October 2018 CG Colour Month Checklist of Malice

Context – Following on from the post here I’m going to have this as the record of material done, so you can see both what’s been done, but if I’m keeping my word too.

Goal – To get coloured art work or content out to you over the month of October. To ideally get at LEAST one image out per week, ideally more.

So if I fail to deliver the results then I want YOU lovely people to POLITLY remind me over on Discord or using this sites Message System on the site; to get my finger out and show you something on this site!

Week One (1st – 7th) –

  • House Keeping – CG Techniques, notes and layers re arrangement and refinement
  • Cutie with big problems 1  –  multi pose image. Close to completion but awaiting refinements before releases.
  • Friendly advice –  2 girls on one image. Basic colouring completed before mistakes where made. Will need more time spent before release

Week Two (8th – 14th) –

  • Released Reactions Horse futa Business woman – content for my futa site, but not iG like at all, be warned.

Week Three (15th – 21st) – PENDING

Week Four (22nd – 28th) – PENDING

Proposed Docket of Items

  • Quick CG Colour testing – Simple colouring = faster releases with impact. Range of states (amount of work added) to be tested.
  • Discord CG’ed Fashion iG – to finish up versions, save quality and release / prep for Pixiv (censoreship).
  • Cutie With Big Problems – Payment CG to be finished off.
  • Gift Wrapped – Present in a bow. To CG, get back on horse and remind PSD layers.
  • Blaze CG – Colour SoR Blaze rather than leaving outlined?
  • Annri – Retro ideas, outlines to be saved released.
  • Towels – Cleaning and stuffing.
  • Egg Layer – Discord image CG’ed up
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