..:: Story – The Second Life (Mod’ed)::..

The Second Life (A Modified Version)

Author – Unknown

(Quick note, this is a modified version of another story by the same name if memory recalls – it starts the same, but goes off into something very different, while this one knows what its after and its goals – short but sweet. – Has Futa inserted as a side fetish, you’ve been warned)

Nearly five hours later, a fist slid from her pussy and was not replaced. Karen gulped down on a spurting prick and as it slid from her lips, she screamed, “SOMEBODY FUCK MY CUNT!!!”. Nobody came, nor was there a prick for her mouth.

The weight on her clit now rested on the chair under the table, her clit stretched 6 inches from her body. She looked at her nipples, extending at least five and a half inches. She looked and saw the reason for the added pull on her cunt lips. The tennis ball-sized weights had been replaced with the bowling ball ones. The oriental and the big titted woman stood on either side of Karen. The girl rubbed her huge tits and fingered her nipples.

She started cumming and poured sticky fluid into Karen’s eager mouth. “Do you want a fuck?” the girl asked after her first orgasm. “MMMMMMPPPPPHHHH!” was all Karen could say. Again she asked, “I thought you wanted a fuck?” Karen tried again, “MMMPPPPPHHHH!!!” “I guess that means you don’t,” the girl said, teasing Karen and loving the vibrating moans against her pussy. Karen shook wildly and screamed, “MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!” The girl motioned to the oriental girl and Karen could feel a massive prick trying to enter her cunt.

She bucked trying to get it in her. Slowly, the massive intruder worked into her spread pussy. Before long, Karen felt like she had pushed at least a foot and a half of the thick, massive thing into her cunt. As the monster stretched and squirmed in her cunt, cum poured into her mouth a fourth time already. Karen was cumming constantly and heavily around the monster intruder. Suddenly, she felt the tip of the monster move. It caressed the deep insides of her pussy.

She was shaking from the constant orgasm as her head was released from the hood. She shook her head to move the hair from her eyes. As she craned her neck to watch the invasion on her pussy, she saw the oriental girl with her arm up to the elbow in her pussy. Karen came even harder. “FIST FUCK ME!! FIST FUCK MY CUNT!!” she screamed. “DEEPER…DEEPER!!!” The oriental girl obliged by ramming her arm in farther, her elbow sliding in with an audible “SSHLUUURP!” noise.

Karen watched as her cunt lips collapsed under the assault and caved up into her, followed by four inches of her pubic area’s skin. Deep pucker marks cleved the skin where it went up into her, making herpussy look like a piece of cloth that had been pulled into a hole. Karens clit was now 6 inches up inside her impaled hole and was geting the rubbing of it’s life. Karen Screamed in exctasy as another earthshaking orgasm rocked her ruined cunt.

She felt an odd pulling sensation around her ribs and ass. Looking down again, she realized the oriental girls was even deeper than before and her skin was pulling down into her cunt. She could feel the girls questing, probing fingers between her breasts, in her ribcage. Breathing was hard, but she didnt care, her entire body had become a cunt, she was in love with her new self. The tall girl came from behind Karen and lifted her head a bit so she could get a better view of the fist fucking. Karen began to convulse, twisting her body and causing the wieghts to bounce and sway.

Loud moans and gushing fluid poured from Karen as she watched the oriental slide her other hand along the arm already in her pussy. Both arms began to move in and out in unison. The fingers of each hand flexing now and then driving Karen over the edge. “FUCK MMEE…FUCKKK MMMEEEE…DEEEEPPERRR…FUCK MY CUNT DEEEEPPPEERRR!!” Karen screamedjust before she passed out.

With a HUGE wet, belching noise, the girl withdrew her arms from Karen’s now completely ruined sex. A hole, easily as large as a ovesize grapefruit was all that was left of her sex organs. A stream of white cum ran thickly out, pooling on the table under her ass. Her cunt lips were gone, permanently shoved deep int her body, her clit was also not visible. Gently, one of the men reached into her unconcious body, his arm went in almost to the shoulder, and never touched the sides of her now mammoth cunt.


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