..:: Apologies ::..

Hayo my lovely viewers – just another random quick thing to say sorry for the silence and lack of material – drags me down thinking what I should have done and just have not yet ¬_¬

Every so often I found myself where RL has taken over, and basically I find myself looking back that the site just wasn’t updated as I’d planned and… you know the story. I always find confessing in these random posts as a means to draw myself more into things and force myself to crack on with bits. So I guess this is what this is.

While I still have much work in the back much is not completed and even with time to sort it, I’ve been very easily sidetracked and well just to say I’m once again looking to sort it out soon enough. so watch this space for some new content soon – lord knows I’ll overcome this creative block even if I have to power through it!

Also super thanks for the upvotes on the last piece and the votes on the poll. Looking to impliment feedback as best I can from them ^_^ – Cheers, Sius

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