..:: MDT’s Works ::..

Rightyo People, While we are waiting for some material from myself designed from the iGAPES specifically, I present a solid gape artist known as MDT.

Some background information for you on him – well MDT was around very early when I hit the internet, never saw any of his works off his site as it went down before I had the chance to check it out. He did some nice nice stuff, as well as some futa and weird material (and so a warning if you don’t like that stuff)

He was known for going a bit over the top and also his dojin – GAPE was pretty great too for many reasons. I’ll be posting that dojin in time to come, but for now enjoy his material.

The only reason I’m posting this stuff is because hes no longer around – so better somebody keep a copy of his works than to disappear into nothingness. This is also not the complete collection as some material was more ‘general’ or more ‘futa’ than gaping, so it wasn’t added.

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2 Responses to ..:: MDT’s Works ::..

  1. 4-OH-DMT says:

    Hi. Very nice site. Though I’m not a big fan of gaping, I think MDT’s art is amazing, nearly genious. When I came across his ‘Gape’ some time ago, I tried to find any information on him. Absolutely nothing except couple of censored pics =( When I already gave up, after a long time I desided to google again, and I found your post. So thank you very much for your work. And once you say this is not a complete collection, maybe you know, where can I find more? Thanks ;)

  2. Sius says:

    My pleasure friend – why I’ve posted his works, so they can be found and are not lost to the ages of the net. As for more works, I’m sure there are indeed, but all I have I’ve posted and all the material which is, is as uncensored as I’ve been able to get my hands on. If I knew of more, I’d have gone and got it – still, maybe somebody has a few images more and will be willing to donate them in due time?