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Voluptuous Susanne

Author – Unknown
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Susanne was a very lively girl. She liked to play in the garden. She learned ballet and played tennis quite well. She was the only child. Her parents were not strict with her, but she had a very protected childhood. They had not often alloyed her to play with other children, because they thought the children would spoil her with the need to compete with the toys of the children and pervert her with the depraved moral of the time. It was not that her parents where poor. No they were rich. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a manager.

They don’t wanted Susanne to develop jealousy, that would lead her to the believe she could meet her needs by just applying a certain amount of money. They even had no TV. The parents didn’t miss it, they hadn’t the time to watch. Internet wasn’t there at that time. Susanne read many books. No books for her age. She read the books in the library of her father. At home she was alone. She played alone. But she didn’t got embittered, she just was to lively.

With ten she was sent to a boarding school for girls, were the elite went. Even there she could not find friends in her classmates. She only had a good contact to horses. She learned to ride. With twelve she could walk out the estate alone for a few hours. She then took a bus for the small, cosy town nearby. The residents didn’t conceive her. Her conversion was just to exhausting.

Two things in town interested her. The library and a shop for antique art. The shop was quite known in the business. The shopkeeper Jonathan was talented, both in buying and selling but also in checking the authenticity of the works. He was old, but had lively eyes. Susanne and Jonathan where friends – on a very professional level. They could talk about old paintings from Europe, Indian carvings or even painted stones from Australia. Susanne learned much from Jonathan. Every year Jonathan organized the “Convention for antique art”, that lasted one week.

The small town seemed to burst at the seams. The convention was very important for the town. People came from different countries for this convention. Susanne was just thirteen as it was the first convention for her. She helped Jonathan in organizing the event and could attend it without charge. She was the youngest participant. In first place everyone was wondering about the girl. When she started to talk with them about the art objects, they soon realized her interest. Soon they talked like professionals.

In her free time she lingered on the convention, the whole week long. On the last day she met a trader from Africa. He had black skin and a deep voice and seemed quite sympathetic. In his booth he had very nice small statues made of black obsidian. They looked like they had a black varnish and a clear finish. Even a nonprofessional could see they were expensive.

The fine carvings were marvelous. Every detail was distinguishable. Some statues showed people, some showed plants or mountains. You could distinguish the expression on the small faces. You could see the veins on the tiny leaves or had the illusion that a river was flowing down a mountain. The figures were so lifelike. They were made about 500 years ago in West Africa. The trader said, each represents the power of one of the gods in the ancient cult.

They fascinated Susanne and she knew how rare these were. One fascinated her the most. It was a statue of a menhir, a long vertical stone. A plant entwined around the menhir. It fitted closely in a spiral in several branches around the menhir. There was one difference with this one.

It seemed used, like it was touched very often in the past. You could still see the details but they were rounded. No sharp edges. There was no prominent part. It would fit well into ones hand, but it was a work of art, only meant for admiring, not touching. She asked the trader which power it represented. He said, you can conclude that it must be the connection of mother earth and father sky. That could be transfered to the fusion of body and mind, but he doesn’t know the ancient deity.

Susanne wanted this one. It was not the value of it, but the history. No, it seemed to have a personality of it own. She did get not much pocket-money in comparison with her classmates. But she didn’t spent it for clothes or such like. And in comparison with other children her age, it was much. She could make a good deal, because of the condition of the statue. She had to pay the pocket-money of nearly one year.

After helping cleaning up after the convention, she directly went to her room. She was very tired and put her little menhir into her showcase. She had a room of her own, like every girl in the school. She had already many objects of art standing in the showcase. But their value were at most the tenth part of her little menhir. The next days she started searching information about the ancient deities of West Africa, but had no clear success concerning this one. She learned, that Voodoo had its roots in the cult of West Africa. But she could not make a clear connection. She was afraid of telling Jonathan of the purchase, because she hadn’t rethought it.

Her life went on its normal way until one day in this year. Jonathan was not in town for several weeks. He was on a kind of an expedition. It was two weeks ago he had left and still several weeks to go. Susanne was bored, frustrated and sad. She didn’t want to read a book. She only sat in her room and was looking out the window. Her life seemed to be without meaning. She looked around her room for something to distract her. The menhir caught her eye. She left the chair and slowly advanced to her showcase. Ceremonially Susanne opened the showcase and took the menhir. It was cold in her hand. Slowly she put it on her bed stand. She kneeled in front of it and contemplated it.

It seemed like sunshine would get back into her heart. It seemed like life was flowing from the statue. After some minutes which seemed for her like hours she put it back. She repeated this procedure every evening when she was alone. After one week she started to speak to the menhir. She told it about her loneliness, about her sadness, that the other students rejected her, but she also told it about the things she liked.

About the power that she sees in the old legends, about the old kings, about her sports, ballet, tennis and riding. After a few weeks she started to pray to the menhir. It was her religion. It spent her the power to survive. When Jonathan returned he noted that she seemed recreated, like she was on holidays. Both started to laugh and it seemed that her life was exactly like she wanted it to be.

The years went by.Every year was the “Convention for antique art”. Every year she was looking for the trader, that sold her the menhir, but he was not there. She bought other pieces on the convention and every time she rethought the purchase. Jonathan was very pleased with her evaluation of the objects. But she never told him about her spontaneous purchase of her little menhir. It was her secret and was the most important thing in her life. But over the years also her femininity blossomed. It blossomed overwhelming.

She got a body with that she could compete with supermodels. And her face was as innocent like an angel. Her voice was lovely. Her hair was a light brown as it was when she was a girl, but now she had natural blond streaks in it. Nobody could believe that they were natural, but Susanne did nothing about it. She didn’t even need make-up, because it looked like she always had light make-up on her face.

There was no blemish to her face, not even to the rest of her body, but nobody knew it. Her figure was incredible. With 18 she was 170 cm tall, and her measures were 88-50-90 cm, she had C-cups. Her incredible small waist seemed to contradict natural laws and made her breasts even look bigger. Her smooth legs had no end. In physical education you could see her thighs were near her crotch nearly as narrow as near her knees.

Her crotch had a width were you could put a three fingers side by side. But nobody even tried to reach for her. There was alway a gap between her legs, even when she closed them. The school uniform was custom-made for every girl. Her blouse was quite tight to her body. Her black skirt ended above her knees. When she put her coat aside you could clearly make her frame out. The envy of her classmates was limitless.

Every male teacher had her in their wet dreams. But nobody had the heart to do anything about it. There was a power about her that held them back. Susanne herself didn’t notice anything. She lived on like there was nothing special. Jonathan noticed Susanne’s changes too, but he was truly immune, although he had no wife anymore. But the people didn’t believe that. Rumors were going about that Susanne and Jonathan had an affair, even with more than 50 years difference in age.

The Sheriff queried Susanne if there was something ‘unpleasant’ in her ‘acquaintanceship’ with the old Jonathan. But she negatived. The Sheriff was so enchanted by Susanne’s presence and voice that he was convinces that all she said was the absolute truth, as it was. The investigation was closed and the Sheriff defended Susanne against any defamation. Jonathan knew how much luck he had, that there was no unpleasant investigation on him, because it would mean he had to control every movement he would do. He wondered how Susanne had effected that he wasn’t observed, because that would be the logical implication in this accusation.

With 18 she left school and went to an elite university to study history of art. Her parents were very proud of her. The university was situated in a big city. Susanne was appalled by the pace of the city. She got an apartment downtown and a car. She had the first contact with the Internet and installed it in her apartment. The studies went along the way. She had much free time, as she knew the most. The things she didn’t know, she read in books from the library on the campus. Every evening she still prayed to her little menhir.

The most radical change was that she discovered the young men. Her body started to show the need for devotion. She started to realize that she was one of the hottest woman one can think of. Like the study of carvings in an old tomb she studied modern fashion. She bought really hot clothing and showed much skin, except on the campus, where she went with a custom-made school-uniform like outfit. That means a tight blouse, a short skirt, patent leather shoes and black stockings. Her male fellow students were hot to only see her in distance. They nearly came, when she talked to them. Susanne realized, that she was not prepared.

She first had to make experiences on her own. About two weeks after the start of the semester on a Tuesday evening when she was just praying to her little menhir, the lust started in her mind. Without putting the menhir back, she stripped naked and admired her more than perfect body in the big mirror of her wardrobe. Her face was like she had light make-up. Big eyes with long black lashes. Barely noticeable reddened cheeks and glistening full lips. She hold her breath as she recognized the intensity of the look of her on eyes.

Then she continued downwards. Her breasts were full, firm and soft. She cupped them. They had nearly no sagging. The pink nipples were protruding a little bit upwards. How would it look if they were even bigger? Her waist was her most unbelievable part. It had a girth of 50 cm. She turned to the side. From the side it had a width of only 12 cm. Her abdomen was flat. Her width changed only at the back. She turned back to the front. In this view it had a width of about 13 cm. Her hands were running down her sides. It felt very good on her soft, fragrant skin. Could her waist even be smaller? Then came here marvelous hips. While bending her knees she slowly swayed her hips, then up again, in a smooth movement like a snake. She had a good sense of proportions due to her education. Her body was for her like a sculpture.

Then she discovered something interesting, that she had rarely seen on her fellow students at school at the locker room. She had only seen it on the very thin students, but when they were endowed better, they lost it. But she had it in an extreme way. At her crotch her legs were three fingers apart. She crossed her long legs, but at any time she could not close the gap. If it would be wider if she had wider hips. Like in ballet she caught her right leg and stretched it to the ceiling. She had to tilt the upper part of the body to do it, but the split was no problem for her.

Her knee reached to her forehead. Had the ceiling not been extra high, she would touch it with her foot. She had trained her split but her skills in contortion were not so perfect, so she had not reached an oversplit. Her back bend was 90 degree, the best at school, but her teacher told her there were 180 degree and was relieved that Susanne wasn’t the best in all things. What if she could do that? Or a front bend? She slowly put her leg down and bend forward. without bending at the hips she reached 90 degree, very good her former teacher would have said.

She straightened up again and turned around and looked over her shoulder. She put her feet together. Her ass cheeks were round and firm, they parted above the crotch. She could see the gorgeous outer lips of her untouched cunt in the gap between her legs even with touching feet. Simultaneously she bent forward at the hips and backwards with her back. Seen from the side her legs are nearly vertical, her abdomen horizontally forward and her chest vertical, while still looking over her shoulder. She thought she could move like a machine! Very kinky.

Now she could see directly on her cunt. She had no hair down there, she never had. Her outer lips and her big clit could be seen. While not changing her position she put her right arm backward and touched her outer lips with her fingers. It was a very good feeling. The lips started to swell and split with arousal. Her inner lips appeared, like a flower blossoming in fast-motion. They had a fresh pink tone glistening with the lubrication by her own fluids.

Her engorged clit was hanging downwards, like a ripe cherry. Slowly she shove her middle finger into her slit until it was all inside. She slowly drew it out. Then she added her index finger and shove the two fingers slowly into her slit until they were all inside. Then it happened – she came – hard. She made soft cooing sounds. The muscles of her cunt contracted rhythmically. The muscles in the rest of her body clenched, so that she kept her position. But her orgasm didn’t stop. Suddenly the muscles in the rest of her body relaxed while her pussy clenched around her two fingers to milk them for cum. She sank on her bed.

Lying forefront on her bed still her two fingers deep in her cunt she still came and started to pant heavily. Slowly she pulled her fingers back out and turned around. Her orgasm faded slowly away. But she was not herself, she was still panting. Something inside her controller her movements. Her head turned right and left and the something inside her discovered it – the menhir. Its diameter was 2.5 cm, its length was 16 cm. It was perfect. Her mind sensing what came next, said, ‘No, that is not right, this is my sanctuary!’, but the something inside had order and her arm obeyed!

The arm grabbed the statue, swayed downward her body and directed the top of the menhir to her hot cunt. ‘No, no, stop it, I cannot disgrace the holy menhir!’. But her body wasn’t under her control. The hand of her other arm reached for the lips of her cunt and spread them apart. The menhir entered her cunt and in the mind of Susanne appeared the purpose of the menhir. She regained control over her body again and put the whole menhir inside her.

She let go of it and laid her arms at her sides. The menhir radiated a pleasurable warmth, her arousal increased. She liked the feeling of being filled. But what if she was really filled out with a really big thing? The menhir started to grow to answer her question.

She realized its growth and got afraid that it might hurt her. Then she came again, not as suddenly as the first time, but persistently. In her orgasm she could not move because of the strong pleasure. She cooed again. The menhir hat reached a diameter of 5 cm and a length of 22 cm, all inside her young pussy. Without the orgasm loosing strength Susanne felt the pain of her straining pussy. She thought ‘What have I done? – When I don’t survive it, at least I will have had a really good orgasm!’

Somehow the pain changed into pleasure, but new pain was added by the growing menhir. It reached for the opening of her womb and opened it slowly but steadily. More than halfway through her womb it had a diameter of 7.5 cm and a length of 28 cm. Although Susanne couldn’t move she kept lucid. She knew exactly how far the menhir had advanced. ‘Will it grow even when it reaches the ceiling of my womb?’ With 8.5 cm diameter and a length of 32 cm the menhir reached the ceiling of her womb and stopped growing.

Susanne took a deep breath but sensed the menhir sticking into her lungs, throw the walls of her womb! She slowly breathed out, still cumming the whole time and continuing to coo with closed eyes. Then the menhir started to grow again, but only in diameter. Susanne teared open her eyes in shock, but the pleasure was to strong to move. She thought ‘I won’t be the most flexible girl in the world, but the one with the biggest cunt!’ The menhir reached 10 cm, still growing.

‘This orgasm is more intensive then the first, why didn’t it end yet. Probably because the menhir don’t wanted it?’ The merciless ‘sex toy’ in her cunt reached 12 cm. ‘Soon my cunt will rip apart and my bones will break!’. She could already see her abdomen bulge by the big intruder.

The menhir grew farther. It reached 15 cm. Susanne felt a weird tingling in her hips. ‘Do I now loose my feeling in my hips?’ But she didn’t loose the feeling. The menhir grew faster and reached 20 cm, as if it got easier. ‘Now I feel it, my hip joints move apart’. The gap between her legs would now be 15 cm without the intruder pressing the flesh of her thighs to the sides. The menhir grew to 30 cm and stopped, still with a length of 32 cm, her legs would now be 25 cm apart without the menhir.

Her hips were now 60 cm wide with a measure of 170 cm. The menhir had stopped. Susanne’s orgasm reached a new high, she issued a short scream of pleasure and the orgasm subsided. After five minutes she could move her arms again. She had fear to reach down to her abused cunt. Her curiosity won. Slowly and trembling she reached down to her crotch with her right hand only.

The fist thing she felt was the hard base of her menhir. Slowly her hand slid to her inner lips. They where like rubber band close to rupture. She didn’t feel any pain anymore, the knowledge came to her mind that nothing was damaged. She slid her fingers along her inner lips and felt the pleasure of it, like it was normal that you had a barrel hanging out your pussy. Slowly her hand slid to the joint of her right leg.

She reached it and stayed where the menhir pressed into her leg slowly rubbing in small circles. It was very pleasurable. The left hand reached to the same place on the other side. She stopped the movement of the hands there. They where 30 cm apart, but still between her legs. How could that be? She moved her hands to the outside of her hips.

Her hands were now 60 cm apart and these impossible hips were still hers. If she could get out of bed and contemplate the monster in the mirror? She raised her upper body, stiff while pierced by the menhir. She only bent at the hips. It was easy. She looked to the mirror on the wardrobe. She saw herself from the side, sitting on the bed, with a straight vertical upper body and the legs parallel, outstretched on the bed.

Her abdomen bulged like she was pregnant with a gigantic baby. The silhouette of her back had not change much. She looked down her legs. There was a 25 cm gap between them, but they were still parallel. Like a reflex due to her ballet training she reached for her toes. Because she could not bend her upper body she would have to bend at the hips. But it was possible. Halfway to diagonal her upper body was now and she felt no straining in her sinews.

She bent further until her upper body was diagonal looking into the mirror. The ankles of her hands had passed her toes. Still no straining, her upper body still straight by the piercing by the menhir. Her image in the mirror looked like a shop dummy folded at the hips. She was curious, she bent forward. Her upper body stopped more than halfway to horizontal.

Her legs were in the way. They were not wide enough apart for her upper body to fit between them. She could turn them to the sides, but she didn’t thought of this. ‘Without the menhir I could bend at the waist.’ In this moment the menhir shrunk quickly to its original size. Susanne’s pussy was stretched so wide, the menhir rolled out of this cave. Like it had a will of it’s own it rolled out of the way to the edge of the bed. It was dripping wet with the phenomenal lubrication of Susanne.

Without notice it absorbed the liquid and was dry again. Susanne watched her abdomen reshape. The feminine triangle above the pussy became its original size, she looked at her backside, her ass has restored too. But between her parallel legs were still 25 cm. They were attached to her body like the open front wheels of a race car with her soft flesh covering the struts. While holding the tilt of her upper body she reached down to her pussy. It had reshaped to its original size, but was still sensitive of the sensation. She wanted to spare it for later and stretched both arms to the front where her legs pointed. She bent at the waist and laid her globes on her legs. Her forehead was at her knees, her head between her parallel legs.

She lifted her upper body and got out of bed standing forefront to the mirror. ‘I can form my body at my will! It is my sculpture!’ She shrunk her waist to 40 cm diameter, she could embrace it loosely with her hands. Her shape resembled a mixture of a mantis and a wasp. She inflated her globes to DD size. They were still firm and soft, her nipples pointed slightly upward. She lengthened her waist into to a height of 50 cm, like a body of a snake and bent forward. Her upper body formed a smooth curve forward enclosing 270 degree. She was flexible like a snake. Her face was between her legs. With her tongue she poke into her pussy.

Its taste was wonderful. Her tongue got longer and enhanced forward inside her own pussy. The tip touched the entrance of her womb. She entered it and advanced to the ceiling. Susanne let her tongue tremble like a vibrator and raised her sensation slowly. Some minutes later her orgasm started. She moved her tongue out and back into her own pussy at a slow pace like the long tongue of a chameleon. Her orgasm lasted three hours, while she was still in this position, not moving to the outside, like a statue. She fucked herself with her own tongue, licking her own juices.

After finishing she reshaped to her normal form. No single drop of sweat smirched her more than perfect body. She looked for the menhir. It laid at the edge of the bed. She took it noticing it was clean. She put it on her bed stand and did a thankful prayer. In a ceremonial way she put it back into her showcase as every evening. Even though she was contented with her orgasms there was still a hunger. She needed to have sperm in her vagina. It would give her power. She knew she would not get pregnant if she didn’t want to, she could control it. Putting on black, sexy lingery and a black, short dress an idea was forming in her mind. Smooth like a black cat in the night she left her apartment. Outside the house she extended her senses looking for a prolific male.


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