..:: Story – Kelly 01::..

Another short story here by the lovely Kimmy (kimmy9823@yahoo.com) – I’ve done a little bit of quick art to go with it (and maybe future Kelly?!) and I’ll add that at the bottom of the post. Otherwise enjoy this extreme story!

Kelly squeezed the hand pump that was attached to a tube coming out of her wet little pussy.  She laid back and closed her eyes and she kept squeezing it while her other hand roamed up her stomach to grope at her own perky c-cup breasts.  She squeezed the creamy smooth skin of her tit as she pumped a few more times, hearing the air get sucked into the pump to replace the air that had been forced down the tube and into her pussy.  She spread her toned legs open and her vagina soon followed suit, opening it’s folds to reveal the end of the tube, attached to a black hunk of latex.  She leaned up to watch her pussy as she gave a few more pumps.

Her pussy was too small and tight to keep it in any longer, and her labia spread wide around the black sphere as it slid out of her and fell between her thighs.  Kelly laughed a bit to herself, giddy and high off her own lust as she picked up the black latex sphere and felt it’s girth.  It was a little smaller in diameter than a can of soda, and was the widest thing that had ever been inside her tight young pussy.

Kelly had been looking for lingerie on an online adult shop, and while looking through the clearance section, she had spotted this inflatable latex balloon.  It was only a couple bucks, and she had never even had a dildo before, so buying it was a naughty thrill for her.  Even though she was living on her own, it felt wrong to order this sex toy, and she felt like everyone in the neighborhood saw the plain brown box and knew what was inside.  Despite her perceived embarrassment, or perhaps because of it, she was excited to try out the toy.

Along with the balloon, the online store had included a fairly large bottle of lube as well, which must have also been on clearance.  The front of the bottle proudly proclaimed “makes the largest man an easy pleasure to enjoy.”  It must have been one of those things that had a mild pain reliever to make large cocks not hurt as much going in.

Kelly rolled over to the side of the bed and poured herself another glass of wine, finishing off the bottle.  She got up to get another bottle, but then looked back at the balloon.  Still thinking someone might catch her being such a horny girl, she glanced around before reversing the pump and deflating it a bit, then popped it back inside her pussy.  She walked into the kitchen naked with the tube and pump dangling from her pussy between her legs.

Sliding her hand down to rub at her clit gently, she felt so dirty walking around like this, but it was so exciting too.  She leaned down to grab the dangling pump and gave it a few squeezes, feeling the slight pressure inside her pussy.  Her face was blushing with a combination of lust and of numbness from all the liquor she had drank.  She kept pumping until her pussy just started to hurt a bit from stretching wider than it ever had before, but the pain only lasted a moment as her pussy couldn’t hold the balloon anymore and was forced out with an audibly wet “pop!”  The balloon fell between her legs, now just wider than a can of soda.

Kelly rubbed at her pussy, sliding her fingers down the inside of her blossoming inner labia. She grabbed a bottle of vodka instead of more wine, wanting to continue to feel as good as possible tonight.  Popping the top off, she tipped the bottle up and drank straight from it until her throat burned.  Carrying the bottle and the balloon with her, she headed back into her bedroom and flopped back on top of her sheets.

Feeling slightly delirious, she took another long swig of vodka before pushing it on the end table, knocking over the empty wine bottle with a clatter.  She sat forward, seeming to have trouble keeping her head level with all the alcohol in her system, but managed to grab the bottle of lube and unscrew the cap.  She was beyond the point of caring about making a mess, so she just shoved the small tip of the bottle into her pussy and squeezed, pumping her small young pussy full of the warm slippery lube.  This alone felt so good that she pulled her legs up to keep as much of the lube inside her as she could and gave the bottle another long squeeze, dumping half the bottle of lube inside her, much of which spilt back out onto the sheets because her small pussy couldn’t hold it all.

She grabbed the balloon, reversing the pump again to get it to a size that would fit, and slid it back in her now sloppy pussy, slick with lube.  She pumped quickly now, wanting to feel that fullness inside her.  The balloon grew quickly, but popped out almost as fast with the aid of the slippery lube.  A little frustrated, she slid it back in and rolled over on her side to keep her legs together so it wouldn’t pop out so fast.  She pumped over and over.  Still not feeling full, she kept on pumping.

Something must’ve gone wrong with the pump because it didn’t feel like it was inflating.  She turned over on her back again to see what was wrong, but when she opened her legs a huge black ball popped out of her pussy, the size of a softball.  She stared wide-eyed at the large black latex balloon, shining from being covered in lube.  Had that really just been inside her?  She found herself furiously rubbing at her clit as she stared at the latex balloon, so turned on by the thought of that of her being such a slut as to have that big black thing filling her.

Rubbing her clit wasn’t bringing her to orgasm though.  She must’ve been numb from the alcohol she thought, as she leaned over to grab the lube bottle again.  Her fingers, slick with the lube fumbled on the bottle.  She couldn’t quite figure out how to grasp it, ending up squeezing it too hard and spraying a little out the top.  As she moved it down to her pussy, something on the bottle caught her eye: “WARNING: Do not consume alcohol while using this product.  Temporary, but severe numbing and muscle relaxation can occur.”

Oh, that must be why her hand felt numb and she couldn’t feel her clit enough to reach orgasm.  But she was still so fucking horny….. She looked at the black balloon.  “Fuck it,” she said with a drunken slur aloud to no one, as she pushed the bottle back into her pussy.  More than just the neck slid in this time, going in halfway up the label.  She gave it another long squeeze, pushing a thick stream of lube deep into her pussy.  Kelly shivered as something deep inside her tingled in a way she’d never felt before, but soon disappeared.  Unbeknownst to her, she had just squeezed a good amount of lube straight into her womb after her cervix had already relaxed and opened up inside her.

Pulling the bottle out, she fumbled with the latex balloon, managing to reverse the pump again to let all of the air out of it.  Opening her legs wide, her small pussy spread and gaped open the width of a finger or two, now numb and relaxed to where it won’t close again until the lube wears off.  She popped the deflated balloon into her open vagina with no resistance — she didn’t even feel it go in.  This frustrated her, but she felt that knowing it was in her was enough to make her happy; she didn’t have to feel it.

She fed the tube down into her pussy, wanting it as deep as possible so it wouldn’t pop right out again.  She slid the balloon right past her still relaxed, gaping open cervix and into her womb.  She couldn’t feel her hands, but she wiped the lube off on her sheets so it wouldn’t numb her anywhere else.  Her fingers felt floppy and unresponsive, but as she brought a hand to one of her modest breasts, she noticed that it felt like someone else was groping at her tits since she couldn’t feel her hand.  Excited again by this, she grabbed the pump and laid back with her legs wide open, feeling herself up while starting to pump the balloon.

In this position, she assumed the balloon would pop right out when it got too big like it had before.  She clumsily squeezed at the hand pump while squeezing her breast at the same time.  In Kelly’s drunken state, she soon forgot about the balloon since she couldn’t feel anything to do with it, and focused on the squeezing on her sensitive breasts.  Both her hands squeezed over and over, groping at her tits and squeezing the pump.  She closed her eyes and rolled her head to the side, losing track of time as she kept squeezing.

In her mind, she imagined a hunky man feeling her up while cuddling up next to her.  What a naughty girl she was for letting this person squeeze at her handful-sized breasts.  After some time thinking about this, she had a small orgasm from groping at her sensitive breasts.  She relaxed and laid back on the bed, coming down from the small orgasm, until she opened her eyes and noticed something sitting on her stomach and started to sit up.

No, wait.  That was her stomach.  The balloon in her womb had been inflating this whole time, kept inside by her relatively tighter cervix, growing and growing until her stomach was bizarrely stretched out until she looked pregnant.  No, not just pregnant, pregnant with twins, and ready to give birth.

Her drunken mind took a moment to process what she was seeing.  And then she panicked.  Kelly grabbed the hand pump and yanked hard at the tube, wanting this thing out of her.  She succeeded in pulling the tube out as it broke free from the balloon, but the latex monster was still inside her.  The reason this pump was on clearance was because of a defect where there was no way to release the air without reversing the pump and pumping the air back out, and now the tube had broken off.

She held the pump with the tube connected to nothing in her numb hands.  In her drunken state, she had no idea how to deal with this.  Her stomach was almost the size of a beach ball, and she didn’t know how to get the horrible latex balloon out of her.  She leaned forward, rolling her stomach into her lap and filling it.  She noticed the mirror to her left and turned to look at herself.  She wasn’t there to look back though, some woman with a terrifyingly large stomach was staring at her.

She started sobbing.  What had she done to herself?  She was an unnatural monster.  Her belly looked like it was ready to pop.

Quickly looking away from herself, she scooted off the bed and stood up, her weightless but massive belly bouncing around as she moved.  She quickly waddled over to her dresser to get a pocket mirror, pressing her belly against it as she fumbled through her makeup.  She dropped the mirror on the ground and bent over it.  Surely she could find a way to let the air out.  She had to press her belly and turn to the side to actually see the mirror over her distended stomach, but once she found the right spot, she couldn’t really figure out what she was looking at.

Ok, that’s her labia, but they’re stretched out in a round circle the size of a fist.  And inside the circle is still more flesh — the walls of her vaginal canal.  In the middle of this was a little ring of smooth skin — her cervix — spread open to reveal a tiny bit of the latex balloon inside her, which was right at the opening of her pussy, totally compressing her vaginal canal against her opening in an attempt to push out of her body.

She tried not to think about that, but instead focused on the bit of latex showing.  She saw the broken tube connection — she could try to let the air out there.  She reached over to grab the pump and fumbled with the tube, trying to push it against the connection.  She held the tube in place and reversed the pump, giving it a squeeze.  It worked!  She could hear some air get pulled out of the balloon.

It was a slow process as she knelt on the floor beside her bed, holding the tube against the balloon and pumping air out, but after a while, she was making noticeable progress.  Her belly was down to maybe a 7 month pregnant woman with a single child.  By now, some of the feeling had returned to her hand too, making it easier to hold the tube and pump.

…But along with this, feeling started returning to her pussy.  Not pain yet, but a feeling that something was horribly wrong inside her.  Her body was screaming at her, “No, no, whatever you’re doing to me, this is bad, get this out of me.”  She tried to remain calm as she kept slowly pumping the air out, but this was far too slow for her body, which started wanting to push this thing out.

Kelly tried to stop it, but by now it was automatic.  Her body thought it was deep in labor and was forcing her to bear down and push this monster out of her.  It was working.  As she held the tube in place, she could feel the balloon push forward against her pussy.  “Fuck fuck fuck.  It can’t come out this big, just fucking wait until it’s smaller.”   Her cervix hadn’t gotten any wider, but her labia were stretched further and further around the pink flesh of the inside of her pussy as her body demanded that she push.

She pumped as quickly as she could.  There was no time.  It had to get smaller.  She pressed her palm against the wet, soft flesh that was pressing its way out of her, trying to keep herself from turning inside out.  But it was no match for her body pushing from the inside.

Kelly looked down in horror at her stomach, which was a bit larger than a watermelon, frantically pumping air out and pushing her womb back against her pussy.  But it was happening.  This one moment would change her life forever.  Whatever was holding her womb in place tore away, allowing the balloon the freedom it needed to get pushed out of her pussy.  At the same moment, her labia stretched beyond recognition, every muscle making up the opening of her pussy ripping apart to allow the balloon out.  Through all this, her cervix held strong, keeping the balloon inside her womb.

She let out a horrible scream as her womb pushed its way out of her cunt, ripping her open as the fleshy pink watermelon quickly slid out of her with a loud wet slurping sound.  It felt like she was being sucked empty as her stomach collapsed back in, even caving in a bit with her reproductive organ now pushed outside of her body.  In a moment, what was once a fairly pregnant looking girl was now a very thin girl straddling a pink watermelon between her thighs.

Kelly leaned forward over her womb, trying to keep her composure as she continued to pump air out of the balloon as tears streamed down her cheeks.  She felt the fleshy pink horror deflate as she steadily squeezed away.  She kept pumping until finally, it was small enough to slip out of her cervix, leaving her prolapsed womb draped across the floor, falling a bit short of her knees.

She wrapped her hand around the pink sock, thick enough that her fingers couldn’t reach around it.  Her mind simply couldn’t process what had just happened to her as she felt this foreign object hanging from her broken pussy.

Slowly, she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror like she was in a trance.  Not only was this thick, pink, fleshy tail hanging over a foot out of her crotch and resting against her thighs, but her cunt hung loosely open even wider than the prolapse, looking as if it had absolutely no intention of trying to close up.  To say her pussy was ruined would be an understatement.  There was no way to fix this, no surgery to replace the destroyed opening.  She would have to live with this monstrous pussy for the rest of her life, forever labeled as the most disgusting whore ever by anyone who saw it.  What was a tight, beautiful little pussy earlier that night was now a cunt so ruined that no one could possibly use it for its original purpose.

In a daze, she reached down to grab her prolapse, folding it up against her stomach to hold it and slowly stroke it.  It felt soft and wet, and strangely a little good.  Kelly resolved that she would just have to learn to love her new soft, strokable, pink sock.  She crawled into bed, quickly passing out as she hugged the warm meat against her belly.


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