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Hay people – Have to confess I’m a little behind getting some content to you that was planned, had a bit of a lazy few days, so content from me at least is going to be a little behind. Regardless I have three things to note while I’m here…

First –  is the poll, some have seen it in the nav bar on the side – if you’d vote please, curious to hear what people thing as always!

Captions - Some images have them, do you like to read them?

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Second – is that a quick one to highlight a girl I spotted a little back called ‘Raisahot4u’, shes a Russian (?) girl who I’ve found a few videos and it well… it takes seeing to believe just how easy she just… double fists herself and some really rather increadable material. Serious stuff, its a bit mind blowing – go look for this one! I’m serious, this girl…. I think new boundaries will be set by her if not already, and I’m hard to impress!

Last – one is another call for others to lend a hand. As the poll says captions are in my works here and there, and though I’m still plenty of ideas, I think its obvious when you actually have another person write these things, plus I’m sure many are far more finesse and skill then I. So if you’d like to offer a little time to help do some captions and stuff then drop me and email, I’m sure appreciate any help you can offer –  email@igapes.com



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