic hair reappearing, a foot of his leg exposed. Then she dropped back down. Back up again, faster this time, then down. She was fucking herself on his leg. It wasn’t possible, but she was doing it. Her insatiable cravings driving her on. I couldn’t remember when she wasn’t in orgasm, what did she want? What was driving her on? She wanted more. The expressions on her face alternated between ecstasy and anguish, reflecting her struggle between accepting the stretching she was undergoing and satisfying her lust. It was awesome, watching the parts of her body sucked inside her on the downstroke, unfolding from within her on the upstrokes. Over and over she fucked herself. She was right, there was more. I can’t say she exploded in orgasm as she had never stopped cumming, but she certainly advanced to a higher level. I found out later for myself what she experienced, but at this time I couldn’t comprehend it. I just know that she went somewhere I had never experienced. She seemed to grow larger, the energy created by her new climax could be felt, it seemed as if cum would burst from her entire body. She had stopped her fucking motions, frozen in position, rooted by the leg inside her ……….. and just climaxed ………… endlessly. We watched her, stroking our cocks, covering her with thicker layers of our sperm while her body experienced the uninterrupted succession of orgasms. I think most of the men came on her an additional two or three times as she hung there anchored on his leg, absorbing her energy, just staring at her, unable to accept it.


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