Well… This could be interesting.

Greetings! This is not your usual night of theatre! Sius is nowhere to be seen so I, Penumbra Frog, shall be your host for this evening. By courteous invitation I have been asked to join the iGapes site as a regular contributor, hopefully the first of many, as this becomes more of a community run website.

My ego would love it if everybody knew me already but that’s probably not the case. I do many, many, many different kinds of photo-manipulations and morphs with varying success. Most common themes include huge insertions, bulges, gapes, inflation, tentacles, long tongues, unbirth (yes, that’s right) and a whole menagerie of other fetishes.  I enjoy my Jack of All Trades/Morphs/Fetishes approach and try to maintain it as best I can.

Since this is a gaping site though… You’ll probably only be seeing the insertion stuff (mainly anal) with a few unbirths thrown in for good measure. I’ll probably advertise some of my other works too for variation but only as an update alert for my main repository at: http://www.imagefap.com/profile.php?user=Penumbra_Frog

To start things off I’m posting a pretty broad selection my gape related morphs with a few extra fetishes thrown in for fun. Enjoy!!




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