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..:: Round up Post 23rd Jan ’16 ::..

Hayo Lovely fans and people of the site. So I’ll be real with you all, this last week has been a delight to have had, found old friends again, gained new ones and made a start back to being more proactive. It’s a lovely feeling to be back in control and doing this. I said […]

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..:: Plans and Consequences ::..

    TL:DR – Estimating wild / mixed year ahead. WIP rough works to be released, paid content maybe somewhere too and help requested below. Thanks for you time as always ~ Sius 2016 – Start off with a belated new year thanks and as always a big thank you for your continued support. Long story […]

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..:: Manipulations, Help Request and Other Words… ::..

Hay all, 1st, enjoy the above manipulations, had fun with them ones ^^ I also have been working on a few bits, art included behind the scenes and working on stories, organisation of many notes and generally been busy – though I’ve not done much posting… shame on me, I’ll have to sort that out […]

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..:: Site News and Stuff ::..

Update for everybody – What’s going on behind the scenes. A little bit slower getting the content out then I had hoped, but chipping away at it! Still working hard on new and updating dated art (of which you’ll have to be patient till some is released, sorry), will do a few more photomanipulations soon […]

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..:: Quick Audio Blog thing ::..

Audio Update Blog Here It’s been a while, so I address it all direct to you guys rather than type pages of text. As I cover 2 sites of this material its a mixed bag over both sites, but the same applies to both sites, so highly relevant. As mentioned some piles of mages to […]

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