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Gathered Research on the transformation known
as the Hybris Infection, sexually transmitted disease.

In a Nutshell, What is the Hybris Infection? – The great Hybris infection was the point when critical control over hybris and the females exposed to it was lost, and the world started changing into a more lawless and sexually bizarre landscape.

Throughout the history of Hybris modifications there have always been a rare few with the ability to use their juices and enlarged organs to change others, but after years and years of Hybris evolution, further stages of transformation allowed for sexual mutations to be spread far and wide by the potency of the evolving hybris.

The Hybris infection is the name of what is in essence a very aggressive STD or virus form of hybris. Over the generations of continually changing females, these gapers have become bigger and larger from a greater tolerance to hybris, their bodies evolving to adapt to it.

But equally, hybris has been adapting to us, evolving with in its own way to become more effective and influential as well. It has taken a few years, but the transformation in such a short time is staggering.

Second hand hybris, the liquid inside iG gaper females, has also changed. Its pathogens are a  catalyst for evolution that has now reached a whole new level. The potency of second hand hybris can make an iG’s hybris as effective as the rich and pure cum of the hybris egg. This means that an increasing number of gapers become ‘infectious’ to pure, non-gaper females.

Another means of infection began long before this most recent evolutionary cycle. Throughout history, tales have been told of mutations of random girls able to change others; some wielding tendrils poisoned with a corrupting strain of hybris, some with a bizarre pussy-cave and other abnormalities have been passed down for generations. These mutations have been rare in actuality, but existing cases throughout history have been confirmed – all linked to an ability to wilfully infect other girls.

Relevance – When this virus became contagious and transmittable by malicious means, the world started to lose what little grip it had on any control of hybris. Though there where cases of rare gapers able to taint and change others before, the female population began to rapidly more or less changed to gapers faster with the appearance of the contagious viral hybris. In the east women were becoming contagious rapidly, and in the west the pure unchanged females actually become quickly endangered as time moved on.

Out of ControlAs time passed, bigger sizes became common place.  Sizes and growth scales once thought only of blessed and blooming women seem to be the standard for all in the future, the smaller or subtle sizes now becoming the rarer features in an iG lady.

The world holds on for longer than you might imagine, though the possibility of total sexual anarchy breaking out is a real possibility. Many just accept their giant cunts as part of their lives, barely remembering a time when it was anything other than the life they know now.

It is worth stressing that infectious hybris has been around during the earliest of days of gapers, but is a highly rare mutation to have.


The following section is information which is considered extra. It’s not essential to learn, much like the rest of the iG story and background, its fun but hopefully interesting. It recommended that if the above section has wetted your appetite that you use your own imagination to fill in the blanks beyond.

The extra information is for anybody curious about the great infection and its effects beyond the normal text – I’ve put it in a section below as I did not want to weigh the main information down with the extra bits of information. Still is there if you’re curious.



Speed of changes – Speed of transformation changes depending on each case. As a whole, even the slowest changing gaper will be able to change a pure female. The hybris will begin to wash and change her system while the aphrodisiac of the cum she produces and of others around her will ‘drive’ her to change. None but the strongest willed can resist.

Queen – The Mistress (Gape) – Linked to a corrupting hybris tainting cave. When some are implanted with hybris, select ones with similar and agreeable DNA in their bodies have a modified hybris seed inserted into their body. As she grows, her cum germinates and sprouts tendrils from her groin.

These tendrils appear the same as the ones of the corrupting cave and allow her pussy to latch, suckle and germinate other females into gapers. Some of these females want to change others, while others are more reserved, able to resist the call to change pure females.

Queen – Madam’s (Futa clit) – Females have changed and some generations of women who have a connection also seem to pass on their mutations ether through their children or through the hybris that may influence another in various ways.

One of the mutations is that of her clit, which some females have grown in a large protruding erection like shape, sticking out similar to a grossly oversized penis limb. Though this itself is nothing related to infection directly, the development of this clit has become more prominent to infection through its evolving designs.

Reaching the final stages of its development a ‘coring’ will occur within this clit and a shaft will emerge within the base of the clit, now able to shoot and release hybris like ejaculate from the end of her clit. Though similar to a penis, it is in fact completely female genitalia which has transformed into this design.

[This change method was added to appease the futa fans who want a way for some to be created]

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