..:: Polling, An Answer To My Problems ::..

Ok, so sorry to bore people, but feel I need to make a post here and explain whats going on in my mind. Ok, so when iG’s started it was good, I could have the comments on and all was well. However some fun spam bots took the option of having comments away.

Seriously, it was hundreads of spam comments in just over a day or so at the end… it was pathetic. Anyhow, as a result that meant that feedback, unless in an email was not going to happen.

So it just hit me before, I do have a method of communication on a basic level. I can add a poll to important posts and things I need feedback on and take it from there.

I know this is very boring, but at least I’ll be able to gauge what people like / hate, want more / less of and in tern makes we want to work on the site more! (seriously, nothing like feedback to make me work harder)

I may go back and retro actively add poll to some posts – if you see a poll from now on, can you answer it please to help me out. Doesn’t take a second to do. So lets do a test…

*******                ..:: POLL ::..               *******

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