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Gathered Research on the item known as the
Produced Genital(ia) Projection (P.G.P.)


In a Nutshell, What is a P.G.P.? – A PGP is a biotech iGAPES product which bonds to the crotch of the user to give them an instant gaping pussy as it transforms to become part of the female user. Created after generations to a world with hybris, this high technology device is far beyond the original possibilities of the hybris egg.

A’ P.G.P.’ (or just PGP for short) is an acronym for a product which is the next stage after the hybris egg changed women. Put simply this is the fusion of hybris from a hybris egg, science and man made engineering mixed together to make a highly effective, quick, and safe product. It is less mechanical and more biological; made from bio engineering science developments.

Better in every way than a hybris egg, it streamlines the entire process with no fuss or concern from the user. Seen as classy and desirable, the PGP’s represents a high tech and safe way for a female to transform. In speeding up the transformation process and removing some of the risk though human engineering, this popular product became an iconic milestone in changing females.

Within an hour this product of weird flesh becomes a part of her body, like an extension. It grows and blooms on her body and continues into something much like any other gaper-like growth.

Acronym – Known officially as a P.roduced G. enitalia P.rojection or a P.rimed G.enitalia P.rotuberance. It’s also known as a ‘P.re-G.rown P.ussy’ by many.

Origins – Originally created by the Yoshida-Fujii conglomerate, generations of painstaking labor went into refining and mastering the process of simplifying and expediting the ever demanding process off female gender transformation.

Launched in Japan and in the Asian territories, it quickly became a staple in Japanese life for females to transform. Released at a turning point of society, the rapidly produced PGP initially struggled to keep up with demand.

Appearance – The PGP is a circular flesh like orb with a curve removed from a corner of it.  The orb appears to be made of something similar to human flesh and eventually becomes such when the device is connected. Pre made, it has a slit down the front which is sealed together, but resembled a vaginal entrance.

Its concave corner has rows of extremely small and seemingly very fine ‘bumps’ where the female bonds her flesh to the PGP, for some ‘grip’. The flesh orb base is the height of a soda can.

Further modifications to the PGP’s design came later with a requested ‘dildo’ protrusion sitting atop of its design. This is even  superior to the original design as when inserted, this attachment ‘plugs’ her vagina and stays in place, but also is quicker to leak her fluids. The ’dildo’ part dissolves as the hybris deconstructs it as she gapes inside.  

Fusion Process – Unlike a hybris egg, getting a perfect gaped vagina is a snap with the PGP. It is perplexing how much is done so quickly and without any fuss. This is as simple as placing it and waiting.

Attaching the orb to her groin and keeping it in place for around ten seconds is enough for the PGP to merge with her body, sitting on her like it was glued in place. Then all she has to do is just wait a few days and a bursting ripe pussy will bloom with minimum complications.

The once remote object becomes a part of her. Mentally and physically she accepts it and soon the bloom attaches as part of her body.

Stock Control Issues – The trouble with the PGP actually being so well made and so well produced is that it is a target for thieves, and is often a popular way for women to be changed against their will. With factories producing them at such a high rate with limited oversight, many PGP’s wind up on the streets ready to be used in ways never intended.

The following section is information which is considered extra. It’s not essential to learn, much like the rest of the iG story and background, its fun but hopefully interesting. It recommended that if the above section has wetted your appetite that you use your own imagination to fill in the blanks beyond.

 The extra information is for anybody curious about the P.G.P. and effects it has beyond the normal text – I’ve put it in a section below as I did not want to weigh the main information down with the extra bits of information. Still is there if you’re curious.



‘Flesh Orbs’ Explained – this horridly close to real flesh orbs have 94% of the properties of flesh a human body has; the rest is essential hybris related integration. Grown with nervous and circulatory systems, veins for blood and features beyond make it as close to a ’human extension’ as science can make. It has yet to be given a name released to the public for fear of bad PR.

Inserting the Hybris – The hybris found inside the PGP is the same found inside the hybris eggs. Created in a complex and quick manor, female love cum (which dissolves the eggs to get the hybris, and at this point exists COPIOUS amount of it all over the place ^^) cover the eggs shell.

Quickly after the PGP orb is moulded around the egg it dissolves away, just leaving the hybris behind. PGP becomes the whole, and the hybris rests in its new manmade cocoon product. The whole process of bonding a PGP takes 8 seconds.

Nano Machines – Awaiting activation inside, these machines fuse, and hook up her body to this pussy like orb. Liquids, hormones, and blood within the female mix and flow into the orb, which then gains sensation and pleasure from the nano machines progress.

An example of its activation is the processing of her DNA in her blood. Hundreds of thousands of changes occur to sync with her body, the most obvious is that of her PGP’s colour. Changing and flooding the pigments inside the flesh orb within minutes the orb changes to match her colour and melds perfectly into her own skin, showing no obvious joint or seam.

Hybris Impregnation – While the nano machines work hard, the hybris goes about doing its usual changes to the body, though quicker and without disruption. The body grows the PGP with the help of the hybris influence and her body evolves at the same time.

Her congenital pussy, once trapped by the PGP soon becomes broken down and used as part of the flesh inside her new vagina. The PGP internally becomes shaped by the hybris environment into a cunt.

The Final Release – When the time is right, the membrane wall of the PGP at the slit like entrance becomes thin, it becomes itchy and painful. Many gapers then part, rip or plunge their fists into their cunt and watch as it opens her new cunt for the first time.

Health and safety – With their main job done the nano machines move into addressing any mutations or abnormalities. By stabilising and correcting any found in this early growth phase it so helps prevent mutations further into her life as an iG.

Fate of the Nano Machines – PGP’s change females and the final results appear just like other hybris transformations; undistinguishable from other transformation methods. The Nano machines ‘shut down’ and get washed out after three months; their job complete

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