..:: Caption Writers Wanted & A Few Quick Words ::..

Quick Note – I know this has been here for an age, but I’m still seeking help. New material and bits to be found below this post!

Help Request – Hay people, so I asked a little back for help and input from people, and while useful (and still valid if anybody wants to help out) I think the next thing I’m looking for is people to help out with caption like stories. After seeing a few of them around on images and seen how effective they have been I’d like to do that with some of my art and manipulations.

Examples – Below is a classic example, probably the 1st one I saw done and done kind of well – everybody has seen it, but the way its done really works. So it’s not my art work, and has some futa in it, but you get the idea.

Example of one offered so far


Massive Cunt Caption Authors – So we need this sort of thing, but applied to massive gaping pussy pictures and over sized cunt manipulations! I’m looking for people who can help me out with this. You don’t have to add the text to the image (I’ll do the design ‘hard work’), nor have to have a list of experience with writing stories, but more a passion for gaping and enough to write captions and stories.

Naturally help and ideas can be generated on my side, hell, I have 101 ideas, but lack the time and skill to make it work effectively – but I know its something people can offer and do much better than I can. so anybody who feels like this is something they’d like to help out on, please send me an email ( email@igapes.com ) and we’ll take it from there.

Update and Progress –  ATM – I’m working on a few things ATM, some fun big ones, but have lacked time to do them, hopefully to change soon, so watch this space for more content.

Poll Feedback – Also, just a quick one to say thanks for the votes on the poll in and around the site so far, I’ve been watching like a hawk on them, and I appreciate your honesty and input, so big shout out to all who’ve helped me out by doing that! It’s really worked well and solved the problem I had, so I’ll be adding it again in future. Once more, many thanks!


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